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Alitalia / Avoid Alitalia Airlines!

1 India Review updated:

I booked Alitalia Flight to my visit to Munich on November 13 to November 18, I emailed as well requested on phone Jain Meal (Strict Indian Vegetarian Meal) which was confirmed.

On 13th We left Mumbai by AZ771 to Milan, we were served Jain Meal. However our flight to Munich from Milan canceled.

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  • Va
      14th of Feb, 2007
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    Alitalia Airlines/ 5th Ave. NYC Head Office

    Below is my 2nd letter to the NY offices of Alitalia. After 2 additional letters, a customer service rep. finally contacted me. I received a letter on August 22, 2006 that I would be getting my refund check with in 4-6 weeks. I did not. I called 2 times and each time was told it was the accounting department that was not getting the check out and that it would be taken care of. It is now December and after several unanswered calls, I still have not received my check.

    I want others to be aware that Alitalia is not a reputable airlines to deal with. They are totally unresponsive to customers who have had poor experiences or received poor service from them. They have a ‘Customer Service” dept. which must be bogus because if you call, you never get to speak to any one!

    I flew Alitalia in June. I arrived on a Friday. We were supposed to leave NY at 8pm and left at midnight due to weather conditions. The weather conditions were there prior to boarding, yet we boarded and sat in the airplane for 3-4 hours. Upon arriving in Rome several hours late, now tired and feeling grimy, a number of us now found that our luggage had not arrived. Apparently, it was still back in NYC! We were told that at soon as it arrived, it would be brought to us. I checked later that evening that my luggage had come in but they were not going to bring it over nor would they bring it in the morning. I explained that I was leaving on a cruise in the late afternoon. The representative was in no way interested in trying to resolve the problem or explain why they could not have the luggage sent over. All they would say is that they would bring it to another port. I wanted my clean clothes that day not a couple of days or maybe not at all. Instead, my friend and I took a cab out to the airport and back at the cost of 160 Euro. I got my own luggage! I contacted Alitalia a week after my return, via the FAX, and they have yet to respond.

    I am writing them again today and also including this email.

  • Mi
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    We are trying to gather people together to bring a class action suit against alitalia. if you have documented proof of your troubles, please email us at

  • Ja
      2nd of Aug, 2007
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    I have recently flew to Malta from NYC. Arriving to Malta was ok, but getting back to NYC was hell. I felt from Malta to Rome on Alitalia. The plane from Rome to London was delayed and therefore I missed my other connection. Alitalia agreed to send me to a hotel free of charge and gave me a flight for 9am the next day. I went to the airport for my flight and found out that Alitalia 'forgot' to book my ticket. Went to talk to the supervisor who was the rudest person ever. She should not be let to work at customer care. This is at the Heathrow apart. So she told me that the next flight she can give me is at 4pm London Time and could not give me the hotel again.

    To top that all, they lost both my luggages and they have no idea where they are.


  • Kr
      4th of Aug, 2007
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    Listen up everyone!!! I have the "complaint" of the year! I just got back from Italy and France from a two week vacation with my family.

    To start off, we flew two weeks ago from Newark to Milan, Milan to Rome. We stayed in Rome for one overnight stay, continuing our trip to Catania/Sicily the following day. When we checked in at Newark airport Continental counter, my husband specifically instructed the gentleman behind the check in counter, that we are making a 24 hour stop over in Rome, and we must pick up our bags in Rome.
    Well, when we did get to Rome the following night, we waited at the carousel for about 2 hours, and no bags. My husband went to the baggage claim counter, and they checked the computers, and all 4 of our bags are "being taken off this plane" and just keep waiting. So we waited another half hour. My husband went to complain again, and got the same story again, to keep waiting.

    Another half hour goes by, my husband goes up to the front of the counter, demanding a "real" answer. The woman looks in the computer again and tells us that the luggages were put on a Alitalia plain and sent to Catania that night.

    We went "CRAZY"!. The 3 hours we waited for those bags, she couldn't tell us from the beginning what the real story was, mind you it is already 2 am, and I have a 5 year old. Plus, no clothes. We stayed in Rome over night, which was Saturday night. Sunday, we called to check on our bags but or course it was a Sunday, no one works, no one picks up the phone. We arrive in Catania/Sicily on Sunday night, and all our bags are sitting in the open in the airport lobby, anyone to just wheel away, and one or our brand new luggages, ripped in a bad way. End of chapter one, at least our luggages are found.

    Chapter Two. After spending almost 2 relaxing weeks in Sicily, we fly to Paris for a 2 day visit. We could not get a direct flight to Paris, therefore, we did a transfer in Rome :) Both our flights were with Alitalia, on business class. We check in about 3 hours prior to our flight, now we are checking 5 luggages and a child car seat. We arrive in Paris, and patiently wait for all our belongings. 45 minutes goes by, my husband and I look at each other, and say to ourselves, this "can"t be happening twice in one vacation". But it did! Our bags never showed.

    So we stayed in Paris for 2 days, with the clothes we had on our backs, we bought a few necessary things, but we dont even know what Alitalia's policy is for reimbursing for this problems. We lost our bags on Wednesday, now it is Saturday night, we are back home, and still no bags, no word on them, NADA! And of course, the number we have to call, is an answering machine, they dont work on Saturdays or Sundays. So it's four days, we have no idea where our bags are. My fear is that they are probably sitting in the middle of the open with a million of other luggages lost from people like us, because they fail to connect bags onto their correct flights. Now here's my question. In the US, dont they remove a luggage if the owner of the luggage is not present on the flight. Isn't that a safety issue. So why would they put bags on a flight to Sicily that doesn't have it's owner present on the same flight. That is illegal.

    So my complaint if for Alitalia as well as Rome Airport. Anyone and everyone told me, do not fly with Alitalia and do not fly to Rome, unless you ask for it.

    I love Italy, I visit at least once a year. But I think that is coming to an end, unless they get their act together. I will wait until Alitalia goes completely under, cause they will, and when the wonderful workers at Rome airport learn the two words CUSTOMER SERVICE, than maybe I will consider going back.

    Till then they ruined it for me!

  • Ap
      3rd of Sep, 2007
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    Alitalia is on the verge of bankruptcy. It is the airline from which you cannot expect much. Don't even bother to use it. I have used once. Staff in this airline think they are next to god. Flights are often delayed, plus it is risky too, since aircrafts are not maintained well by the people of Italy. Crew think they are the most beautiful or handsome people on earth. The old glory of fashion,perfume or being European is going to last for some time. The best way for survival for this airlines is to organize pole dancing.

    This is second worst airline I have ever come across next in terms of safety and amenities.

    Don't expect too much else you will be looser, just stop paying them in future. they will be shut.

  • Re
      30th of Oct, 2015
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    You have to provide Alitalia with your credit card number when they claim to want to match your other frequent flyer program status, even though it is said to be free and has nothing to do with ones other frequent flyer programs. 20151030

  • Do
      20th of Aug, 2018
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    Alitalia - No service, NO compensation
    United States

    My suitcase was delayed for 11 days, and half of my stuff was stolen.
    I cannot get any real answer from Alitalia customer service. Dose Alitalia customer service really exist?

  • Um
      6th of Sep, 2018
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    Alitalia - cancelling trip but does not refund

    Alitalia cancelling trip without permission but does not refund. My trip Sofia-Rome, 23 January 2018

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