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I placed an order on the amazon india having the order number #[protected] around the last week of october 2015 and the size of the t shirt was not correct so i returned the tshirt and said the amazon to refund my money they collected my tshirt in two three days and after sometime i checked my account but i did not got my refund and when i contacted they said they have initiated the refund on the 1st of november 2015 and you will get in 1-2 days but i did not got it then again i contacted them and i found that i have entered the wrong account number on the amazon india website in which one digit got wrong by the typographical error and due to it I was not getting the refund then i corrected or cans say updated it on the amazon india and talked with amazon india and they said you will get your refund in 24-48 hours but i never got it and they said to contact my sbi branch and file the some dispute form and then i requested them to send me the transaction number so that i can contact the bank but they sent and ambigous digits which was The reference number for the refund was NFT-151102173XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and i contacted the branch and bank said give us full transaction number without xxxx then only we can try to find a solution and bank said we can't check the incoming nft in any account and amazon is making a fool out of you and said if account number was wrong then transaction can't be completed and money is with the amazon india .But amazon india even after requesting several times is not disclosing me when i asked them to provide me the name of beneficiary, date of nft, full transaction number they are denying it to me even when i am talking with them through my registered email i can say they are having the money and when we ask them to provide us the proof of submission of money in my account they are not providing the nft number.This is because in real they are thieves and don't want to refund the money and customers are suffering ..I have talked to them many many times but ever time they hears the story and says solution will be provided in 24-48 hrs but they never provides...Hope amazon india will sink soon if they keep on doing these type of monetary frauds..

Dec 26, 2015

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