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Allstate / never ever allstate

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I was hit by a driver from behind on the expressway who had no insurance, and I had to sue my own insurance company which is Allstate.

They put me through the ringer in order to get paid

They put in there computer that I was at fault and I was hit from behind

And know I am having trouble getting coverage, they also added a lot of speeding tickets which I never got.

How is this possible, can I sue for defamation of character?

Is this retaliation because I sued my own insurance company.

Please tell me what can I do.

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      13th of Jul, 2010
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    I think they're a lousy insurance company too.

    I'm having a big time problem with them, and it's over something rather minor, but that still endangers my safety.

    I just got a flat tire and have comprehension, collision, towing & roadside assistance with Allstate.
    I called them up to try and get someone to tow my car or at least change the flat tire. The tire was flat as a pancake and it would of wrecked the rims to drive with it, even a short distance!
    I ended up speaking to someone in India who didn't know that the town where they contacted the tow driver was miles & miles away. They told me it would take them at least 1 hour and 10 minutes and I called them about 7:30 pm.. so I needed to get home soon to eat dinner.

    Well, I waited on the line and they kept wasting my time, not to mention using up what minutes I had left on the phone. That would be bad news if I couldn't get the tow driver up there.

    When I finally got a local towing company instead to come change the tire from the flat to a spare I had in my car, I was told by the local agent in North Asheville that I would need to bring in the receipt for the towing company.
    Well, I did, but I was told it was "not acceptable". The guy put down his name, this towing company, the date the expense of the charge, but somehow it didn't "pass muster"
    I also then, had to go to 3 mechanics to get estimates for the repairs, as somehow the wheel rim also got damaged.
    I went into the local office about 3:30 pm and told the agents on duty I needed to get a copy made of the towing receipt, and then head out of there right away to go see the different mechanics about getting my car repaired.
    You don't want to keep driving around with a "spare" tire on your back wheel, for miles & miles. That's not safe.
    The agent I spoke to, I asked them if I could go ahead and make a copy because he was on the phone and just basically chit chatting to another customer.
    He said, "yes, that was fine, go ahead and use the copier". So I did, because i needed to leave soon to see about getting my car repaired.
    Instead, the office manager, came over in about a minute and starting YELLING at me for using the copier! I told her, that the agent had said it was alright!
    I mean, the agent himself said he was going to fax this information to the head office in Hendersonville, but I'm guessing he didn't!
    I came back about 1 hour or so later, with an estimate from a mechanic who's been in business for many years to get them to fax that to the home office.
    Not only did they tell me that it WOULDN'T be covered by Allstate, but that also my policy had been CANCELED!

    It was due today, and I NEVER pay the bill on the exact date, usually at least a couple of day to a week late, but this agent, Nick C. was insisting that I needed to pay the car insurance bill weeks ahead!
    Forget that!
    Your bills are so high to begin with, and I've not an accident or any motor vehicle incident in years and years. I'm a very good driver. They claimed that even though I was paying my bill today that my policy might still be canceled in the next 2 days!
    well, that's Real Nice of them! Not! You guys are abusive, deceptive and also totally unprofessional.
    I don't pay a wad of money every month so I'll be treated like I'm some third grader in school. You people ought to be butchers not insurance agents! You're a disgrace to your profession!

    I asked to speak to the owner of the agency, and and he was also rather rude to me and sticking up for these rude ins. agents of his!
    I mean, really, who wants to be treated like you are someone's personal doormat by a bunch of rude unprofessional insurance agents?
    I also had a large problem last year, when I paid for a bill in cash and they never bothered to credit me for that payment!
    They either stole the money or put it into someone else's account!

    That should of been my wake-up call, but I'm about to contact the Insurance Commissioner of our state over this matter!
    They have no right to deny you coverage when your bill is due that day.
    I've never had to pay right on the spot, but the way they rigged it, WHY didn't they tell me at 3:30 pm that my bill was DUE???
    Instead they just thought it was "perfectly okay" to start yelling at me, and treating me like I was the janitor in their office, not their long-time customer.
    Also, Nick C. said my policy might be canceled in the next day or so, but that's NOT what the owner of the agency told me on the phone, though he refused to verify it in writing for me!
    I feel this company lacks ethics and that's why I'm going to look for ANOTHER company to go with!
    They put my life at risk too. i could of just gone ahead and gotten the repair done either today or tomorrow and not wasted my time running to the insurance company, thinking they'd accept the towing charge, which I'm entitled to!
    I hate this company now! They used to have good agents up this side of town but they got rid of them, and shut them down (why I don't know) but at least they were pleasant and professional to you.
    Not this crowd! Stay away from this office! They're no good!

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