Amazon / ruined my little girl's christmas!

IN, United States Review updated: ruined my little girl's christmas! Most folks I know give their kids one big present and then some little gifts for christmas. As a parent, the joy on christmas morning is watching their little faces light up when they open those gifts. This year, my husband ordered a tv with an ipod docking station for my 10 year old's finale gift. My husband works and lives in a different town during the week. I work until evening in a neighboring town, so my kids spend a couple of hours home alone after school. I was assured by my husband that their would have to be an adult present and a signature would be required by the fedex guy since it was a $300 electronic. This is a horrible economy and surely common sense would dictate that amazon would most definitely not leave something of this value outside for all to see (And steal). And, being so close to christmas, they surely wouldn't leave a large electronic with children so close to christmas! After all, we purchased the tv on black friday weekend! It would be quite obvious this was a christmas present! Well, we were wrong on all counts! I came home one day to find the tv sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor! How did I know it was the tv? Well, it has a large full-colored picture of exactly what is in the box on the outside of the box for all to see!! My 10 year old had brought it in from outside and asked me who the tv was for!! Omg! I was instantly over-the-edge angry!! They had dropped off my $300 tv on my front porch, with a huge colored picture on the front advertising for all to see! In this economy!! I'm surprised it was still on my front porch for my daughter to retrieve! Hellloooo! Is amazon really that stupid! They claimed that my husband should have known that no signature was required for delivery simply because it was never mentioned during the ordering process. Does this make sense?!? So, because it is never mentioned, that is code at amazon that one is not needed! Lack of knowledge is apparently the knowledge?!? The a-hole a amazon that I talked with was their customer service manager, joe jenks. He was completely condescending. He was quite possibly the worst representation the company could have chosen to speak for them and this db is teaching other csrs how to treat the customer!! He offered me a $30 gift card for amazon for my trouble. He stated that $30 may not seem like a lot but it went far at because at $30 can go far (Like, perhaps, something from their pedophilia collection that they are so proud of). I asked him if he had lost his damned mind! My baby's christmas was ruined! We are lucky we are having a christmas at all! Amazon, you suck! I will never again buy from you. I believe I will ask for a nook instead of a kindle this year. Poorest customer service I have ever had!

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  • Al
      Dec 02, 2010

    awww poor baby's xmas is ruined - what a joke! get a life and some new morals you indiana bi*ch. its a freaking tv. you keep mentioning "in this economy" - feel lucky that you can afford to buy your family presents - "oh no, the finale present is ruined". how about kids who have nothing, or might be lucky enough to get ONE gift from toys for tots?

    better planning on your part might have prevented this. i bet your the type that complains about everything and tries to get as much for free (the $30 amazon gift card) as possible... you are never happy, its never your fault and the world owes you everything!!!

    get your values in order you psycho bi*ch...

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  • Po
      Dec 03, 2010

    You basically assumed certain things and got angry when it turned out your assumptions were incorrect. You are a foolish person and you don't even deserve the $30 giftcard.

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  • Yl
      Jan 16, 2011

    I can tell you are newbie to online shopping of electronics.

    Electronics are pretty much shipped in boxes that identify what they are. They rarely get an additional bigger brown box to disguise what they are.

    That's why I have to make sure that I'm at home to receive my online orders (DVD player, computer) because if the courier leaves them outside the door, people can tell what they are. And that can be a hassle because you pretty much have to reserve the whole day.

    I think your best solution should have been to have this big-ticket item delivered to your workplace.

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