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On August 9 my car was involved in a 3 car collision caused by an insured Allstate driver. For two weeks I was without a vehicle while Allstate conducted their investigation. Finally, they accepted full liability and approved of a rental car while my vehicle was being prepared.

Throughout the repair process Allstate continued to try to save money on repairing the damages on vehicle. Allstate continued to overlook a particular item (exhaust replacement) when approving of any supplemental work to be done. The body shop continued to try to get this repair work approved but Allstate did not until the 3rd time submitted by the dealership.

Finally approved on September 18 to replace the muffler. The body shop ordered the part to find out that the part was on back-order from the manufacturer. The part is set to arrive the week of the 8th of October.

My rental car is due to be returned on the 4th of October. Allstate will not extend my rental causing my family and I to be without transportation. This time loss of vehicle from the two weeks in the beginning of August before the rental and this time frame after Oct. 4th has been very draining and negatively impacted my family, my employment and myself.

Allstate has not acted in good faith with my claim and loss of vehicle.

Oct 08, 2018
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  • Ke
      May 22, 2019

    My husband and I are now going through the same thing!!

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  • An
      May 22, 2019

    @KendraDuncan I understand, just make sure you file a diminished value claim after you are finished with the claim process. They don't tell you these things but when I went to trade my car I found out the value of my trade in had significantly dropped due to the accident. I found out during that process that I was able to go back to Allstate and file an additional claim (diminshed value) to recover some of the loss in value. It wasn't much at all they offered me but it was something. I hope you have a better turnout with your claim and process with Allstate.

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