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Alaska Airlines / breach of contract!

1 San Diego, United States Review updated:
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While in First Class from Cancun to San Diego, a drunken passenger directly across the aisle next to me started being verbally abusive, aggressive, hostile, and intimidating because he didn't like what I was saying to the girl in front of me. She had a migraine (which I've had, and it's one of the worst experiences EVER), and there was a screaming, crying, wailing banshee child two seats behind us in the first row of coach. It was not an infant; it was a child. The man started swearing at me, using the "F" word repeatedly. He was right next to me across the aisle, and I felt that my safety was in jeopardy, so I contacted the flight attendants, who didn't hear or witness the incident. They told me that I was being unreasonable not to expect a baby to cry. Well, that had NOTHING to do with what happened! Was it reasonable to expect that I would verbally abused and assaulted by a total stranger who I wasn't even speaking to? Was it reasonable for them to continue serving him alcohol even when they knew he was already drunk? Earlier in the flight, they were hesitant to serve him because they felt he had already had enough. His wife said (and I have witnesses to this), "He's not slurring his words yet, so he isn't drunk. If he was drunk, he would be slurring his words." And the flight attendant proceeded to further intoxicate him, which I believe provoked the incident. This man had been giving me dirty looks throughout the entire flight and was just looking for someone to get into a fight with. I happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, next to the wrong person. What appals me is the fact that they did not restrain him or relocate him or me. In fact, they brought him water and were all fawning over him. Of the eleven passengers in First Class, SEVEN were friends of mine or acquaintances who had been at the same conference. It was due to my prompting that AA even got that business. In fact, there were about 20 others in coach that were there because of me. I had to go back there and get one of them (a tough guy friend of mine) to point out the man because the flight attendants did nothing to guard my safety. They did not call TSA. They did not call local authorities or airport security to meet us at the airport. I had to get a private individual to get off the plane and go with me on the shuttle at LAX to the baggage terminal and stay with me the whole time because I was terrified that this guy was going to physically harm me. Alaska Airlines and their flight personnel did not do their duty. They did not protect me. I was terrified and traumatized for several months after the incident. I've been flying for 28 years. I have never encountered anything like this in my entire life. I would call it "Air Rage." The trauma of it was heightened by the fact that we were in such a confined space so high above the ground. There was no place to escape. It was horrible. I will never fly Alaska Airlines again and am going to file formal complaints agains them with every supervisory and accountability board I can think of. If there is anyone out there who can advise me further in this matter, I welcome and appreciate any and all comments. Thank you.

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  • Ji
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    I would suggest, GROW UP.

    I don't believe a word of what you're saying. If the guy was as bad as you suggest, the crew would be all over him, and possibly some of the other passengers.

    No, I believe he may have said a couple of naughty words in your direction, and you had a major anxiety attack.

  • Sr
      13th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yeah, you're just a big weeny! All I heard in your message was "me, me, me." I hope you don't meet someone like him on another airline though... That would be scary!

  • El
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Alaska Airlines - Don't Fly
    Alaska Airlines
    United States

    I was trying to fly home from San Jose, CA to Seattle WA. I was scheduled to fly on Alaska Airlines Flight 329 however, I was delayed 3 hours. The "Lead ticket agent" Sonya was verbally abusive, and completely lack all skills in providing assistance or caring about the well being of another person. The ticket agents gave misinformation and lied. The problem originated that I was told that I was 5 min past the check-in time to check my luggage on my flight and therefore my luggage had to go on a later flight (separate from me). I was then told to sign a waiver that I voluntarily allowed my luggage to be separated from me. I felt this was inaccurate because I was not voluntarily allowing my luggage to be separated from me and I was being told to sign a document that was not true. With the ticket agents present, I explained that due to their mandate, I had to comply with their requirements of being separated from my luggage but I was not "voluntarily separating from my luggage". I was doing it because I was told to do so. I then signed their required waiver in front of them, acknowledging that my luggage would be separated from me and also documented my concerns on the waiver. Never was it explained to me (that by me adding additional information along with my signature), that I would be dealing with any difficulties. The agents saw what I wrote and re-read it before taking my lugggage. I then went to my gate for my flight. Suddenly without warning at the gate, I was denied boarding on my flight. I was told that the ticket agent Supervisor Lead-Sonya was on her way to the gate and that she had pulled me off my flight. I explained to the ticket agent that this didn't make sense. I also explained that I needed to get home because of health issues that I have to manage very carefully or I could be put into a life threatening condition. I told her that I have a serious chronic disease called Crohn's disease and that the stress they were putting me through was causing my intestines to swell. If the swelling gets out of control, the situation can become fatal. At this point with the conversation with the Gate Agent, Sonya takes over the conversation and starts berating me about my luggage. She was belligerent and punitive. Her conduct was absolutely aggressive and wretched. She has no business dealing with the public on any level. I was in sobs and kept telling her that she didn't need to grind me into the ground. When I kept trying to explain that I was not informed that there was any controvery with the ticket agents when I wrote my concerns on the waiver. This Supervisor continued to twist my words and verbally attack me. I told the Ticket agent- Sonya that I would sign another waiver if need be so that I could get on my flight. She was completely unyielding and atongonizing. I begged to get on my flight because I needed to get to my destination because I had planned my health regiment around getting home at a specific time, but because of this abusive woman, my health was seriously compromised last night and I was forced to remain at San Jose Airport 3 hours against my will because there were no other flights available other than the one that Sonya had forced me to take. When I called the 800 number for customer service and explained what I was going through because this unprofessional/uncalled for situation, they provided me an upgrade for the next flight as some compensation for what I was going through. Later when I got my boarding pass, I was told that the ticket agents at San Jose Int'l airport had arbitrarily retracted the upgrade. This woman, Sonya should be fired. I will NEVER, NEVER fly Alaska Airlines again and will make sure other know how rude and abusive that they are!

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