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Nov 21, 2008

Allstate Insurance - delaying my claim without reasonable cause

I have been trying to settle and get an answer to my claim against Allstate. They have been stating to me. That they cannot get in touch or specifically locate the policy for there insured. And that it may take up to 30 days to do so. They stated to me. There is an investigative team on this task for the last three days, but I still have not received an answer. Am I being mislead?. And what am I to do?.

Sep 18, 2008

Allstate Insurance - No response / slow response

My car was wrecked on 8/27/08. I was told it could take up to 4 days to be looked at by an adjuster and it took 5. The adjuster took 3 more days to submit his estimate to my insurance. I had someone 2 days later after my calling to give me their "book" value of what they were going to give me on my totaled out car. The car was less than 2 months old. I recieved a letter of the estimation. I found out that I had recieved the wrong estimate on my car. It was a S seriers worth about $1500 - $2000 dollars more. I can't get anyone to return my calls from the claims office. I'm having to pay for a rental car out of my pocket each day I'm with out a car and the finance people won't talk a settlement until they recieve a check from the insurance. CAll it due process but it's costing me time and money. I didn't have to gap insurance (which I wasn't offered by the finance people or my insurance until after the wreck) I didn't even know my insurance company carried it. Now no one from the claims office will return my calls about the wrong appraisal or a difference of the totaled out amount. Slow, slow, slow, Oh yeah, they did want immediate approval from me to move the car from the collision shop holding it because it was costing them $20.00 a day. I went and got my stuff out the very same day they called me. ?No one seems to care as long as it's not affecting them.

Jul 28, 2009

Wow, that sucks. I work for Allstate. I'm an agent, the thing is that when you do a policy, an agent might be tempted to put the wrong submodel for a vehicle in order to lower and close the insureds policy. At the end of the day its still a buisness for the agents and they will do whatever in order to get you in their commission books. Yet at the same time it's not all their fault. You as the insured should review your policy and make sure that the information stated in the policy is correct. That is your responsibility and nobody elses.


Jul 22, 2008

Allstate Insurance - Uncaring, lazy agents

Our furnace fell though the floor, when my husband called our agent, Tim Hogan, we were told it would not be covered. He asked if someone could at least come and look at the damage to see if anything...

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Jul 15, 2008

Allstate Insurance - Refuses to repair my car

My name is Jeff Smith Sr. and the reason I am emailing you is because my Car was hit by another motorist in Chicago IL and the Insurance Co. (Allstate) refuses to repair it so a good friend of mine...

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Jun 27, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Allstate Insurance - grossly undervalued my vehicle

I encountered a total loss on my 2006 Ford f-250 p/up truck. They offered me $6000.00 less than the cost to replace it, and have offered less than a third of the cost to replace my heavy duty bumpers, tool box, and lumber rack. They used one comp over 200 miles from where I live. Yet, they can not provide any comps in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I have been with out a vehicle for nearly a month and to protest this will take another 3- 4 weeks.

I am a reasonable person, but they are absurd and will not reason with the facts.


My recent accident w/an Allstate insured person left me hospitalized in ICU and my motorcycle totaled. I received an offer twice and both times it is substantially lower than it should be to be "pre-accident" condition. I am fighting the claim with no success. To replace my bike with the exact parts & type of materials, then I would have to repurchase all those products at retail value. Allstate claims that my value for the bike does not fall under retail, however, private ownership. Ridiculous! You really think a dealership is going to not offer me "retail" prices?!

May 22, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Allstate Insurance - never ever allstate

I was hit by a driver from behind on the expressway who had no insurance, and I had to sue my own insurance company which is Allstate.

They put me through the ringer in order to get paid

They put in there computer that I was at fault and I was hit from behind

And know I am having trouble getting coverage, they also added a lot of speeding tickets which I never got.

How is this possible, can I sue for defamation of character?

Is this retaliation because I sued my own insurance company.

Please tell me what can I do.

I think they're a lousy insurance company too.

I'm having a big time problem with them, and it's over something rather minor, but that still endangers my safety.

I just got a flat tire and have comprehension, collision, towing & roadside assistance with Allstate.
I called them up to try and get someone to tow my car or at least change the flat tire. The tire was flat as a pancake and it would of wrecked the rims to drive with it, even a short distance!
I ended up speaking to someone in India who didn't know that the town where they contacted the tow driver was miles & miles away. They told me it would take them at least 1 hour and 10 minutes and I called them about 7:30 pm.. so I needed to get home soon to eat dinner.

Well, I waited on the line and they kept wasting my time, not to mention using up what minutes I had left on the phone. That would be bad news if I couldn't get the tow driver up there.

When I finally got a local towing company instead to come change the tire from the flat to a spare I had in my car, I was told by the local agent in North Asheville that I would need to bring in the receipt for the towing company.
Well, I did, but I was told it was "not acceptable". The guy put down his name, this towing company, the date the expense of the charge, but somehow it didn't "pass muster"
I also then, had to go to 3 mechanics to get estimates for the repairs, as somehow the wheel rim also got damaged.
I went into the local office about 3:30 pm and told the agents on duty I needed to get a copy made of the towing receipt, and then head out of there right away to go see the different mechanics about getting my car repaired.
You don't want to keep driving around with a "spare" tire on your back wheel, for miles & miles. That's not safe.
The agent I spoke to, I asked them if I could go ahead and make a copy because he was on the phone and just basically chit chatting to another customer.
He said, "yes, that was fine, go ahead and use the copier". So I did, because i needed to leave soon to see about getting my car repaired.
Instead, the office manager, came over in about a minute and starting YELLING at me for using the copier! I told her, that the agent had said it was alright!
I mean, the agent himself said he was going to fax this information to the head office in Hendersonville, but I'm guessing he didn't!
I came back about 1 hour or so later, with an estimate from a mechanic who's been in business for many years to get them to fax that to the home office.
Not only did they tell me that it WOULDN'T be covered by Allstate, but that also my policy had been CANCELED!

It was due today, and I NEVER pay the bill on the exact date, usually at least a couple of day to a week late, but this agent, Nick C. was insisting that I needed to pay the car insurance bill weeks ahead!
Forget that!
Your bills are so high to begin with, and I've not an accident or any motor vehicle incident in years and years. I'm a very good driver. They claimed that even though I was paying my bill today that my policy might still be canceled in the next 2 days!
well, that's Real Nice of them! Not! You guys are abusive, deceptive and also totally unprofessional.
I don't pay a wad of money every month so I'll be treated like I'm some third grader in school. You people ought to be butchers not insurance agents! You're a disgrace to your profession!

I asked to speak to the owner of the agency, and and he was also rather rude to me and sticking up for these rude ins. agents of his!
I mean, really, who wants to be treated like you are someone's personal doormat by a bunch of rude unprofessional insurance agents?
I also had a large problem last year, when I paid for a bill in cash and they never bothered to credit me for that payment!
They either stole the money or put it into someone else's account!

That should of been my wake-up call, but I'm about to contact the Insurance Commissioner of our state over this matter!
They have no right to deny you coverage when your bill is due that day.
I've never had to pay right on the spot, but the way they rigged it, WHY didn't they tell me at 3:30 pm that my bill was DUE?
Instead they just thought it was "perfectly okay" to start yelling at me, and treating me like I was the janitor in their office, not their long-time customer.
Also, Nick C. said my policy might be canceled in the next day or so, but that's NOT what the owner of the agency told me on the phone, though he refused to verify it in writing for me!
I feel this company lacks ethics and that's why I'm going to look for ANOTHER company to go with!
They put my life at risk too. i could of just gone ahead and gotten the repair done either today or tomorrow and not wasted my time running to the insurance company, thinking they'd accept the towing charge, which I'm entitled to!
I hate this company now! They used to have good agents up this side of town but they got rid of them, and shut them down (why I don't know) but at least they were pleasant and professional to you.
Not this crowd! Stay away from this office! They're no good!

Apr 29, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Allstate Insurance - awful service!

On Dec 27, 2007 I was involved in a auto accident. I was rearended by a 16 year old female driving her parents vehicle. I was stopped in traffic at a traffic light for about 8-10 seconds, when I saw the other driver approaching me at about 20-25mph with no intentions of stopping, I turned and looked her in the eyes at the time of the impact. She was cited for being the cause of the accident, and subsequently went to court and was also found responsible in traffic court.

Since then she has changed her story at least 3 times, and her parents refused to allow her to the authorities, and her insurance company about the accident. My back was injured in the accident, and my truck sustained about $3k in damages along with about $3500 in diminished value (proof from an appraiser), because it was brand new with only about 1700 miles on the it when she hit me. I have also racked up about $10k in medical expenses, have been the chiropractor at least 22 times, had X-ray, and an MRI, and have been through 8 sessions of Physical Therapy, and was found to have some damages in my L3/L4 discs.

Even after all these treatments my back pains refuses to go away, thought it has lessened, but its still there and my daily activities have been limited, and with my recreational activities. Additionally my endurance levels are limited, and I tire easily because the pain gets to bad to continue doing what I was doing.

Allstate has done everything in their power to delay the settlement of the claim, and we are at over 4 months now, going as far as making a total insult and saying their insured is only 25% responsible.. keeping in mind, I was stopped in traffic, she was cited, and found responsible in court.

I was forced to retain an attorney for the medical/injury side, and now am having to get another attorney for the property damages.

My vehicle is still not fixed today.

Oh, my god! this is horrible! I know people who've had the same experience with Allstate.

In the year 1995 they had two hurricanes at their house and the roof was damaged due to a tree falling on it.
The workers put a tarp on it, but when the adjuster came over, she moved the tarp and then refused to put it back on!

It was sunny out but the owner asked it be put back on right, otherwise a rain storm could get inside and damage the house.

The owner was right. The next rainstorm was a driving one and rain got inside one of the rooms that was NOT damaged and destroyed the ceiling!
Then Allstate had to pay for that damage to be fixed, even though it was not damage caused by the hurricane, it was caused by their lousy adjuster.

My friend said it was much easier dealing with the Hurricane itself and all those safety concerns, then it was dealing with Allstate!
They were Horrible to deal with! So aggravating it was incredible!

STAY AWAY FROM ALLSTATE! They're crooks and not worth spending your hard earned money with!

Our house caught on fire December 30, 2006. My husband and I were quite sick from carbon monoxide poisoning. Allstate brought out their "preferred contractor" Paul Jacobs of Exeter who stalled the job for 6 months, took off the roof, didn't tarp it right allowed to rain to ruin the hardwood floors. Allstate refused to settle our claim, saying our wiring was antiquated, that the fireplace was old and we didn't maintain it, we only had lived in the house two years and had it inspected and cleaned twice b efore we used it. After a year and the work was nowhere done, it is still not complete to this day and we have had to pay over $107, 000 for the repairs. We finally hired an attorney who costs us $40, 000 and Allstate finally paid $53, 000, so we took them to court. Allstate hired Greg McGregor of Woodland Hilld, CA who brought in as their witness, Luis Vargas of Vargas Construction who lied under oath that we were not even living in our house but our guest house and since Allstate had agreed to pay us $2, 000 per month for one year for additonal living expenses, (we decided to move in the guest house after the fire as we could not find anyone to rent to us, as I had 11 cats and my husband had 6 dogs.) (We rescue animals here in Porteville. Lous Vargas lied and told the Jury, he smiled and winked at them, told them he actually saw me go to bed in the guest house before the fire, I had no reason to as we had everything in our house, two tvs forced air heat and cooling, and it was all remodeled except for the two baths, that we were going to remodel before the fire, one at a time and the kitchen, where we had ordered new cabinets from Home Depot. Allstate even had our adjuster Erwin Kramer say under oath that he didn't remember us living in the house. He drew a diagram in his scope notes that showed the shower exactly as it was in the corner of the bathroom and the toilet in the other, but when our attorney asked him what that was, he said it could have just been pipes sticking up. Allstate brought out a company from Bakersfield called Steammatic who later changed their name to Excel to pack out all our belongings. When I asked the same lady who packed out our belongings and had a record of the three boxes of items packed out of the bathroom that Allstate told the jury didn't exist, she said she remembered using the bathroom, it took them four days to pack out all our belongings from the house that Allstate told the jury we were not living in. The packout listshowed 500 boxes and listed each room they were in. Allstate raped and mugged us. They could only win by lieing. Now they have asked for a judgment of $69, 000 for their costs, not including their attorney fees. Allstate' lawyers deposed every doctor, contractor, etc that we ever met here in Porterville, even deposing the doctor who gave me a colonoscopy, looking for something they could use against us or someone to lie and they were able to when they found Luis Vargas who wanted revenge against us because my husband had made a complaint about the work he had done on our house to the State Contractors License Board. Vargas was paid $5, 000 for a roof that we had to replace the next year after the fire because he used the wrong material and $4, 000 to install windows that he didn't know how to do, so he walked off the job and left them outside. Allstate's attorney Greg McGregor told the jury we refused to take a buyout, even though he knew they never made one, that we held up the job by interfering, we did anything they asked even paying $5, 000 for the roof to get them to finish the work. Paul Jacobs of Jacobs Construction of Exeter, CA, Allstate''s contractor also lied under oath. He told the jury our house was painted flourescent (our office was painted a light turquise) to try to make us look crazy, he told them he waited for 6 months to get an electrical bid from our friend in L.A., who was not a licensed contractor. He said he kept asking us for 6 months when he was coming here. That was all lies. Then he told them that he didn't even damage the floors when his tarp had leaked water from the rain. He lied and told the jury that Mr. Gibbs had told him not to come to the house when we were out of town. We never told him that, he had his lockbox on our gate and when it rained he never bothered checking it and the floors and carpets sat wet for a week and were ruined and the plaster was ruined, later became molded. This is a man who brags about being a Christian and how he teaches Sunday School and then goes on to break one of the ten commandments of God. I am 68 years old and my husband has poor health. We cannot afford to pay the $69, 000 and will lose everything we have worked our whole life for. There is no justice. The banks and insurance companies want all the gold and they will do anything to get it.

Apr 05, 2008

Allstate Insurance - paying claims

Its no wonder that companies like Allstate and Progressive can advertise lower and lower rates because they pay lower and lower amount of claims. I have a police report that says that their customer hit my truck but they still dont think that they are liable for the claim! I think that this is BS.

Hell hath no fury like an insured scorned
After today's column on State Farm's rate hikes, Layla Fanucci sent me this song she wrote about Allstate. It's an impressive four-minute spleen-venting set to a lilting melody. Fanucci's melodious screed reminded me of New Mexico lawyer David Berardinelli and...

You're NOT in good Hands

Apr 02, 2008

Allstate Insurance - forced claim

My car was vandalized, a 2017 corolla with 15, 000 miles. The front bumper was stolen, as well as the passenger side fender, they broke the drivers side window, the front grill and damaged the hood to the car. This all happend in a parking lot of my apartment complex. Allstate's claims adjuster says that there is no way the damage to the grill and the hood was caused by the vandals/thieves, and that we had to file a separate claim for a front end collision. I KNOW for a fact that there was no front end collision on this car. the hood was not buckled before I went to bed that night and no-one drove the car. They are refusing to pay for the repairs under the Theft/vandalism claim, they are saying its a separate claim with a separate deductible.

I seriously think this is a scam to get my "one time accident forgiveness" out of the way. the damage to the hood and the support beams for the radiator were obviously caused by a crow bar. The airbags werent deployed, etc.

on feb 26th i spoke with customer service regarding 2 changes on my car policy that gave me 2 discounts all was set and i was told at the start of the new policy march 5th will be in effect; allstate policy never e- mail you confirmation for any change so when i called to day i was told by a mgr (that close the phone on me)that company policy what the customer service was wrong and the changed couldnt be done !
if i didnt call to day to check on the status they not even let you know until 30 days before the expiration of the policy why these big co. are allowed to do whatever they want and the state cant stop this illegal policy!

Apr 29, 2008

Don't feel bad.. they refused to pay medical bills for my back, neck and hip when a clant of theirs hit the back of my car..

Sep 21, 2007

Allstate Insurance - Canceled after I had no fault accident

Allstate - Car Insurance Quotes Online

I paid Allstate extra for their accident forgiveness insurance. After I had my vehicle repaired, on what was suppose to be a "no fault", "accident forgiveness", Allstate cancelled my insurance. They said it was because I had two accidents in one year and they only allow one. In 2005 a truck forced me off the road and I hit a guard rail, because the driver did not stop it was considered my accident. In July I was coming out of my garage and the van sliding door got hung up on the steel frame of the garage door, this was suppose to be a non chargeable accident, but after they fixed the van they informed me they would not renew my policy. When I pointed out that this was not a chargeable accident, and I had only one other they said I had a comprehensive claim for windshield repair, which they showed on their letter to me was NA. When I spoke with the agent and Allstate headquarters, they said that it still counted as an incident, giving me two incidents in one year, and that is why they will not renew my policy. This just isn't right. I want to file a complaint with the Board of Insurance but I don't know how to locate them. Could someone please help me out with this problem. Thank You

Apr 01, 2007

Because my family home was built in 1870 if it worked for grandpa and grandma. Its stood all this time without a claim why drop a good thing. Never a claim in almost 200 hundred years. You know what the old timers say "They don't build'em like they use'ta". Milford, Connecticut Historic District

I'd be happy to help you as I'm also having a problem with Allstate claiming to CANCEL my insurance, just because I had a flat tire.
there is an insurance commissioner in each state of the nation, I'm pretty sure.
Try googling, the Insurance Commissioner and they may give you a phone number to call and then they'll send you form which you'll have to fill out to file a complaint.
I'm about to file one myself for Allstate. I had a big scratch occur to my car, after I had parked it at Walmart.
The insurance agent INSISTED that I must go to the police station and file a report, but no one in the police department would even come out and talk to me, even though I had to go late at night after work.
That was dangerous in itself as the downtown area of Asheville is NOT very safe at night!

I never got that big scratch repaired, even though the body shop company stated it looked like someone ran into it with their car, or a shopping cart!

What the heck is WRONG with this company? Besides lots? lol
I've paid my bills on time for a long time too and I'm gonna find a new ins. co to do business with!

I remember a friend of mine telling me that they had had a hurricane and the adjuster came over to look at the damage and refused to put back a tarp on their roof!

They wanted the adjuster to put the tarp back up, so water wouldn't get in.
They refused and another storm hit and did hundreds of dollars of damage to their house!
And they were trying to sell their house at the time too!
Lousy service! And they're expensive too. Plus they seem to want to know ALL your business but they cannot bother to do THEIR business properly!

Mar 25, 2008

Wow where do I start! I have been with allstate for almost 5years with the same Agent, well about 4months a go this policy became a NIGHMARE! The new Agent came in to the picture Blind Folded about my policy she was acting like she was on top of this but she had no clue about my policy, she told me that my policy was Terminated over $60.00! I told her ok I'll pay the fee and she told me there was NO WAY I can get my old policy back! So I called my old agent and she said that, that was a lie and that everything would be okay! But like I said she said it was Impossible to get my old policy back, now as I went on to talk to her she told me what I needed to do was to get a NEW policy that the old was okay and I owned NOTHING she must have told me like 4 times that I owned NOTHING! And to top that all off they cut me a check for money that was owned to me since I didn't use the hole month. So of coures I was HAPPY I got a new policy low rate got some money back "Praise the Lord" And then like the next week later I get a call from someone at allstate saying since u have ended your policy early you owe us this much it was around $800.00 So quickly I called the new agent and said "What happened you told me I didn't own nothing" She said oh I didn't see that! So I called me old agent and she said don't worry we got your old policy back we renewed it. I told her well I have started a new policy but what’s going on? With this I need answers there asking for a lot of money! I called Corporate like 9 TIMES NO BODY HAS CALLED just one letter saying well this is way you us! NO RESPECT! NO customer service! Come on I've been with you guys for a long time way I'm I benign treated this way? I need help and I need it now, All I want is Insurance!If you can hear me please here this I fill like I was lied to over and over! God bless I hope you help me... Rachel M Perez

Dec 19, 2006

Allstate Insurance - you will not be in good hands, trust me!

I will never have Allstate Insurance again because of the way they treated me when I was involved in an auto accident. In Nashville, Tennessee I was stopped at an intersection with no traffic light, waiting to turn left onto a four-lane road in front of my sons’ high school. I did not see anything coming anywhere close, so I pulled out into the intersection. A car sped into the left lane of the 4-lane road, from around a slower car in the right lane, at least 40-45 MPH toward me. I was nearly in the middle of the intersection at that time. It hit my car in the driver’s side, then hit two other cars that were on the 4-lane road sitting in the left-turning lane waiting to turn onto the street I was on. I had my seat belt on but suffered neck and knee injuries, as well as a herniated disc in my lower back that was pushed forward into my bladder. I already had osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia Syndrome (also known as CFIDS or FMS), a chronic incurable condition which causes extreme fatigue, sleep disturbances, and severe pain. I’d just recently started on a job and had very few sick days earned, so I had to work a full-time job in this horribly painful condition. The orthopedist said he could not help my back condition, so I spent months going to a chiropractor who finally corrected the back and neck injuries. Allstate said that the driver of the car that hit me was suing ME and Allstate was on THEIR side! I could not believe it, having worked myself in the insurance industry for over 20 years at that time. When I got my attorney involved, the driver that hit me dropped the suit against me quickly, because local law states that the first car in an intersection (in this case, that was me) always has the right-of-way. They should have yielded to me, yet there were no skid marks on the road to indicate they had slowed down at all to avoid the accident, blatantly speeding right in front of a school where they could have hit kids crossing the road to go to school. Yet Allstate still maintained that the accident was my fault, and kept an at-fault accident on my MVR for 5 years!

Nov 06, 2006

Allstate Insurance - denied the claim to pay for the car!

My daughters car was parked legally in a parking garage at inova medical bldg in northern virginia. A man had a diabetic seizure, hit her car which resulted in it being a total wreck. The gentleman'...

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