Ally Auto / not impressed

Everytime I call customer service I get someone with a foreign accent so it is very difficult to understand them, and I don't think they fully understand me either as I always have to repeat myself. Their online account access is a joke. I had trouble the first couple of months setting up my account. Finally was able to speak with someone I understood and got it set up. So during that time I had to mail a check for payment, or use the phone payment which costed $15 each time. They were supposed to reimburse me for the phone payment fee since I couldn't get online to pay, but that never happened. Now that I finally have the ability to go online and pay with my bank account (with no fee), their site is messed up and the login page is "temporarily unavailable". Been like that for over a month, so I am back to mailing my payments and waiting for my statements in the mail. Each time I call in to find out what's going on they say it should be fixed soon. Not having online account access upsets me because I like to pay weekly instead of one payment per month, and I don't like having to send a check every week or pay by phone and have the extra fee. Next time I get an auto loan I will not be using Ally.

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