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Galveston, TX, United States

I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of Walmart Galveston Texas around 10pm 10/23/2018. I was doings some work in my vehicle for about 15 minutes when the guard drove up and told me I have to leave. I question what I was doing wrong and why exactly I have to leave and told him I was just doing some work and not bothering anyone else. He told me after I said that he doesn't have to answer any of my questions and that he's writing a ticket and took pictures of me sitting in my car. I got out and asked if he was a licensed police officer and why am I getting a ticket. He said he didn't have to answer any of my questions. I asked again and this time he closed his window and drove off. So I went inside to speak to the manager and he told me to contact the guards company that is closed and they also don't have any information about the company nor a number to contact them with. So I walked back outside and he drove up again and told me that the tow truck company is on its way and I asked why and he drove off again. Since when do security guards have power to right tickets and call tow trucks on people inside the store. I was not bothering anyone and also towing a car when someone is inside the store is unacceptable and possibly illegal. I thought they were trained to contact local authorities and let them deal with anything and they are just extra eyes on the property.

Oct 23, 2018

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