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Fandango Media reviews & complaints

Fandango Media complaints 110

Fandango Media - Double Ticket charge

I purchased two adult tickets to spider man no way home movie on December 19th for a total of 30.38 and was charged twice. I was charged a total of 60.76. I need to be refunded 30.38 for the double charge. My confirmation number was WWGGZCN. My email used to purchase the tickets is frankie.[protected] The last four digits of the card I used is 4463.

Desired outcome: To be refunded 30.38


Fandango Media - emailed link for tickets did not work

10/07/2021 I purchased two tickets to No Time To Die. The link they sent me to print or have tickets texted did not work. I requested a refund and only received a partial refund. They kept $4.58 service fee. I want the whole amount refunded as I did not get the tickets. I have contacted them four times and they will not respond at all. Purchase Confirmation #A0344853376

Desired outcome: $4.58 additional refund to me


Fandango Media - Fandango Customer service

July 10th purchased movie tickets via fandango website, 4 adult tickets costing $55.00. On the way to the movie theatre we were involved in a huge multiple car crash, obviously we could not make it. 2 of my family members were transported to the hospital and my car had to be towed. the very next day July 11th i emailed fandango customer service explaining what happen and i also tried calling but could not get through due to high volume call, i did not receive any return email from fandango. I emailed several times and called several times but no response. Finally after several weeks i got through and explained what happened, we missed the movie due to unforeseen emergency and would like to get a refund since we did not see the movie, they refused. how can a company take our money and not provide the service that money paid for? How is fandango able to get away with this very bad customer service. Our tickets were never scanned, they can see that we did not watch the movie, yet they refuse to give us a refund or even a replacement tickets so we could see another movie. horrible

Desired outcome: refund or replacement tickets


Fandango Media - Movie Tickets

Once again...a family member bought us one of these completely worthless gift cards. Every SINGLE time we get one they are a hassle to deal with. This time, we completed the purchase...applied the gift card...and NEVER received tickets. It's almost time for the movie to start and we have NO way to get in. I've been on hold with Fandango for 30 excruciating minutes, listening to their stupid "we care about your call" BS message. These guys are scammers. DO NOT BUY! I have confirmed on their website that the gift card was charged...they got their money - we have NOTHING to show for it, except wasted time and frustration.

Desired outcome: refund or tickets NOW

Fandango Media - fandangonow


I am generally happy with your service but was disappointed to find that I could not download purchased movies onto my laptop. I paid $22 for a television series, and I am surprised that I have to log on and stream the movie anytime I want to watch it. I would not have purchased the movie through fandango if I knew that this was the case. I hope your teams can reconsider the customer service value and the cost effectiveness of continuing to develop technology that is supported by computers and laptops for those of us who are choosing not to have smart phones and tablets.

Thank you

Nov 30, 2019

Fandango Media - misrepresentation of ticket sale

On November 29, 2019, we purchased two tickets throught Fandango for "Beautifiul Day in the Neighborhood" (Orinda CA). Confirmation # [protected]. Your instructions read "Go directly to the ticket...

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Nov 20, 2019

Fandango Media -

We were trying to get an exchange from Fandango because we selected the wrong movie theater. Their website kept denying our password. After 2 hours of trying to simply get a refund we called their customer service. It took another hour to get a supervisor to help us. We finally resolved the issue with much frustration. I strongly suggest not using Fandango.

Aug 11, 2019

Fandango Media - streaming movies and customer service

I signed up with Fandangonow to watch a specific movie. The movie quit every 5 - 15 movies. When I called customer service I waited a long time, finally reached someone after a long wait. She told me she had to transfer my call but there was no queue so there should be no problem. However, no one ever picked up. I called back several times, one time on hold so long that my iPhone automatically terminated the call. The only way I was able to watch the movie was turn off the TV, turn it back on and re-search for movie, select it, and resume. It took us nearly 3 hours to watch a 2 hour movie. I would like to cancel my Fandango membership.

Jun 26, 2019

Fandango Media - fandango tickets not received

I purchased extra groceries in Giant & met the fandango criteria for 2 free movie tickets. I have the coupons from Giant food store and entered them on the activation site and did NOT receive an email back with the ticket information. They are not in spam. I called several times and got hung up on twice by the autobot after waiting an hour each time. I also sent in several email complaints and after 2 weeks there is still no response. It is impossible to reach anyone. I have been a fandango member for years & will reconsider as it seems the company has changed & customers no longer matter. I bought the extra products & fell for the scam. I will now contact the corporate store re this scam so that they discontinue the practice with Fandango.

Feb 22, 2019

Fandango Media - dinner and movie gift card

I purchased a Dinner and Movie Gift Card from the Fandango Website as a birthday gift for 50.00 Confirmation# M385JNNZYU3B. The Dinner (Food portion) of the ticket did not work. I spoke in detail to...

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Fandango Media - fandango ticket agency

In Texas there was a promo for Ziplock Bags when you purchase two at Christmas time this year 2018. I purchased four boxes and the promo said one ticket per two boxes. After over a month of sending...

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Dec 01, 2018

Fandango Media - online movie "needful things"

tonight I rented this movie and input all my card information. afterwards there was a pop up about having to install Microsoft Silverlight. This should have been made aware to any customer before doing this in my opinion. I installed, and it still kept popping up like I hadn't installed it . I uninstalled this 3 times and reinstalled and no movie. I don't know what the problem is but I spent over an hour troubleshooting. I don't care that the rental was only $2, I should have gotten what I paid for. not only did I lose the lousy $2, I didn't get to see the movie, and wasted a lot of time on my computer trying to troubleshoot it. nobody should have to go through this just to watch a movie. this needs to be fixed. and all customers should be made aware about any program that needs to be downloaded prior to watching the movie.. I am extremely disappointed. I hope my money will be put back on my card since I didn't get to see the movie. but all I can say is that I will never use fandango again! this ruined my Saturday night!


Jan Ward

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Oct 07, 2018

Fandango Media - movie tickets

I purchased two Superluxe movie tickets some days ago. I attempted to refund the tickets this evening because we had a change in plans. When I went to the website, I followed the instructions and attempted to process a refund but the link I clicked on was broken. Nothing worked. After 15 minutes of re-loading the website multiple times, logging in and out, trying to access the page via my confirmation email, etc., I clicked on Live Chat for help. I simultaneously called the customer service line. After 30 minutes on hold, someone responded to the Live Chat. So, I had already invested 45 minutes of my evening simply trying to process the return that is "guaranteed" if requested before the posted movie time. I requested a full refund, including the "convenience" fee as this was literally the opposite experience of convenience. The customer service person was very polite but insisted she and any manager were

May 10, 2018

Fandango Media - all of it

Fandango somehow got access to my credit card and auto withdrew money from my account for 3 years. The charge on my statement made it look like it was for gas due to it being named similarly to a place I get fuel. I only caught it when I saw the charge listed next to the place I get gas and realized it wasn't an authorized charge. I called them to get my money back.. about $350 and they refused saying that I was a valid member to their site. I asked them to show me my last login to that site or use of their service and they could not. They then agreed to give a partial refund if I filled in a form asking for all of my personal info (So they could sell it) and agree not to pursue legal action. I refused.

I then called my bank at the time (Bank of America) for help and they refused to help me reverse the charges. Needless to say I pulled all of my money from the bank and have never paid for another movie ticket again.


Fandango Media - e-gift card, - unethical practices poor customer service

A family member gifted me a $100 fandango e-gift card. To use the e-giftcard i had to create an account on and enter the giftcard number. Fandango does not give me the option to save the giftcard in my account for future use so every time I purchase a movie I had to reenter the giftcard number. I purchased three movies over a one month period after receiving the giftcard, totaling under $20. When yahoo did that "thing" where they lost hundreds of emails from millions of users, the email containing the fandango egiftcard was also lost. I called fandango on seven occasions in order to retrieve my giftcard number. Luckily, I was able to provide fandango customer service with the order confirmation for the purchase of the giftcard. The order confirmation contained the order confirmation number, the sender's email, the recipient's email, as well as the payment info for the online purchase of the e-giftcard. On three occasions no one picked up after I was on hold for more than seven minutes. Twice I was put on automated hold and I chose the option to receive a call back when I was next in the queue. But I was never called back. Twice I was able to speak with representatives who could not resolve my issue themselves but forwarded/escalated my case to "cooperate". I was told that they would get back to me after "cooperate" gets back to them. It's been four months since my case was allegedly escalated to "cooperate" and I have not been contacted by anyone.
Given the fact that -
1) My e-giftcard was entered online in my account on three separate occasions to facilitate my purchases. Then my e-giftcard number is in their records associated with the purchases AND my account. Retrieving the e-giftcard that I used should be a non- issue, even for a system (eCommerce, Customer Service or database) designed 20 years ago.

2) I was able to provide them with the original order confirmation for the purchase of the e-giftcard. Regenerating/re-sending the email with the e-giftcard, exactly as it occurred by the original purchase, should also be a non-issue, even for a system designed 20 years ago!

I feel like I have exhausted all my options. They won't allow me to speak with anyone higher in the customer service ranks - according the customer service representatives "there's only "cooperate" and IT and they don't take calls".

This is unacceptable! Not to mention highly unethical on the part of Fandango.
I'd like to have access to the over $80 bucks balance of my e-giftcard. I will never do business with Fandango again.
I hope you could be of some assistance in resolving this matter.

Jan 15, 2018

Fandango Media - hacked fandango account

Recently, I experienced an incident where a Hacker changed the e-mail in my account and purchased 5 movie tickets...THEN, this Hacker requested a refund in his name to a changed e-mail address (thu...

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Dec 28, 2017

Fandango Media - wrong show time

On Monday December 18, 2017 I purchased 4 tickets for Pitch Perfect 3 in Gettysburg, PA on Saturday December 23, 2017, my email clearly stated the movie started at 1:30pm. When we arrived at 1:20pm., we were given out tickets, and proceeded to the theater area only to find out that the movie was already on and had started at 12:50pm. I went to the management, and showed them my email, and they acted like they could have cared less, and said it we wanted to wait to see the beginning of the movie we could sit and wait till it restarted. Why would I want to see the beginning after seeing the rest of the movie, sort of defeats the purpose. What a rip off. I would appreciate replacement tickets to another movie at a different theater, because I will never return to Gettysburg, after the way I was treated.


Fandango Media - fandango convenience fee

I use Fandango for the convenience of advanced purchase and ability to skip the lines. However tonight at the Enfield, CT Rave Theater your kiosks were not working. After standing in line for 20 minutes, the only seating left was scattered front row. I opted to wait until the next showing to be able to sit with my family and had to pay an additional $18.50 as this was 3D. None of this was "convenient!" I'd like a refund of the $7.50 convenience fee.


Fandango Media - never received gift card I paid for

I ordered a Fandango Movie gift card on December 6th 2017. I received tracking info on the next day. Problem was, when I clicked on it, I was given an error message saying my email or the tracking was incorrect. It was not incorrect. Neither the email nor the tracking number I entered were incorrect. I tried copy and paste. I tried to enter everything manually. Nothing worked. So, I contacted the Fandango customer service line to ask about it. I waited over an hour on hold only to be told the girl didn't know what the problem was so she was escalating it to someone higher than her. Problem was I was within a week of needing that gift card for the Christmas gift for a family member I bought it for. I told the lady that and she said she couldn't give me a refund and I would have to wait to hear back in 3-5 days. I asked business days or just days? She said just days. Well after the 3-5 days came and gone I called back and this other person told me it was 3-5 business days and she couldn't give me a refund either. Now we are within a couple days of me needing that card and I still haven't gotten a response, 12 days after it supposedly shipped. I checked the mailing address and it's all correct, the payment was charged to my card. It seems after looking into customer service complaints online, Fandango is running a scam and taking money without providing any service or products. Buyers beware!

Nov 26, 2017

Fandango Media - "free" justice league poster.

While purchasing my Justice League ticket I was offered a "Free" Justice League poster. I paid shipping and handling of $6.95 and the poster is only 13 inches tall. While shopping at Walmart I notices several full-size Justice League posters for under $5.00 those posters were at least twice as wide and long and had a few different varieties to chose from. I feel like I git ripped off for obvious reasons.

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