Allegiant Travel Company / Allegiant Air / do not book hotel or rental car through them!

Prior to now, we've been pleased with our Allegiant experience. It's nice to find direct flights at reduced cost and though I've read some other passenger in-flight horror stories, we haven't had any issue with that. My daughter even remarked she likes the flight crew of Allegiant best because they are low-key, down to earth and fun.

We added a car rental with our last booking - something we hadn't done before and won't do again. The price wasn't the lowest found on the car rental but the cheap flight fare and convenience of 1-stop reservation management made the slightly higher car rental seem worth it.

Purchased Trip Flex because Stuff sometimes happens, only to find out the car rental was governed by a different cancellation policy and not the 1-hr prior to boarding of the flight fare (same with hotels). Since we were beyond the 24 hour mark, we had to pay the entire car rental fee for the 5 day trip. To say we feel deceived is an understatement.

I am told this is spelled out under Terms and Conditions, but it is still (intentionally) vaguely stated and I think a reasonably consumer assumption is that trip flex would cover the entire Allegiant booking -- but if not, that would be clearly stated up front. So it's a costly lessoned learned and maybe the budget factor of the airfare means they don't have to care about customer service like the bigger carriers.

But if you continue that approach, Allegiant, eventually you'll lose.

My advice? Never book hotel or car rental with your Allegiant flight. Maybe this is obvious to some folks out there but it wasn't to us so if someone else can benefit from our experience, that's enough. match pricing for Hotels, has excellent customer service and has had the best rental car prices so far.

We thought it would be nice to have the reservations all in one easy-to-manage reservation and instead got burned badly by the vague trip coverage of an airline that should do much better than that for it's customers.

Nov 19, 2017

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