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My husband and I have Allstate and have been thrilled with their auto insurance for many years. Recently, our 20 year old was involved in a crash which left him with a fractured spine and a compound fracture of his lower left leg. My son is insured under another company and not on our policy as a driver. However, Allstate has some coverage for injured drivers that live in the same household as the policy holder.

That being said, my son's PIP carrier called Allstate to demand coverage. Yesterday, Allstate called my house and asked to speak to the other driver, the one that hit him. What a horrible mistake! I listened to the conversation between my son and the Allstate Rep. Erin (rep) did not apologize for his injuriously mistaken phone call. Instead, he barraged my son with questions about the other driver's injuries and asked him to make a statement.

I may file a complaint with Allstate. This is unacceptable behavior! My son was very, very upset. I am still disturbed by this.

Aug 06, 2016

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