Aldocustomer service

After reading these comments it's no wonder that so many people have customer complaints about the service they received with in stores. I called headquarters trying to figure out what happened to my order and a manager named Pamela was beyond rude about the situation. My order hadn't been shipped after 7 days nor would I have known or received my order if I hadn't called bc sssociates with in the store kept telling to wait on a email. Had to make a purchase twice just to get the order stArted over and I still have not received a refund for the first order that was never shipped. Now I keeps getting a excuse that Black Griday just passed so orders will be backed up... but I didn't place a order during Black Friday! It just so happened that I caught ALDOS mistake a day after Black Friday... it starts at the top of every company and trickles down, so I'm not surprised to read about the bad experiences within stores... Pamela should be FIRED! Don't believe me?? Please pull the call that was taken approximately 7:50 pm eastern time on 11/25/17 if anyone actually cares ... I had someone respond to a message I sent via Facebook, took the order numbers but never followed up... SAD... I will think twice before I spend money with this company again...BAD BUSINESS practices will catch up with ALDO sooner or later

Nov 27, 2017

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