Alitalia / canging of info restrictions and terrible service

I booked my flight with alitalia a few weeks back via expedia, yesterday while printing out the information of the tickets i realised that i mistakenly inserted my wifes maiden name instead of her married name. I called Alitalia yesterday morning to eget this changed due to her now having a new passport with her married name and my not wanting her to have problems at the border/s. When i called they informed me they have apolicy that they will not make any changes to the booking, but if i call their italian branch they may be able to. I called the italian call centre and they said expedia had to fix it. I called expedia and they said it was Alitalia who made these changes so i called Alitalia customer services who told me they don't fix problems over the phone and to write an email. I did this and marked it as urgent as my flight was in three days time. Four hours later i got an an automatted email saying to call the reservation line again which i did and got a very rude person answering telling me it wasnt possible. I informed him of customer services saying it was possible and the reply to my mail saying to call him, he then said he would need authorisation to make the changes, then after my waiting he said the person who could do this has left already and i must call back today(the next day). I called again this morning and gave my whole story to be told firstly it wasn't possible and the person who authorises it is only in at four(so he works less than four hours a day) to then call the italian call centre. I did this and they informed me the person who can do this is expedia seeing as they booked it on my behalf as i used thir website to book the flight. I called expedia who then obviously said Alitalia are the people who allow this but she would call on my behalf and put me on hold. Ten minutes later she came back shocked to hear that Alitalia have a crazy rule that no amendments are allowed on the names. So i had to cnacel my wifes flight and rebook another at a cost over £120 more than if i had done it yesterday. so due to their mad rule i have lost my first bit of money and the cost of the flight which if they had ever told me straight instead of bounching me around would have cost me £120 less and my wifes flight is at different times due to this.


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