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Amana Refrigerator / Repair work horrible!

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I called Amana because my refrigerator stopped working. They sent me to A&E Factory Service. A&E sent out a technician. He told me my refrigerator should be replaced, it was old and I needed a new one.

I had been told my other Amana people in the past to keep my refrigerator. It was made of steel which is unusual today and the one I would replace it with would be plastic and wouldn't last more than 7 years. And if they broke they couldn't be repaired whereas a steel refrigerator without the computers could be easily repaired.

The technician who came out didn't want to fix the machine. He said the evaporator fan motor was broken and he didn't know the part number or where to get one. I called Amana and they gave me the part number. I called several parts companies until I found the part and had it shipped UPS.

I called A&E Factory Service back within an hour of the technician leaving to say I had the part, it was being shipped the next day and asked about rescheduling. I asked that the same technician not be sent because his attitude about old refrigerators was really bad.

They apologized, assured me that was unusual, they would send another technician, but I would have to wait until Monday - several days later since I called Wednesday. Monday the technician arrived after 3pm when I was told he would arrive between 8 and 4pm. The last time he came he arrived at 4pm after I saw all day waiting.

He took the refrigerator apart, claimed the evaporator fan motor I bought wasn't the right one. Said the company probably just threw the part number on any part and shipped it and the refrigerator had so many other problems he didn't think it worth fixing.

It is a beautiful refrigerator - it looks new and I had it repaired just two years earlier when another kind of fan broke and Amana sent someone to repair it by putting in a new fan. I had to find the part and they put in the fan. This technician claimed the fan - just installed two years ago - was so old he could hear problems with it and suggested it would go shortly. That was unbelievable.

He was quite argumentative and not very nice. I called the company to ask why I had the same technician when I specifically asked that he not be sent back because of the earlier problem. they had no record that I had made such a request.

they said they would send another technician but it was too late in the day and I couldn't get an appointment today because this technician would have to clear his record and that wouldn't happen until tomorrow morning. And tomorrow morning I would have to call again to reschedule another appointment and that might take a few days because they were backed up.

I was also told that their technician couldn't install a part that I had purchased, they could only install parts that the technician had ordered from the company.

I was flabbergaste. Especially since the technician claimed he didn't know the part number and couldn't find it on his computer. I called Amana and they gave me the part number. When I called A&E back I told them I had ordered the part needed and it was arriving the next day by UPS and I needed someone to install it. they scheduled this same technician to come back to install this part.

After this mess - and knowing the order I placed was one where I had the part - they now tell me they only install parts their technician orders. Why wasn't I told that when I placed the order for a technician to come out to install this part. I was very clear about what I needed.

After asking for a supervisor things went from bad to worse.

This is not a company I would suggest anyone use.

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  • Pa
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    Has anyone had a problem with the Amana refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. I have had a serviceman out 6 times in the last two months. They have replaced numerous parts and the refrigerator will be okay for about a week and then stop cooling. The repair service said there is nothing else they can do. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

  • Ti
      1st of Feb, 2009
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    They are useless in the UK as well.

    I purchased an Amana Definition fridge/freezer at a cost of more than £3000 but did not realise that I was choosing to deal with a company that has absolutely no concern for product quality or after sales service. Despite purchasing what I believed to be a product at the higher end of the market, the quality has been more akin to that associated with the very bottom end. I have had a total of 6 service calls in just over 3 years, including two as a result of total losses of the freezer contents and consequential insurance claims.
    Whilst in warranty the fridge/freezer was replaced but the problems continue, whether it is was a matter of produce in the fridge freezing or items in the freezer defrosting.
    The most recent failure resulted in yet another total loss of the freezer contents, a repair cost of around £230, an insurance claim (again) and it didn't seem unreasonable to expect that Amana should contribute towards the cost of the repair.
    However, the response I have gained from Amana is nothing but insulting. Firstly they claimed that they had records for only one or two of my previous service calls, despite all having been booked through their offices and even when I produced records to demonstrate the problems experienced, they have remained totally dismissive of my courteous requests. I have previously received poor service in the same way that I have purchased products that didn’t reach my expectation but never been before have I been driven to seek out websites such as this one in order to expose incompetence and arrogance of this nature.
    I’ve no idea what the impact of this complaint will be but if it warns just one potential customer away from buying such appalling service I will feel suitably rewarded.

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