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Alaska Airlines / Bad service

1 P.O. Box 68900Seattle, WA, United States
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During a full flight from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA, I was seated near the rear of the plane. I dont know if it is Alaska Airlines policy to place all small children and babies at the rear of the plane but on this particular flight that seemed to be the policy.

For approximately three hours (boarding, flight and arrival time), all passengers unfortunate enough to be seated at the rear were subjected to non-stop, squealing, crying, laugh, yelling and fighting of multiple youngsters.

Due to the full flight, one family was separated and the father sat next to me. There was one row of passengers between us and his family so I know he was well aware of the situation. To my amazement and horror, he ignored the misery his offspring were creating behind us and treated himself to a beer during the flight. I considered also purchasing an adult beverage and then decided it would do nothing to deaden the noise or duration of this flight.

After about two hours of no-stop irritation, another passenger approached the parent seated next to me during the flight, explained he also had children and understands how children are and then very firmly made his extreme displeasure known. The father briefly went back to his family and then returned to his seat next to mine. The noise volume continued.

A short time later, I listened to one of the flight attendants offer free drinks to the passengers seated in the row behind me. Whatever her goal was, I think she should have offered some sort of item to everyone at the rear of the plane such as a box lunch, flight coupon, free upgrade, adult beverages, etc.

I have a great deal of patience with people, especially children, but this experience was just plain overboard and offered my displeasure to one of the flight attendants as I exited the plane. I realize the airlines cannot ban babies and children but just as there is a first class cabin, why not offer a family cabin?


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