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Allied Collection Service / Harassment

1 OH, United States Review updated:

I am getting 2-3 letters a month from Allied Collection Service, Inc at 4230 LBJ Freeway Suite 407, saying i owe $2, 142.34 from an old apartment i use to live in over 3 years ago. This apartment complex falsely evicted me and my 3 friends a month or two after we had gotten an apartment with them, saying we had multiple police reports filed on us. We went down to every local police station and had them run a report on that address and every station had no information. We then tried to contact the apartment manager, asking her questions regarding this case and she said it was our of her hands, and that she had no proof of ever evicting us. Now why would we just up and leave the apartment? We even got a letter asking us to "leave the premises due to disturbing the peace and serenity of the community" on Aug 26, 2006. We thought we were evicted, so we just left. I even went to our apartment we had a couple months after the fact, and it was rented out to someone else?!

I tried contacting Allied but i always get a first name, and no help, sometimes hung up on if i get rude.

I don't want to pay two grand, but i don't want this on my credit report.

What do i do?!

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  • Kc
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    Mr. Greg D,

    Did you ever receive any advice because I am going through the EXACT same situation with the exact same company? I have never received any letters but I recently checked my credit and there was a collection from Allied Collection Svc, 4230 LBJ FWY, Suite 407, Dallas, Tx. The letter states that I owe $2, 170 for an apartment that I lived in over 3 years ago. When I call, I am not given any imformation either and usually an attitude. I've also called the complex and was told by the new leasing agent and new manager that it was out of their hands. The leasing agent at the time allowed my mom and I to rent the apartment knowing we were unsure about the cost of the rent but I had nowhere else to go since I was just moving to the area and noone else had apartments available. My mom was going to be leaving the next day and wanted to get me a place before flying out. The leasing agent promised my mom she would take care of everything and I would be ok. After two months, I found another place and told the leasing agent that I would be moving because as she knew we couldn't afford it. She said as long as my rent was current, everything would be ok. I am now finding out that I am being charged for breaking the lease (which I was never made to sign, we only signed the initial paperwork and application because she didn't have the lease typed up that day) and damaging the apartment...that had no furniture. The complex has no copy of the lease or photos of any damage but say that the issue is out of their hands. What do I do? This is hindering me from renting elsewhere unless its a private owner.

  • Si
      24th of Jun, 2010
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    Hello there!

    I am going through the same situation, my old apartment complex send me to this collection agency for the amount of 565.55 . So when I called the old apartment complex and I told them to show me the explanation of the charges and they never did. I had to contact the management company and they reviewed my file and notice that they overchargered me and the only thing that I owned was 55 dollars. really??? from 565.55 to 55.00 and I was never notified about any pending charges. I called Allied Collection to pay and they said that I have to pay a $30 fee cause I didn't pay the 565.55 on time. First of all I wasn't notified that I had extra charges and second of all they end it up dropping the charges. I am still dealing with it and it is very fustraiting cause they are rude and the only thing is get money from me.

  • Cb
      23rd of Mar, 2011
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    I have had the same problem with Allied except I do know that I owe the money. I have a Sallie Mae student loan that I had fallen behind and was in the process of catching up when my ex-wife was involved in a DUI accident with my 4yo son in the car. The department of children and families stepped in and told me I had full custody of my son and then just left me hanging with no services or anything. I lost my job and I tried to work with Sallie Mae even up to the very end. I had unemployment checks which finally came in on a Saturday. Sallie Mae had told me that I had to the end of the month to pay. I tried to call on that Saturday to make a payment and they were closed. The first of the month was a Monday and when I called them they said oh well...your in default. I had the ENTIRE back amount to pay them but they did not care. Fast forward to today when Allied called me for the first time and while trying to explain to the guy on the phone what I was planning on doing about the debt he starts being a wise [censor] and says Ignorance is bliss and Wow sir you succeeded in life. I then tell the kid if he thinks he is such a tough guy to come on over my yard and I'll kick his [censor]. He then says I am a terrorist and I am making terrorist threats. I ask for a supervisor and he says he has the authority to NOT let me talk to one. I proceed to call back 5 or 6 times to talk to a supervisor and he finally puts a "Supervisor" named Brianna on the hone who then tells me I need to stop calling. I ask her if she is a supervisor and if Chris has the authority to not let me talk to one and she proceeds to put "Chris" back on the phone who then says I will be put on hold until a supervisor talks to me. I get a supervisor whose name is Chris Chase who would not even let me tell him my complaint. He says he would review the tapes (we know how those tapes work) and proceeds to go on and on about the debt. He tells me they have been sending me letters but the first Chris said that my debt just came into the office on Monday. I had to call back again to get another supervisors number who I have left messages for and no return phone call. What a bunch of idiots. So Chris, Brianna, Chris Chase and Dave Fullerton...I hope you all rot in hell.

  • In
      24th of Mar, 2011
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    I have no idea what the hell is going on with these guys getting into my credit report. I don't have any loans of any kind. I'm still in the process of investigating what the hell is going on and who they are! I just ordered my credit report and I found a hard inquiry from these people. I will be contacting them in the morning and I sure hope this not some kind of scam.

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