Allstate / lied about condition of my car and lied about price of repair, not wanting to resolve problem

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On September 3rd our car was in a car accident, All state wanted us to use their own body shop (certified collision) they brain washed us (our mistake) to use their body shop because they said it was going to have life time warranty and be faster, so after they gave us an estimate and promised our car would be ready in 4 weeks ...4 weeks later they told us that it wasn't ready yet, by that time our car rental period was over so we had to find another car to drive while my car was getting fixed, then after another week they kept saying it wasn't ready, then we spoke to the shop manager of the body shop and he said the guy that was working on the car "drop the ball"on our vehicle and they needed to have someone else start to work on it and finish it, and the shop manager stated he needed another 4 weeks to finish the project because it was just too big! So weeks passed and almost 3 months later, also AllState giving us excuses and not answering our questions (Tonna Madsen our insurance agent being rude and making unnecessary comments and non professional comments like how that happened to her when she was young and she got over it etc etc instead of helping us out, she also stated that she would never take her car to that shop, so how did she expect us to be safe and happy with this car?) then finally they gave me my car back on November 15, almost 3 months after! Can't believe how nice they are while collecting the monthly payment every month but once you get into an accident where it wasn't even your fault they don't help you at all and don't care about you as a costumer.

The original estimate to repair was $12, 000 so All state didn't want to pay me full price for my car because they said that still was repairable because it had no frame Damage and because it wasn't more than 80% of the value of my car which for my car i paid around $16, 000 just around 2 months before the accident.

So when I received my car back, the body shop manager showed me and gave me copies of how much they spent to repair my car and the total is $17, 100, that's more of what I paid for my car!.

But this is not it, after I picked up my car I went to carmax to get an appraisal to see how much is worth now if I want to trade it in because my family and I don't feel safe In the car anymore, and at Carmax our appraisal offer is for only $10, 000 ! They explained in a very detail manner that our car has obvious frame damage on multiple sections of the car frame and they don't even buy those cars with frame damage to resell, they could buy my car for $10, 000 and they would have to send it to an auction right away, they were so amazed to know how an auto insurance lied to us about the car not having frame damage and being repairable for more money of what the car cost, CarMax people told us is not safe at all to be driving the car with my 1 year old baby in it.

Please be aware of ALL STATE and the way they handle their business, Also we got a few calls from Our agent manager named Brandon Pham and he was being rude saying that they couldn't do anything and that we had to keep the car and offering a $250 check after everything that they put us through like that was going to make me feel safer in this car.

I hope nobody else goes thru this, better spend more money for a better insurance like AAA than deal with this liars and their sketchy and non responsable shops, I will never recommend AllState to anyone anymore and I'll never go back!

Nov 16, 2017

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