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Allstate - Auto Insurance / Canceled after I had no fault accident

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I paid Allstate extra for their accident forgiveness insurance. After I had my vehicle repaired, on what was suppose to be a "no fault", "accident forgiveness", Allstate cancelled my insurance. They said it was because I had two accidents in one year and they only allow one. In 2005 a truck forced me off the road and I hit a guard rail, because the driver did not stop it was considered my accident. In July I was coming out of my garage and the van sliding door got hung up on the steel frame of the garage door, this was suppose to be a non chargeable accident, but after they fixed the van they informed me they would not renew my policy. When I pointed out that this was not a chargeable accident, and I had only one other they said I had a comprehensive claim for windshield repair, which they showed on their letter to me was NA. When I spoke with the agent and Allstate headquarters, they said that it still counted as an incident, giving me two incidents in one year, and that is why they will not renew my policy. This just isn't right. I want to file a complaint with the Board of Insurance but I don't know how to locate them. Could someone please help me out with this problem. Thank You

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  • Ja
      1st of Apr, 2007
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    Allstate - Dropped homeowners!
    United States

    Because my family home was built in 1870 if it worked for grandpa and grandma. Its stood all this time without a claim why drop a good thing. Never a claim in almost 200 hundred years. You know what the old timers say "They don't build'em like they use'ta". Milford, Connecticut Historic District

  • Ra
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    Wow where do I start! I have been with allstate for almost 5years with the same Agent, well about 4months a go this policy became a NIGHMARE!!! The new Agent came in to the picture Blind Folded about my policy she was acting like she was on top of this but she had no clue about my policy, she told me that my policy was Terminated over $60.00!!! I told her ok I'll pay the fee and she told me there was NO WAY I can get my old policy back! So I called my old agent and she said that, that was a lie and that everything would be okay! But like I said she said it was Impossible to get my old policy back, now as I went on to talk to her she told me what I needed to do was to get a NEW policy that the old was okay and I owned NOTHING she must have told me like 4 times that I owned NOTHING!!! And to top that all off they cut me a check for money that was owned to me since I didn't use the hole month. So of coures I was HAPPY I got a new policy low rate got some money back "Praise the Lord" And then like the next week later I get a call from someone at allstate saying since u have ended your policy early you owe us this much it was around $800.00 So quickly I called the new agent and said "What happened you told me I didn't own nothing" She said oh I didn't see that!!! So I called me old agent and she said don't worry we got your old policy back we renewed it. I told her well I have started a new policy but what’s going on???? With this I need answers there asking for a lot of money!! I called Corporate like 9 TIMES NO BODY HAS CALLED just one letter saying well this is way you us!!! NO RESPECT!! NO customer service!! Come on I've been with you guys for a long time way I'm I benign treated this way???? I need help and I need it now, All I want is Insurance!!!If you can hear me please here this I fill like I was lied to over and over!!! God bless I hope you help me... Rachel M Perez

  • Ap
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    I'd be happy to help you as I'm also having a problem with Allstate claiming to CANCEL my insurance, just because I had a flat tire.
    there is an insurance commissioner in each state of the nation, I'm pretty sure.
    Try googling, the Insurance Commissioner and they may give you a phone number to call and then they'll send you form which you'll have to fill out to file a complaint.
    I'm about to file one myself for Allstate. I had a big scratch occur to my car, after I had parked it at Walmart.
    The insurance agent INSISTED that I must go to the police station and file a report, but no one in the police department would even come out and talk to me, even though I had to go late at night after work.
    That was dangerous in itself as the downtown area of Asheville is NOT very safe at night!

    I never got that big scratch repaired, even though the body shop company stated it looked like someone ran into it with their car, or a shopping cart!

    What the heck is WRONG with this company? Besides lots? lol
    I've paid my bills on time for a long time too and I'm gonna find a new ins. co to do business with!

    I remember a friend of mine telling me that they had had a hurricane and the adjuster came over to look at the damage and refused to put back a tarp on their roof!

    They wanted the adjuster to put the tarp back up, so water wouldn't get in.
    They refused and another storm hit and did hundreds of dollars of damage to their house!
    And they were trying to sell their house at the time too!
    Lousy service! And they're expensive too. Plus they seem to want to know ALL your business but they cannot bother to do THEIR business properly!

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