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Alexan Back Beach / apartment living

1 9700 Panama City Beach PkwyPanama City Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 850-236-0133

This apartment complex is a horrible example of "luxury home living", to say the least. They only claim they are luxury because it is $900+ a month, they are new, and they are a "gated" community (anyone can get in the gate if they wait two minutes for someone to go through first). First of all, the whole construction of the building in mind was CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. Everything falls apart. Their plush carpet slowly minimizes each time a vacuum hits it, their walls have no sound proof whatsoever... cat meows can be heard when living on the third story floor from the bottom floor, not to mention anything can go through those walls, I'm talking like plastic dart tips. The workers in the office are about as useless as a balloon. When they say that you have to buy your own ceiling fan, but they will install it... okay... but then to say "oh, it is not priority", basically is pointless to people that. Alexan is a big waste of money and I wish I could have read up about them, but such is life. Luckily, I am now living in a REAL luxury apartment that is the same exact price, but with none of the above complaints.

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  • Li
      18th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    i read the other opinion about alexan after i had already found out how crooked they are. now i admit i do not have the greatest credit thanks in part to illness and a hurricaine, so when i applied to rent at Alexan back beach, the deposit was 150 plus the rent would be 767 a month ( after rebate) they then told me that i had to give a months rent as a deposit, so i am thinking 767 ...but no, according to them it s 950 plus the 150 they already had and then they tried to sneak by me the fact that they changed appartments on me. i emailed them and told them that the fees were outrageous and if they couldnt get them down, then dont bother to write up a lease. after having heard nothing from them and i had sent several email, i finally sent an email requesting they send my deposit money back . finally got a response from them saying it had been forfeireted ... and i have never signed a lease ..they never sent one... and their website clearly states it s refundable if a lease is not signed about a bunch of crooks ...glad i am not going there...well i dont plan on letting them keep my money ...i will make a noise so loud DONT RENT FROM ALEXAN BACK BEACH ..THEY ARE CROOKS

  • Th
      21st of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I'm a college student and I can never study. The walls are PAPER THIN!! The place looks nice, but once you start living here you realize it was made on a tight budget... and I pay 1k a month! I chose Alexan over Cabana West for the 100 dollars less a month... I SERIOUSLY regret that decision.

    Honestly, do NOT move in here!! Save yourself and your money. I laughed when I read the complaint above, it's SO true. He or she is not exaggerating in the least.

  • Lr
      18th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This place is redicouls. If u don't have a local phone number your friends can't get in through the gate. I can't stand living here. The office personal are idiots. And the list of complaints is endless. Don't move here

  • Di
      4th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Completely disappointing! When you first arrive to inquire about the apartments the management, as well as the staff, will leave you with the impression that this is a reputable and well maintained gated apartment community and the satisfaction of their residents is of the upmost importance to them. They'll tell you all about their community parties, monthly contests to win flatscreens, etc, and it will all be done in such a manner that you would think you're their new bestfriend. It stops as soon as you sign the lease. Don't let the fact that this is a gated community fool you. All you have to do is wait to tailgate someone in that has a gate opener, and thats when the gate actually works. Guest call box doesnt always work so dont be so sure you can just buzz someone in either. The lovely summer kitchen they show you that is for residents use is only for residents use when they dont have it scheduled for "private parties". So there is no way to know when you can actually use this particular amenity. The codes they give you to enter in to the pool area and summer kitchen as well as the gym gets passed along to everyone that gets invited to the private parties. Which means you'll not only be sharing all those lovely amenities with the residents but with anyone else that has happened to come across the entry code. Which also lead to the theft of a treadmill from the gym, which still hasnt been replaced even though management assured the residents they had insurance on it and it would be replaced. Hasn't happened. Pay $100 a month for a garage only to have it blocked by people who cant find convenient parking. They've finally posted signs that tell you you will be towed but good luck! If you call the maintenance line after office hours as management has directed you to do, which is when it takes place, the maintenance line will tell you that this is not something they handle and that management is wrong. So guess what, you are now paying for a garage you can not be assured you can get in to or out of when you need to...nice, huh? If you call the office to ask a question you will either encounter a) holding for in excess of 15 minutes for someone to come back on the phone and pretend they have no idea you are on hold or b) they will take a message and they will not call you back. If you go in the office and are a current resident be prepared to be left standing, you will wait (if you have the patience) until anyone interested in an apartment has been helped, and it doesnt matter if you were there before them. Residents take backseat. I could go on and on but you get the idea by now I'm sure. You can also do a web search for Alexan Back Beach Complaints. That seems where most of hte people log their complaints about living here. Save your money, move somewhere else.

  • Tm
      7th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    In addition to Alexan being crap, so is Cabana West!!! Do not go there either! If I didn't have to pay a ton to get out of the lease I would. There is no insulation what so ever between those above you and your floor. Management does nothing when you complain. And I truly believe that they rent to spring breakers and people just taking a vacation. Its supposed to be residential but you have to deal with the loud, abnoxious people even during the week!

  • Wo
      10th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I went to look at the apartments after making an appointment and confirming it in advance - waited 45 minutes and no one even said hello - The office manager came out of her office and looked around ( there were three people waiting ) did'nt say a word and closed her door . I left, Will look elsewhere.

  • Qu
      19th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Extremely well manicured landscape. The workers do a great job making everything look fantastic! Starting at 7 in the morning 3 times a week. If it's not a loud, motorized weed trimmer resonating throughout your cheaply made, overpriced, and uninsulated apartment, it's a loud, motorized lawnmower or hedge trimmer. If you hate sleeping past 730 in the morning, this is the place for you! Most of the other comments on this website are legitimate. The management certainly is hard to deal with, and I'm going to guess that they're unhappy with their jobs because they're being forced to be unreasonable. They just got a new staff, and things are still ridiculous. (Maybe it's their boss) I'm seriously finished trying to deal with this complex and it's absolutely worth the money that I'm going to pay to get out of my lease early. There's certain things I don't want to put on here so as to protect my identity, but take my complaints, as well as all these other people's complaints seriously. I've turned a couple people away from here (one had a deposit down), and I'm going to continue to tell people how I feel about this place. I feel ripped off and extremely taken advantage of. So disappointed... It's hard to say anything nice about this place. Whoever put this place together is/are an ignoramus and the reason this place isn't making the kind of money they expected is because they don't know how to organize something like this. HEY CORPORATES!!! IT'S NOT THE ECONOMY, IT'S YOU!!!

  • Pc
      9th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    My husband and I were one of the first renters in the ALEXAN BACK BEACH apartment complex in September 2007. At that time, customer service and management were prompt, courteous, and most importantly, reasonable. Since such time, we have found management and customer service to be neglectful, disdainful, and unreasonable.

    Since approximately May 2008, this apartment complex management has been a nightmare to deal with. Some examples include, their own automatic internet payment system changing, without notice to the tenants, and they demanded I overnight them my rent check at my own expense or I would incur a daily late fees as they were no longer accepting internet payments at that time. (Mind you this was after I went to the office to double check that my rent had been received as I was going out of town and it had not posted to my checking account. I was assured it was). Multiple requests for service/repair were “noted” but never actually repaired. Complaints regarding illegal parking, including in the handicapped space, were never addressed. The apartment complex recently “realized” that there were no handicapped wheelchair access (ie: no ramps on/off the sidewalks) and have been doing extensive, loud sidewalk repairs starting at 7:00 a.m. Monday-Sunday. It took them approximately 10 days to remove my neighbor’s rotting, maggot filled garbage that they left outside their apartment during last summer. The security gate (one of the features that made me select this “luxury” apartment complex), is constantly broken and in the past year has been broken more often that it was working. Other than that, it is open to let whoever cruise through. The parking situation is not monitored, and on the weekends the tenants cannot park due to everyone and their friends using the tenants’ parking as their personal parking lot. No parking passes or stickers are available, and non-residents have been known to park their cars their for days/weeks at a time. Noise complaints are also pointless, as the office has admitted that they will not confront loud tenants and will direct you to call the PCBPD. Their choice of tenants now seems to be partying young kids, who pack into these apartments with multiple roommates to share the rent. This is not the professional luxury apartment complex I signed my first lease with in 2007.

    I also find their billing practices unscrupulous. They have double charged for water/sewer utilities, without any apology. Actually with the accusation that I was wrong, and if I was correct, then it only happened to my bill and I shouldn’t discuss this with other tenants. They back bill 60+ days for water and sewer, and no matter what size the apartment you are charged approximately $35 a month + “administration fees”. Whether you are in a one bed/one bath or a three bed/three bath, the cost of water/sewer is the same. Although if you ask management it is based on “usage”. However the base gallons allotment is so high that no one can reasonably use that much water - especially in a one bed/one bath.

    Attempting to call the office is pointless, because 9 out of 10 times, you get a voicemail. And they seem to concentrate on selling to future residents than attending to current paying renters. Additionally, when I renewed my lease in 2009, I was offered a free carpet cleaning through the company that Alexan has contracted with. When attempting to schedule the cleaning it was a high-pressured sales consult to add additional services not included with my free cleaning. Although not dishonest per say, I found the experience extremely distasteful. I ultimately passed on this “free” service.

    When we moved in, we paid over $700 in deposits and fees, including but not limited to a Redecoration Fee which was supposed to ready the apartment for a new tenant. We recently moved out and were shocked to find that they were charging against our deposit items that were to be addressed by the redecoration fee, such as cleaning of the kitchen, entryway, and bathroom. Mind you, we cleaned this apartment (mopping, vacuuming, oven/stove cleaning, cabinets, ect.) prior to leaving - a cleaning job that has been acceptable when we have left other apartment units. When meeting with the office manager, she claimed that there were photos of the areas needed to be cleaned but never produced them. As the new management/ownership does not charge a redecoration fee, (it is now an non-refundable administration fee) they have refused to honor the claims made to us when we paid our money. They have refused to apply this money to the approximately $66 in cleaning charges they have assessed against us. In addition, they are charging $25 per spot for carpet repair, when we were previously advised that the carpet is replaced due to normal "wear and tear" after three years. They refused to address if they were replacing the entire carpet, since it has been 3 years, even though they are charging us $100 for carpet repair. I am also being charged for a bathroom repair fee regarding the grout around the tub which is coming up. We have repeatedly complained about this (as it is a MOLD issue and evidence of the rushed, shoddy construction), and been told my maintenance it is “on this list”. We also attempted to schedule a walk through prior to moving out to understand what they expected, however that was unable to be arranged with maintenance due to their “scheduling conflict”.

    I am exceptionally disappointed in this apartment complex, and although they are recently under new management and ownership (and will be going by the name ASHLEY at BREAKFAST POINT), it is more of the same. I would never recommend this apartment complex to anyone looking to move to Panama City Beach. Their treatment of renters is neglectful and their business practices are dishonest, to say the least. If you are a current tenant of this complex, don’t expect to get your deposit back.

  • Pc
      1st of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was thrilled at the service at first when I moved in in August of 2007. The complex was nice and quiet and there was a sense of peace there. Things all changed later. I wish I had not renewed my lease. The place turned into a dump real quick. Dont buy a decent vacuum cleaner or you will suck up all the carpet along with the dirt. The walls are as thin as grocery store brand toilet paper and you can hear neighbors drinking from a straw three apartments away. Management there was as shady as a fern garden. I got screwed when I lost my job and had to leave the state. They claim I owe them over 4k when I only owe them what I choose as early lease termination in my contract. Rent plus two months. I dont know how 2655 turns into 4k overnight but it did so I never paid the crooks. Their business model is based on being dishonest and crooked. They no longer own the place but I wouldnt rent from Alexan at pier park as I am sure it is the same [censor] that tried to screw me and many other tenants. When we approached the mgmt about tenants getting in for 700 a month after we were paying 900 for the same apts, they had surly attitudes and were acting like when they told us that they might renegotiate rent later to offset the new ppl paying less that they were d0ing us the huge favor and that we were lucky to even be renting from them at all. Pathetic. Steer clear of anything Alexan if you desire a decent place that isnt a totally screwed up mess which you are paying way more for than you should. I thought I was going to have to get my gun to shoot at the fist sized spiders that kept coming around and not to mention the [censor] that busted in on me one morning when I was sleeping in at 7 30 am who was there to check the fire safety equipment which I wasnt forewarned about. He came close to catching a free dentists appointment. Lucky the maintenance guy was behind him but that still doesnt change the fact that they just busted in on me while I was still in bed. Real professional huh? Not even a knock on the door either.

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