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Let me just say, I have been working for AMC Theaters for the past 2 and a half years, and can honestly say that this is one of the worst employers out there. Let's start off with the salary.. A quarter over minimum wage (if that) after taxes. My entire tenure @ AMC Theaters, I have only made $7.50 an hour, no raise, bonuses, or holiday pay.

The work schedules are supposed to be made on Tuesdays, the scheduling week begins on Friday. Many times, it doesn't come out until midnight Thursday, so you have to keep calling into see if you're working in 8 hours... It becomes impossible to make plans if you do not know your hours until the last minute. Job training is nonexistent.

The building is often understaffed, making it nearly impossible to function properly on busy days. Several times on a busy Saturday and even Friday night cleaning theaters with 400+ people in it, all on my own. Management knows they're understaffed and blames it on you when a theater isn't cleaned in time.. we aren't superheroes!

AMC has this "Stubs" promo program which is $12 a year. People already pay enough for tickets and food, etc as it as and don't want to pay any more. AMC encourages employees to make the guest say "no" 3 times... I find this ridiculous. AMC's philosophy is to make the guest feel like a star; kind of ironic when you're hassling the guest to get something they don't want or need! AMC sent out a memo saying that anyone who fails to sell or promote the program gets an automatic termination, creating a hostile work environment; making employees think that they're job can be gone with a flick of the wrist. Not a way to keep employees happy.

If you're legitimately sick and you have a cold or the flu, they MUST see a doctor's note or else if you don't find someone to cover your shift, you can lose your job. How stupid! Since movie theatres are open 365 days a year working holidays is mandatory. Holiday pay is not given. You could close on a Friday night and open on Saturday morning. The schedules are never near the same. One week you get can up to 40 hours and the next, you can work for 2 days, maybe 12 hours if you're lucky. The management doesn't care about your life outside of work.. they seem to relate eveything to AMC and your shift.

I realize this is an equal opportunity employer, yet they hire people with literally no common sense and seem to fire those who work hard and mess up a few times. Many employees act immature and yet the mature ones who do their job get into trouble. I recommended a friend of mine to AMC and he got hired.. he quit his first shift! Can't blame him... Employee morale is not high and people do not feel excited about working at the theater. This job is downright embarrassing.


  • Ma
    Mabel Day Dec 21, 2010

    do not have a theatre in driving distance and we received this as a gift. Please let us know how we can give the money back to the person who purchased it or let us use it some other way. Waiting to hear what to do.
    Thank you, frustrated recepient!!

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  • Ih
    ihatemyjobmorethanyou May 20, 2011

    I want to leave! However, I first need to be secure in another job. Kinda hard to quit from a job when you don't have a plan b.

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  • Ih
    ihatemyjobmorethanyou May 20, 2011

    I've applied to other jobs and heard back from several and should hear back for an interview date either today or next week. SO unless you know the situation I am in, no need to critisize. And im sorry, but this is a complaint website.. and, like you said, "If you don't like the terms of your employment then leave." ... If you don't like a complaint, DONT comment on it. Thanks! =-)

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  • Ih
    ihatemyjobmorethanyou May 20, 2011

    So you've left a comment. Thanks!

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  • Jk
    JKDE May 20, 2011

    I appreciate and understand the hard work you do.

    I was an usher once when movie theaters sat 2000 people and showed only one movie for months on end.

    Hang in there. It will get better for you.

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  • Bu
    BUTTNUGET21 Jul 13, 2011

    Amc is indeed the worst effin place to work they have the highest turnover rate my theater just fired over 20 people in the last 3 months for ridiculous reasons one girl got it cus her drawer was short yea the drawer your held solely responsible for even tho all the supervisors who are complete ###s I might add use your drawer constantly. How can you tell someone your fired even if you can’t legitimately prove they even shored the drawer with all the ppl that use it in a day and another girl got canned for none other than the AMC ###ing stubs card ### that program!!! NO ONE WANTS TO PAY 12 DOLLARS FOR SOME USELESS REWARDS CARD!!! AMC IS THE WORST EMPLOYER!!!

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  • Fi
    FilmMaster_13 Jul 14, 2011

    I actually do work for AMC Theaters. Everything that Buttnuget21 and ihatemyjobmorethanu are 100 percent correct. Most managers and supervisors don't care what goes on. The schedules really don't make any sense nor does it matter than you need to pay rent or what not. As long as the same people open during the week and you're available to slave at nights Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, it's all good. It's almost like the schedulers get envious and mad that you're trying to go to college, so they don't give you hours. I'm trying NOT to have any more loans than I need, so thanks.

    Also, our problem relies mostly in the scheduler. She likes to give favoritism to some people, giving them a lot of hours or those nice walk in and walk out shifts. I somehow always get stuck with closing. I'm consistent. But they keep you because they are flexible around school. It does get hard to find a job that gives you hours that AMC SHOULD, plus be flexible. She likes to give people hours that don't want them, and then not give hours to people who do want them.

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  • Fo
    Former eomployee Nov 29, 2011

    I worked at the Puente Hills theatre for 3 long years and only got a .10 cent raise, the management team was horrible and lazy they make you do all the work and dont help out at all!! They force you to sell AMC Stubs to customers who dont want them at all! they will act like theor doing something to hear if you are pushing the the cards and if your not they give youa write up and threaten to fire you. I was tired of the threats of getting fired so i quit but they decided to give me another write up because i ddint hit my quota for the cards which is dumb because i wasn't even on a register. A lot of my fellow employees felt that hey had to sell them or no they will loose their job and be replaced by other people. I said plenty of cards while i was their they just wanted more, i sure didnt see the mangers sell the cards they were just chillin in the back stuffing their faces with food, and txt while the employees did all the hard work. AMC sucks i have boycotted them and have ben going to regal. They will replace u in a heart beat so i warn you not to work at amc. Hours suck pay sucks, and they dont pay you if you work holidays

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  • Am
    amcisajoke Jan 20, 2012

    Agree. I finally found a new job so im leaving amc. They threaten termination for every little thing. Stubs cards are a rip off but they expect you to lie to customers to convince them to pay for thier rewards. They dont check to make sure anything is done correctly other than cash variences and stubs sales. You can sit on your ### all night and burn food for hours as long as you pitch stubs. I attempted to complain on amc's forum and suggest positive changes and they deleted my post within minutes. Managers only stick around for months at a time at our smaller theater and refer to us as a "starter" theater for their career. I am not allowed drinks (not even a bottle of water) in the ticket booth. If i watch a customer fall i am instructed to let them lay on the ground and not touch them. If a customer's popcorn bag rips I am not allowed to give them a new one. They have to pay full price for a new one. They have over staffed themselves so everyone gets 10-20 hrs a week. Only three of our 22 employees understands how to play the films but 100 percent know stubs.

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  • De
    Devilchylde93 Feb 25, 2013

    I have been at AMC for almost 2 years and they are THE WORST company to work for. I am quitting as of right now, Does anyone know the website I put my 2 weeks in at? Also at my location you get written up for pretty much everything, even things the managers and GM do. They are hypocrites. I do not have another job set p but I hate that place so much I really don't care and I just need out of there! DO NOT WORK FOR AMC!!

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  • Md
    mdreher13 Oct 25, 2013

    I was fired yesterday, and they only thing they told me for reasoning was that I had called out 3 shifts in the past 5 months. (my latest missed shift being for extreme family matters) I closed four nights a week for three months because every ### co-worked of mine put their availabilities to end at 8pm every night. There are people who miss three shifts every single month who continued to get 25+ hours every week. There was one girl who missed 3 shifts in 1 month, and two weeks later was given the promotion up to to clarify things, I called out of 3 shifts in 5 months, she no call no showed 3 shifts in 1 month and got a promotion; and I'm the one who got fired. AMC you need to get your ###ing ### together, you're a piece of ### company that I will make sure everyone knows they should never work for.

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  • Dl
    Dla7 Jan 05, 2014

    I worked at an AMC out in L.A. for a year and a half and it was terrible! I thought it was just theater but after transferring to a different AMC out of state I realized it is just the company that's really ###! After 2 years of absurdity, I finally snapped and quit on the spot when I was the only usher staffed on The Hobbit opening weekend at night. They care too much about maximizing corporate profits, so much so that they're willing to sacrifice cleanliness, effienciency, customer satisfaction, etc. We literally had a new manager start his first day and then walk out during his shift on day 2. Quitting this job was a great decision!

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  • Br
    Brand5000 Apr 30, 2014

    I had a ### of a manager who fired me over my write ups from 1 or 2 years ago and it was not a fair thing at all to do to an employee who has sold over 300 stubs cards for 2 years.

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  • So
    Sonic_ Nov 14, 2014

    i agree with everything about this complaint. no holiday pay. the blame on a crew member when its a managers fault. schedules never being ready on time. being short on til for no reason. very unfair. firing hard working useful people and hiring people with no common sense. i loved the people i worked with, the crew, but the company as an employer and their policies are TERRIBLE.

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  • Wi
    Will Moffett Dec 18, 2015

    They had to protect there racist boss because he said the N word and I reported him so I got fired.

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  • An
    Anonymous Commentor Feb 24, 2016

    This place is absolutely terrible! I totally agree. It's funny how everyone that works here hates it.

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  • Lu
    lunaluna Jun 15, 2016

    They don't train you at all and then get mad at you when you don't do well. The management sucks so much. I've never gotten written up but due to using my employee stubs card too much I think I might get terminated some time soon. They hired a bunch of people when the people already hired don't even get decent hours. I heard that it is because they are going to fire some people. I wouldn't be surprised if they fired me, the only productive person in that entire place.

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  • Ti
    Timotheus Jul 30, 2016

    I worked at AMC Theaters for 3 years and was fired from there recently. At first, it started out really fun. Fun employees, fun management. After all those people left and got other jobs, I got stuck being practically the ONLY usher half the time during busy times. Then management turned on us and started valuing their cashiers over their ushers. It didn't make me feel happy about working there, because I am an autistic adult who worked harder than anyone else. There was also a coworker who liked to pick on certain people, myself being one of them.

    Long story short, the place was ALWAYS crowded and filthy, management was stupid, terrible and didn't know what they were doing half the time, and they encouraged bullying. AMC Theaters is a terrible place to work and I hope the whole company goes out of business.

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  • De
    Deed77777 Aug 04, 2016

    They hire as easy as they fire.

    I got to work there for a month. Being my 1st job I thought I was doing okay. They never fully trained me. They put me in fount of a cash register and pretty much rolled the dice. Showed me how to press buttons. Never fully explained to me what to do. Then fired me because I lost to much money. I begged for a second chance. Asked if I could do anything to make things better. I was even willing to let them take the missing money out of my check. Now I never really lost any money but my till came up short.

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  • Ra
    rainbow343 Aug 04, 2016

    I work at an amc in new jersey and literally everything above is what my theater is like. I've worked here for over 8 months now and no raise. When I got hired I was told we would be getting raises every six months. That obviously didn't happen. Then the next thing they took away was clocking on five minutes early. Then the next thing that came was a new GM who was all about being the theater other theaters wanna be. So here he was pushing stubs and cleanliness (which we should be but this was excessive). They wanted us to stop cleaning theaters, even while were behind, to do restroom checks WHILE THE MANAGERS DID NOTHING AND SAT IN THE BACK. The managers are the laziest people I know. They stopped giving us screenings because our OS is too low. Everything that I was promised when I was hired is no longer existent. The only thing I can be promised is a paycheck but if I don't get hours then thats out too.

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  • Sc
    Screwthisjob Aug 11, 2016

    AMC sucks in many, many ways. I agree with everything everyone has said.
    I worked at AMC for five months before I was fired.
    I was fired because I had posted an "inappropriate video with threatening language directed towards guests" on to Instagram.
    Here is the story:
    Yes, I did (stupidly) post a video on Instagram about our guests at the theater, basically cursing them out for littering SO much and making the theaters damn near impossible to clean. I deleted the video about an hour after posting it due to it being extremely stupid.
    A MONTH later. Yes, A MONTH. I was pulled in to the break room by a manager and the GM. The GM explained that they "GOT WORD OF a video containing threats towards guests." One of my coworkers had seen video before I deleted it and waited a month to report it to management. Management NEVER saw the video, only told me they "got word of it" and then terminated me on the spot due to AMC having a zero tolerance policy for that kind of stuff. I didn't even react, just took a moment to breathe, collect my thoughts, and I nodded when I was asked "Do you know what I am talking about?". Then I signed the paper stating that I understood what I was told, and was escorted out of the theater by the manager and GM like a criminal, even though I was completely calm.
    My coworkers never liked me because I was the overachiever employee. Not the ###-kisser, but the one who was actually good at their job and didn't screw around or slack off. I was an usher all the time.
    Anyway, LUCKILY for me I was hired an hour later at a grocery store. Better hours, better pay, and I'm working with older people who are very mature, not teenage ###s who slack off and start rumors.
    Anyway, ### you AMC. I hope you go bankrupt.

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  • Oh
    OhNooo Aug 23, 2016

    I've been a manager with AMC in the LA area for almost 2 years and an employee for 4. I can agree with everything the above has said. I know all the loop holes and bullcrap that AMC puts their employees through. In the time I've worked at my building (the current one, I've worked at 3 in total) I've been sexually harassed by a fellow manager, the gm did nothing. I suspended a crew member for stealing, the gm brought him back and told me 'not to manage him...if I need to tell him something, tell the supervisor to do it.' I've witnessed managers steal and the gm turns his cheeks annd tells them to bring it back. Almost a year ago I told my GM in person and a written statement that I was friends with a crew member. He advised me to hang out 30 miles away from the crew members. About 2 months ago I asked for a transfer due to being close to the crew and being physically threatened by another Manager. About a week ago I was suspended without pay for being being friends with crew members and my GM lied about the written statements my friend and I both produced. Now I'm out of the job and have no way of protecting myself from being bullied by a bad company because they said they are "at-will"

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  • Sa
    Savannah109 May 22, 2017

    Worked for Carmike for 4 years. Fired by AMC once GM got settled in and replaced by someone who already worked for AMC.

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  • Sa
    Savannah109 May 22, 2017

    AMC brought out Carmike. Worked very hard for 4 years with Carmike as a manager. Once the GM got settled in. (after 1 whole month of driving myself nuts with stress, not GM was sent). I was terminated. According to AMC you can be terminated for no reason.

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