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Alltel / alltel pre-paid steals unused balance

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I purchased a pre-paid phone from Wal-Mart in town. I bought it as a back up to my other cell, which is a different carrier but with inferior coverage in this area. Alltel has a near monopoly on the cell phone market in this rural area and they know it.

I put $20 on the Alltel phone back in December '08. I rarely use the phone, I just want it as a backup in case of signal loss on my other phone.

I was assured by the sales rep in Wal-Mart (all sales reps lie, I know) and by the phone reps at Alltel (again, liars) that I would always have access to my money/minutes.

If I didn't actually use the minutes, my money would be waiting for me. I would only get charged for actual used minutes.

That is a lie.

They will turn off the phone, regardless of how much you haven't used, after a certain time period. It does not matter how many minutes you actually use, it is the time limit that really matters.

Of course, that is hidden, minimized, avoided, and only when you can't get at your money will they harp on it.

If you ask for a hard copy of this policy, you are told to read it online. If you ask what do people without internet do, you are told, seriously, to go to the public library.

Where you can sit next to a paedophile who is surfing *** on your tax dime. Because librarians are so over-addicted to "free" speech without any limits, they think they're supposed to allow it, and even defend it, or it'll mean they're disloyal to what the 1st Amendment "really" means. But I digress.

I asked can I get a copy where I bought the phone (seems reasonable)? No, either go to the Alltel store or go online. That's it.

Then, they hang up. If you are still trying to understand how it is they can keep your money without you getting what you paid for, they won't help.

The ESL operators at the Alltel customer service center, which they all insisted is in America, are: Tina, Meg, Shereen, Dana, Mary and several with names I simply could not spell if I tried.

The moral of my story: don't buy a pre-paid phone that has ANY time limits on it and you must ask that question bluntly, repeatedly and you must insist on seeing it in writing.

In these tough times, Alltel has stolen the original balance remaining of $16 and now the $20 I paid on a refill card that I had to spend to pay their ransom so they will "rollover" the original balance.

If I had any real choice, trust me, I'd hurry and use up the time I paid for and then go get a different pre-paid.

But the only other pre-paid I can get out here is Tracfone. I understand from several people that they are terrible.

So it *** to be an Alltel pre-paid phone user. This is why I'm keeping my original cell and I will NEVER sign a contract with Alltel.

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  • Ia
      2nd of Jun, 2009

    You had just experienced the grand customer service of Walmart.

    Any decent Alltel Agent or Retail Store will explain to you in detail how the system works. There are time limits depending on the amount you add, just like a tracfone has 3months unless you get a year card.

    Also, and I can say this with most certainty, customer service on the phone is just as bad as the service at Walmart. Youre best bet is to forget it ever happened, go to a retail store, or a different agent. Yes, you will probably pay more for equipment...but at least you'll get explainations and customer service out of the deal.

    Take it from an agent ;)

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  • Lo
      30th of Oct, 2010

    One thing you did wrong - bought a cell phone at wal-mart. They are NOT good cell reps, and I wish cell phone companies would quit letting them sell.

    It is stated in the pre-paid agreement the minimum amounts you must on a pre-paid phone for it to remain in use.

    if you put $100 down that will keep the phone active for 1 year.

    The minimum amount in my area is $10 every 2 months. If you don't put at least $10 on the phone every two months the phone will be deactivated.

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  • Kc
      30th of Oct, 2010

    Trying reading next time.

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