AMC Theatresnot allowing you to take in food or drinks

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AMC 16, maybe the others I do not know, has taken a very hard-line on not allowing food. Hila and I went into the theater and they began to request that we not bring in our three Starbucks teas. I have been going to this theater in it's various incantations for over 20 years, literally, and this is the first time I've heard of this (this is a brand new policy). Now, this sucks, seriously sucks, but is not horribly bad; but when I politely (and I was polite at first and for quite a while when discussing) said my pregnant wife needs food that is not unhealthy, and the concession stand's sugar factory simply wouldn't do, they politely said this was just not possible and I'd have to take my food out, but that they could give us a refund only. I informed that this wasn't reasonable and that this literally could be the last time we go out before we have our little baby and this made no difference to the manager who we were now speaking to. This discussion went on further, and the best I got was a card for corporate and a refund I may never use, as AMC is now crap to me. We even went over the fact that this has always been allowed, and would it be all right if we just kept it in mind for next time as this has never ever been the case before when I came here.


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    exkohls Sep 13, 2009

    "my pregnant wife needs food that is not unhealthy, and the concession stand's sugar factory simply wouldn't do"

    If your wife cannot sit through a movie without drinking her Starbucks tea, perhaps you should do your movie viewing at home.

    Movie theaters do sell bottled water. If you want to avoid that cost, there is always a water fountain.

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  • I8
    i8aflea Sep 21, 2009

    I completely agree and experienced the same issue this past weekend. Luckily I work within the Theatrical Distribution division of a major studio and promptly brought this up in a studio meeting. We are not taking this lightly as you, I, and others are turning away from the theater due to this newly implemented AMC policy - and that in itself has direct impact on Box Office sales records and infringes threatrical distribution contracts. There is some interesting discussions currently being had.

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    AMCBoycott Sep 21, 2009

    I too experienced the same "no outside food" policy at AMC 16 this past weekend. I watched three other people besides myself receive a refund and have their Saturday afternoons ruined by AMC's bs policy. AMC 16 lost out on all of our ticket sales and any potential sales they may have gotten from anyone of us at the concession stand. AMC are you concerned with providing a positive movie-going experience or just making profit on your concessions? Wow, what a sign of the times...

    Today, I called 818-953-4020 Guest Relations (Patrick) who provided 877-262-4450 for Corporate Complaints (Vanessa); however, I was not able to speak to anyone in Corporate that is empowered to make a difference. Vanessa filed a Complaint for me but I won't be holding my breath for someone to call me back...

    In this day & age, complaints can go viral in a matter of seconds...smooth move AMC.

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    MovieWatcher Sep 30, 2009

    I have a story that will absolutely get your attention, as I just experienced the identical situation at the Burbank AMC16 on Saturday night. I escalated the situation to Gerry Lopez, CEO, and you will not like the response/attitude. He handed it down the food chain to someone in guest services, who promptly told me that since there are conflicting points of view on what happened, they are simply closing the dispute. Unlike many of you, I did not get a refund.

    When I initially saw this policy posted, I switched theatres and went to the AMC North 6 (by Ikea). I encourage EVERYONE to 100% BOYCOTT the AMC 16, and if possible, boycott AMC altogether. Watch movies on cable; rent DVDs, or go to other movie theatre chains. But if you must go to AMC, skip the AMC 16, which is managed by a guy on a Napoleon power trip.

    So here's a summary of what happened. I called corporate to discuss this "new policy" as well as the fact that the theatre is subzero temperatures all the time, necessitating a sweater or jacket. That's one reason I bring a hot coffee with me... for warmth! In addition, for medical and health reasons, I CANNOT drink carbonation. I also gave up bottled water for health reasons due to the poisonous materials in the plastic bottles.

    To the guy above who was turned away with his pregnant wife - I have one word for you - DISCRIMINATION. It is illegal for them to refuse you admission if you said beverage was due to a medical/health condition. That's a lawsuit you could pursue.

    So back to my story -- the guy in corporate said that the "no tolerance" policy for outside food/drinks was just a test run in a handful of theatres. They had lots of negative feedback from customers. (Ya think?) As such, he said they wouldn't stop someone for simply bringing in a coffee, but WOULD stop someone from bringing in a 5-course "smelly curry meal."

    He assured me that the test run was over and I could safely bring in a coffee. He said that if they stopped me, just mention our discussion. He also said that he understood parents are on budgets and they might bring 3 kids to the movies with their own drinks/snacks, and AMC wouldn't stop them either... and wouldn't be searching backpacks or bags.

    So Saturday night I bought a ticket to the sneak preview of "Whip It." I bought it hours in advance to be safe, killed some time having sushi at Octopus, then got my decaf coffee and jacket, and headed to the AMC16. The ticket guy took my ticket and then refused to let me in, saying I'd have to go outside and drink the coffee first. (It was a steaming hot Venti size, and the movie was in 10 minutes! So I'd have to chug it and burn my mouth? No way.)

    He then got a manager, who said I was lying about what corporate had told me. He then called security to have me removed because I refused to leave. Things got heated with the manager. The more of an ### he became, the less polite I became. Cause and effect.

    By the way, I didn't get my money back! I went home with my Starbucks and watched cable instead. I then emailed Gerry Lopez (the new CEO of AMC who, ironically enough, used to be a Starbucks executive!). Their position is basically that they don't care.

    Let me also mention that I am an AMC MovieWatcher. I have over 1000 points, and have been a member since they began the program. I go to the movies at least 5 times per month, and 99% of the time to the AMC. (The other 1% is Laemmle.)

    Well, as "AMCBoycott" said above, maybe they'll start caring when these complaints go viral.

    Let's all BOYCOTT AMC until they get their act together. With ticket prices of $12 and $4.50 for a stale pretzel, I'll be damned if I can't bring in my own HOT beverage.

    At the very least, let's all flock to the AMC6, where they have a better attitude. When the AMC6 shows an increase in revenue, and the AMC16 shows a drop, I hope they fire the jerk who manages the AMC16.

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  • Ni
    Nina908 Dec 23, 2019

    @MovieWatcher All of the "dine-in" has to be closed down. They are unsanitary and stinky. I should never-ever forget their ICECREAM WITH BACON!!! NO KIDDING!!!

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  • Mo
    MovieWatcher Sep 30, 2009

    Oh, and I should also mention that I work in the entertainment industry, so I can spread the word pretty darn quickly.

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  • Ka
    karleebarlee Sep 30, 2009

    movie theaters make all of their money off the concession stand, so why would they allow you to bring food in? and is starbucks what you conisder healthy food? if so, what is unhealthy to you?

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    MovieWatcher Sep 30, 2009

    To karleebarlee... Corporate assured me the policy had nothing to do with concession profits even though I broached that reason in the first place. I do not want/expect to bring food in. A hot beverage is something they don't sell or offer, so it is reasonable. And a decaf coffee or green tea is absolutely healthier than a carbonated soda. Besides, there is a principle on the line here, as well as a lack of consistency in policy.

    By the way, the horrible General Manager at the AMC16 is Jeff Zarillo. The employee Rana Minter is the "Director of Guest Services" who was dismissive with my complaint. And Troy Raines was the Corporate Employee who said that bringing in a single beverage would not be a problem.

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  • Mo
    Movielover Oct 01, 2009

    hmmmm do you take McDonalds into Burger king? They sell food. maybe not what you want but they sell food. Having worked at movie theatres in the past I know they make their money at concessions. Do you really think they get that ticket money? When Avatar costs $225million to make do you think that the studio dosent take a majority of that money?

    Grow up people. Everyone in here sound like spoiled brats... Food at a movie is a treat and an added bonus. you are going to see the movie on the big screen. While the prices are outrageous its an accepted cost if I choose to eat there. If I don't want it, I will eat before or after. If you want water and don't want to spend the money on their botteled water, ask for a courtesy cup and get filtered water from the drinking fountain. I bet it is better quality than Dasani or Aquafina! Also it makes me laugh that someone will complain over an expensive soda or popcorn, but they pay $4.00 for a coffee.

    And lastly why are you attacking the manager and employees. They are simply doing their job. I am sure if they broke policies that are given to them from corporate they would get fired. That is great that you lash out against someone doing their job. I am sure that the manager and employee as you called them are taking notes and relaying the comments to their bosses. I'm sure you do things at your job that others do not like. How would you like me to come to your job and tell you off for doing your job. Better yet see it in writing a week later, posted by someone with out the guts to say it in person. (And when I say in person I also mean discussing it like a human being, not a spoiled brat).

    Bottom line everyone on here should be ashamed of themselves. Be unhappy with the policy fine, say that it stinks fine, but don't attack someone for doing their job. By the way to my knowledge the no outside food or drink policy is common place in movie theaters. I know Edwards and Cinemark do that in Ventura County.

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  • Mo
    Movielover Oct 01, 2009

    by the way the ashamed part really goes out to moviewatcher you sound like a real gem... Only child?

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    MovieWatcher Oct 03, 2009

    Um, no Movielover, but thanks for the amateur psychoanalysis. I have four siblings. lol. And the only people who should be ashamed are AMC for discriminating against people for medical conditions. Sounds like you're an AMC employee based on your post. When a corporate employee GUARANTEES that bringing in a single drink is ok, and then the manager contradicts that, the problem is with AMC and not me.

    And your McDonald's vs Burger King example is laughable. It's not even a good example as it lacks logic and bears no resemblance to the topic at hand. If you walked into either fast food chain with a bottled water or Starbucks, and bought a burger, they are not going to bar you from entrance for bringing in the coffee or water.

    Corporate assured me the policy had less to do with the sale of concessions and more to do with the disruption of people bringing in entire meals that stink up the theatre. Now while I know he was lying, the point is that I was PROMISED the outside Starbucks would be allowed. It was based on this PROMISE that I attempted to enter the theatre on said night. And the fact that I was (a) barred from entrance and (b) ripped off, is unacceptable. They did not refund my money. I paid for a ticket and did not get in, and did not get my money back. That is illegal and fraud.

    MovieLover, YOU sound like a fake gem.

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  • Mo
    Movielover Oct 03, 2009

    1) I worked for a Showcase Cinemas in High School (25 years ago) and I am lucky to be out so I dont have to deal with people like you. Take note Delusions of grandure can be very dangerous.
    2) the example is absolutely accurate. Yes they would especially if someone is obnixious about it.
    3) you only seem to hear what you want to hear, so I have little faith in anything you said.
    4) You goto a baseball game or concert, if you leave or are asked to leave there are no refunds. I guarantee you Dodger stadium will not allow any outside food. Try it this next week.
    5) I am a gem but in the opposite way that you are. People are lucky to have me in their lives as I am lucky to have them. I appreciate othe human beings and don't throw tantrums and get upset when I don't get my way like a two year old. Boo Whooo
    6) Picked on a lot by your siblings then huh? Makes more sense.
    7) You sound like a fake gem. "I work in the entertainment industry...I'm so important...Look at me..." That is the fake one. Get a life. If you are so important help someone in need. Give that $4.00 that you spent on coffee each day to a soup kitchen. I guess not your need that coffee in hand to make you feel important and look special.
    8) Dosen't feel good to be attacked does it? But that's all you seem to do. You entirely missed my point. The point was the policy may not be to your liking. Speak out against that, but what the employees did seems to be doing their job. Attach the company fine, but don't attack people for doing their job. But a Narcissist wouldn't understand that. Before you attack me again and anyone else think about it. Look at the situation and put yourself in their shoes.

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  • Ta
    Tak3r Oct 03, 2009

    I just saw this policy in action at AMC 16 . I was waiting in line and a couple in front if me with two kids gave their tickets to the attendant. The attendant took the tickets and then said you cannot bring outside food or drinks inside the theater. The man had a brand new bottled water, he looked at his wife perplexed, and said "but it's just a water bottle it's not even open". I'm just thinking what the hell why the big deal. The attendant said those where the orders from up above there's no exceptions and that he had to go outside and drink it. They stepped of to the side and I overheard them talking about leaving as I walked by. I was just thinking what a dumb policy. That's one of the reasons I liked AMC so much, that they were chill about that before. I've brought in let's say pinkberrys with no problem before and still bought a large popcorn and drink combo for like $10 or whatever. If that family left over a water bottle they lost the ticket revenue and probably the the concesion purchases let's say a family of four =$20 for concesion and maybe $42 for the tickets maybe like $62 that they lost over a water bottle. It just doesn't make sense.

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  • 12
    123asd Oct 06, 2009

    The amc 16, amc 6, and amc 8 are all managed by the same guy jeff.

    And just throwing it out there, eat before or after going to a movie, what's happening to america? Do we have to scarf down our food while staring at a screen? What happened to dinner? This is why everyone is so fat. And leave amc alone, they're just trying to run a business, if you don't like it wait 3 months for the dvd.

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  • Ex
    ex-AMC customer Oct 25, 2009

    Simple enough.

    If they let me in with my coffee, they get my ticket money, and my concession money; They don't let me bring in my coffee and there are 2 options: A) they get my ticket money and popcorn money, there being no close substitute for coffee, I have no option for a beverage. B) I choose not to go in and they get no ticket money, no popcorn money.

    So, of the 3 options: They gain by letting me in with coffee; there is no gain by not letting me bring in my coffee because my behavior will not change; However, there is there is a 100% loss in the 3rd scenario, by not letting me in with coffee.

    simple economics. without a close substitute, there is NO POSSIBILITY of gain by barring coffee.

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  • Fr
    frostygirl Jan 03, 2010

    I'm with the rest of the complaints. I just experienced this at the AMC in Woodland Hills. I've attended this theater since it was built - years ago and am a movie watcher member too. I used to average 1 movie a week but now it is more like 1 every other week. I have LOVED AMC because of their loose policy on bringing in food and beverages. I always buy popcorn and usually bottled water - but sometimes I would bring in iced tea or hot tea for the caffeine to get me through a late movie. I was completely turned away this evening. 3 weeks ago I entered with my iced tea and no one said a word. Tonight they said no to my hot tea. I spoke with management who could not do a thing. This policy is nationwide and coming from above. No exceptions, I was refunded my ticket and that was it. Regal will now get my business - especially since they have discount tickets now at Auto Club!! It is the point of the thing. I'm not spoiled, I don't take advantage - but I think holding to a strict policy without consideration for others is not good customer relations. There is no consideration for the movie goers. It isn't like people were bringing in their own soda or popcorn... i never saw anyone take advantage - not even with food. The "smelly food" excuse is laughable. It is all about the mighty dollar and they think they will gain but in reality they are losing loyalty. I really hope that more people voice their frustrations. I will certainly take mine to AMC corporate. If enough response is given, things may change... hopefully. In any case - Regal wants your business!! $8 tickets at Auto Club!!

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  • Ni
    Nina908 Dec 23, 2019

    @frostygirl Love Regal with their reclining chairs, extra leg space and cleanness.

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  • Mo
    MovieLover1 Feb 23, 2010

    I too went to an AMC theatre this weekend and was not allowed to bring in coffee.
    I had just bought the coffee and was not about to throw it out.
    Not as a joke you need it to keep warm at times.
    My girl and I asked for a refund and left.

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  • Mo
    moviegoer Mar 08, 2010

    I went to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend and my baby was crying because his milk bottle was a bit to warm so my husband went to get some ice from the concession stand. He took longer than expected and my son was not happy. A guy, whom I guess was a manager since he was wearing a burgundy dress shirt, and another worker, were trying to help a man get seats and wasn't successful in having me or others move kept looking at me because my baby was crying. Scenario: The movie hadn't started; people were still looking for seats; there were a bunch of kids obviously because it's a kids movie; my husband was getting snacks and ice.

    The manager approached me to "politely" tell me that if my son kept crying and other guests complained I would have to step out. I responded he shouldn't have said that but he continued with his explanation. I told him I knew what I had to do if my son cried during the movie and that I wanted too see the "policy against babies crying during a movie must get out" in writing. He said there is one and called it something I don't remember. Has anyone heard of this policy?

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  • Si
    Silentmovielistener Mar 11, 2010

    Wow, you are all such a bunch of bloody whiners. If you can't deal with the policy don't go or take your business elsewhere, this damn entitlement culture we have sickens we. And all your bullcrap excuses for why you should be an exception to a company policy. What a bunch of losers. And thank goodness they were prepared to remove the lady with the crying baby.

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  • Mo
    moviegoer Mar 11, 2010

    Yes, my baby was crying and other children were yelling and screaming. But that's totally understandable. I mean, it is a kids movie. If someone does not agree, then don't go see a kids movie during matinee hours because guess who's going to be there?


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  • Ra
    Raishiin Jun 28, 2010

    I was stopped for a bottled water at an AMC theater as well. It was a simple half liter bottle, and I happen to live in a city where water conservation is very important. (San Diego, California.)

    I got really angry, and honestly figure it's (or should be) illegal not to allow a person to bring in one bottle of water. I don't need popcorn, I don't need candy, and I don't need soda. I certainly wont spend $5 on an iced tea or on water. (I do not drink soda.)

    So, then I offered to spill out the water in the bottle and fill it at their fountain. They still wouldn't let me in, even though it would be one empty water bottle I brought in. It was very hard for me to get my mind off this, but I decided to comply and threw it out. (A plastic water bottle, in the trash. Still quite full with water.)

    The next thing I know, I see AMC advertising going green and conserving water. It completely ruins my experience in the end, and they're hypocrites.

    Do I have less sympathy for the original poster because it was tea from Starbucks? Yes, but not much less. It's still mostly water with some sugar and slight flavor. Not by any means worth paying $5 for at the concessions stand and nothing you should be required to buy to see a movie.

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  • Ra
    Raishiin Jun 28, 2010

    Oh right, and lets not forget that during flu season or for that matter anytime... It's never a good idea to use public water fountains. It could quickly degenerate to a health issue in the case of water.

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  • Wh
    Whats with AMC? Jul 27, 2010

    AMC Burbank in the mall is located right next to the food court. People often eat there and then go to see a movie. My wife and I did just that. As the portions were too large, the leftovers were boxed and tied shut in a bag. We were told that we would have to throw it away before entering the theater after we had already paid for concessions before entering. I wasn't about to throw away $30 worth of food which wasn't interfering with there concession sales whatsoever. I immediately asked for a refund of my movie tickets and my concessions and then went to UA La Canada and spent my money there. I will never go to AMC again, unless this ridiculous policy is revoked.

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  • Cr
    craigsclawson Oct 09, 2010

    Water Prohibited at AMC - Boooo! I took my wife and kids to Secretariet today at the AMC 20 in Oldsmar, Florida. We were prohibited to bring in ice water from home. I spoke with the manager and she said water was prohibited according to "corporate policy." I explained that water to most Americans is like air and should be free. The water fountains have warm water and the courtesy cups are small. What? $50 on admission is not enough. My kids can't bring ice water from home? We had our popcorn dry which was irritating. We love the movies but will be minimizimng our trips to AMC. And, I'm going to tell at least 20 people this story! Boo AMC!

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  • Da
    dannyboy 2000 Apr 04, 2011

    I'd been going to a local AMC theater for decades (Oak Tree Seattle), but was denied entry because I had a Starbucks drip coffee. I had probably gone into this theater with coffee dozens of times in the past, since previously this theater didn't offer coffee. The last time I was in this theater, the coffee service wasn't even working, so the staff encouraged me to get coffee outside the theater. But this time, the rude manager denied entry because I had a large coffee in hand. This manager stated it had been their policy for a year. I explained that I had been going there for years, and the last time I was there, the coffee machine wasn't even working. This was to no avail, and I had to either dump my $5. coffee or get a refund. I opted for the refund, leaving my friends to see the movie without me. I later looked at the AMC website, and it only says: "Please refrain from bringing outside food and beverages into the theater". It doesn't say zero tolerance on this, nor does it say entry will be denied if you have a cup of coffee. Needless to say, I cut up my new AMC Stubbs card, and I won't be going there ever again. It was a humiliating experience. I was treated like a criminal rather than as a loyal customer. AMC can kiss my [censor]. I'll avoid ever doing business with them for the rest of my life.

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  • Si
    sintheeuh Apr 07, 2012

    The reason why they dont allow outside food because it may be a distraction to other movie goers. If they allowed people to bring in their own food there'd be more unnecessary noise, strong odors and etc. I worked at an AMC theatre for almost 2 years, during the time they allowed outside food... people would bring in bags of chips, boxes of pizza, buckets of kfc, and other random foods. People can get really ghetto. Its more to allow other moviegoers to have a nice experience instead of hearing you open your bag of chips or you eating something that smells really strong and make someone nauseated. Have respect for other people. Please.

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  • Ka
    KarmaDreams Jul 12, 2013

    Firstly, if you all were a little "smarter" you'd hide your outside beverages (say, with a jacket draped over the item, or tucked in a purse, etc) instead of blatantly walking in with it, then ### and complaining to the employees who do NOT make the rules, but DO have to implement them.
    Movie watching is NOT a right, and being pregnant is NOT a "health condition" in and of itself. If you can't go 2 - 3 hours (tops) without consuming a beverage, then maybe you should stay home and watch Netflix. Instead of complaining to corporate about their policies, why don't you instead SUGGEST they offer teas and coffee (bees with honey analogy rings true here)!
    To the person who suggested that it might be illegal to deny you entrance with your beverage that is needed due to "health reasons", is completely delusional!!! You do NOT have ANY rights to any tpe of ridiculous lawsuit because AMC denied you entry with a tea for your pregnant wife! They will laugh you out of court! This is not a matter of discrimination, and you all need to stop looking for things to complain about. Instead, why don't you try taking a course in CIVILITY, and MANNERS, and have some respect, for yourself and others, because acting like entitled brats will get you exactly what you got: Either thrown out, WITHOUT a refund, OR you'll lose the money you paid for your food/drink when you are made to toss it out, OR you leave in a huff (because of the "principal") AND lose your money for the ticket...oh, but at least you got to keep your steaming VENTI cup of Starbucks!
    And to the crybaby with a crying baby, WHO THE HECK GAVE YOU THE ROYAL TIARA? It does NOT matter if it's a movie aimed at kids or not (which, BTW, if you're talking about the Tim Burton version of Alice in is NOT a children's movie) if your child is crying and disrupting other movie-goers from also being able to HEAR the movie, then YES, they ARE allowed to throw you out for being disruptive (and the same goes for the other noisy kids, as well as adults).
    REMEMBER, PEOPLE, going to the movies is a priviledge, NOT a right. And the theaters are a place of business, not an amusement park (which ALSO wouldn't allow outside food/drinks, with the exception of baby food/drinks, and I believe ONE water per person).. Do you go to a play and expect to be allowed to bring in outside food or drinks? No! But just because movie theaters allow you to eat during the movies doesn't mean they will allow you to bring in outside food/beverages. OF COURSE they make most of their money on concessions, and as a place of business that sells food and beverages (as toxic, and unhealhy, as they may be) they have a right to limit or ban outside food/drinks from being brought in!
    Stop being such entitled, spoiled "Americans" and start having some shame! For you should all be ashamed of yourselves, acting like spoiled brats!

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  • Ze
    zeeunit Apr 09, 2014

    I don't feel as if people should bring outside food and drinks into movie theaters for several reasons. 1. Concessions helps the struggling theatre industry flourish and expand. 2. Buying concessions keeps employees on payroll so you don't have to wait in line 24/7 for your food before your movie starts. 3. Outside food is a distraction whether by noise, smell, or disposal. 4. People lake the theaters a mess with any type of food an leave their trash for the underpaid employees to clean up. 5. If you get sick from your outside food now it is an inside underpaid employees responsibility to clean up. 6. You have to sneak it in, so it's probably not a good idea. 7. It's company policy, just accept it and respect it. How would you like some random person to walk into your house and wipe mud all over your floor. It's just a rude and disrespectful thing to do. Use common courtesy and abide by the rules set forth for yours and everyone's safety and happiness around you.

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  • Jo
    John Vaif Apr 11, 2014

    I signed up for the website two years ago and everything was fine. But recently I couldn’t log in into my account. I called the customer services and asked for help, and the agent told me that they sent me new password, but it didn’t work. I called them, sent emails, but they didn’t help me. They ignore my requests, complaints, emails. Crap. Maybe anyone can help me.

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  • Co
    ComplyORLeave Aug 29, 2017

    OMG! This is a policy at EVERY theater across America! Even the ones outside the states have that rule! The rules are there for a REASON! It's a HEALTH CODE! They could get in serious trouble if a food inspector happens to see a guest with outside food/drinks. They have to ensure that all inside food/drinks are safe. If any guest were to get sick, they could be sued or fined regardless if the food/drink was purchase outside their facility. There's no way to pinpoint if that guest got sick from something at the theater or where he/she brought their food/drink from. Moreover, it's unfair and disrespectful to both the theater and other moviegoers. They have food/drinks there for you to purchase. If you don't want to eat/drink any of their food/drinks, then just eat/drink BEFORE or AFTER you go to the movie. Or at least, be discrete and pick up after yourself! If you can't, then stay your self-entitled [censor] at home! Some foods/drinks have a strong, lingering aroma, which nobody wants to smell. Or whatever you ate makes you burp or gassy, which no one wants to endure throughout the movie. It's impolite, distracting and disturbing.

    Also, to the lady with the crying baby, yeah, it may be a kids movie, but not every child watching the child's movie is a baby. Children talk but rarely do because they're too busy watching the movie. However, babies are different. They don't care about movies, or anything else. You're disturbing your fellow moviegoers who are trying to watch the movie. You're being an inconsiderate [censor] by not stepping out for a moment to effectively comfort your crying baby. Someone can file a complaint to corp, and yes, the workers there could get in trouble. They can ask you to leave for whatever reason. But the manager politely asked you to step out. You're being an [censor] about stepping out for a moment to comfort your child? He wouldn't have to had you got yo [censor] up on your owe. Not everyone is use to hearing a crying baby, and it can be nervewrecking.

    Moreover, I don't know your situation. So, this is mostly for the ones who bring infants, regardless if it's a child's movie or not, to the movies anyway? One of my friends brought her 1 year old to the movies for his b-day, but had to leave about 30 mins into movie because her son wouldn't sit still, cried, screamed, and etc. For one, a movie theater isn't an infant type of place.

    The name of the game is called, "discretion" and "respect", folks. Try it some time.

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