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AIU Online Degree / Fraud

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I completed my Associates degree at AIU online. When I enrolled, I was asked to fill out all types of paperwork as usual and for a financial aid status. Financial aid told me ( I cannot recall names) via e-mail and over the telephone that I was eligible but they could only inform me after all paperwork was
filed. I could not start class without it and I was pressured into submitting all signed agreements and loans in order to join the class. I was eager to start and not miss my window of opportunity. The impression that I got was that I was eligible for financial aid. After finishing my associates in AIU, we immediately began the bachelor degree program. I was told that if I did not wait and enrolled quickly, I would get a grant for $1, 000 which later became $500. Also, the double bachelor’s degree later became a concentration instead. I was doing great the first couple of semesters but then financial aid became to harass me about missing info. on my paperwork that reflected on my w-2s. This was about a $1, 500 additional income that we claimed. No one could explain to me where and how they came up with this. It was not on any of my files, I sent all my tax papers and I even consulted with my accountant about this. Nothing ever appeared. After several weeks of AIU calling and uncomfortable customer service representatives non stop, house calls late nights, work and cell phone, they decided to lock my classroom until I can provide this. After several more weeks I had fell behind and lost valuable time, I could to catch up. Later, AIU started requesting for me to pay $1, 500 dollars or they would send me to collections. This was already too much to handle, I was frustrated and disappointed and unbelievably shocked at the behavior of a higher education establishment structured so poorly. They harass me enough that I had to take out a loan to pay this off before they ruin my credit. I am still debating my status with Sallie Mae.

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  • Ja
      11th of Jul, 2008
    +3 Votes

    Congratulations on your AA degree.

    You said they had you fill out the financial aid before you started class? And you did. Good job.

    If they had allowed you to start classes without those documents, then you would have had to pay the school back all of the money for it, which costs alot, since college isn't free in America. Then, you would have been complaining about how they "made you take classes, and then told me my financial aid was not complete and I owe them 4k!!!"

    That should take care of the second issue too. You need to communicate with a school, follow up, and make SURE that the documentation is correct or it is YOUR fault. They provide a service, you pay for it. simple stuff. Believe me, I know. I am 45k in debt with a school I will not mention, because looking back, I could have prevented it. But I have a degree, and a great job now.

    What are you going to do with your degree?

  • St
      1st of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    i was told yesterday by my old school councilor to look in to it and i did to find out that im being scammed also isnt there a thing were all of could get together and protest or something or atleast warn fellow people about the scam?

  • Je
      11th of Oct, 2008
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    I have not started yet, but I dont want to be a victim of fraud either. I just wanted to see if A I U was an accredited online college and now I know that I cant trust every thing that flashes before your eyes. To those of you with complaints thank you for posting them I will look else where for schooling to further my education. And I am sorry for your stroke of bad luck with A I U .

  • Yi
      20th of Feb, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I do not this AIUONLINE is a bad school at all, I did my BA IN Business managent from the school and after that I got my Master in Economics from Virginia State University. So basically Virginia State accept my bachelor degree in Business Management, the only this about aiuonline is that its very expensive just like any private for profit college. Now I am thinking to go for PHD in Finance. Also if you own any school we have to remember that they will send your information to collection agency or they will not graduate you including Havard or Duke.

  • Pe
      9th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    This AIU is a Scam. I attended was working for my BA in Bus management. When I was contacted about AIU I asked them if my military grants would be accepted. The "advisor" that I talked to told me that they would without a doubt since there office was in Hoffman Estates, IL ( My Veterns grants are only good in IL). I did the whole pony and dog show they ask you to do get admistered and was looking forward to completing my degree. Note: I lived in a small town with the nearest brick and mortar school was an hour one way drive time, and I worked 2nd shift in a factory. One thing the Advisor told me "If you ever need to drop out of class then you only owe what is on your account the day you drop out". Months went by and I was on top of my game submitting reports and getting A's across the board. Then I got the bills coming in I called the advisor that I had talked to and that gave me his contacts and I was transfered to someone else without even taking to the first guy. I explianed about the bills and told them that they needed to go to ISAC and they would get paid. I was then told that "Since AIU is actually in Buckheed, GA my grants are not valid". I told them this was not what I was told before registering and I was not expecting to pay them out of my pocket. After a little conferece call with finaical Aid they submitted me forms for Sallie Mae Fed loans and arranged to take my GI Bill money that I had about 600 left on. After that I agreed to make payments every month to catch myself up. After working a 7 days a week with no time off, getting home about 1 am and hitting the computer untill 3am I found myself 4 pages shy of a full report that needed to be turned in, I figured if I turned something in and get some points that would be better then no points. So I submitted a report of 3 pages that was suppose to be 7 pages and the stucture was complete shambles clearly due a grade of D if not an F. The next night I got on and to my suprise what was my grade buy 100/100. This is when AIU started smelling funny. Then I got laid off of my job and the world started crashing. I got farther behind and final gave up on my dreams of finishing my Degree. I called the advisors to see if I can get any help or asstiants because I was not ready to die yet, but all they could say was they needed 1000 dollars today or I was done. I asked them how much do I exactly owed and they said 2000 dollars. I told them that I would just drop out today and get in contact with whoever so I can make aggrangements to pay the 2000 and be done. After roughly a month I got a call from AIU wanting payment I told them I needed to set up payments and I was told that they needed 1000 dollars to set up payments, I told that guy if I had $1000 to set up payments I would not needed to drop out of class. He told me that is all they could do for me and said he would send the info. 4 months later I recieved in the mail a bill from AIU stating I owe them $6, 900. They had charged me the rest of the classes that I had not taken. After trying to get this straighting and realizing I had been scammed things quited down. I got nothing from AIU and they justed seemed to fade away until this morning 3 yrs later. I went and applied for a VA home loan and was turned down due to a recent logged creditor stating I owe them $6, 900 to AIU.

    For those that stand by AIU say they are a good school, I wonder if you don't just work for them and are out there trying to keep the scam hidden.

  • Do
      12th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    "because I was not ready to die yet".. You're not exactly mentally stable are you? Perhaps if you'd paid clear attention, got everything confirmed in writing you'd be fine. And why would you assume that a debt would just "fade away"? Its that kind of thinking that has helped bring the US Economy to its knees.

  • Ai
      27th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    @DougTheBug I know you replied many years ago, but let me inform you, AIU is a Scam! You can turn in a crayon drawing of a dog in place of a term paper and get an "A". Not sure why this school is still allowed to operate.

  • Af
      26th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I believe I might be their next victim. Two months ago I had enrolled at AIU. I paid my 50 bucks to have them review my acceptance letter. To my suprise I had been accepted the very next day. I was then informed that I had never registered with the selective service. This would hinder my chance of getting federal grant money. After downloading and completeing the proper forms to the selective service, I received a paper telling me that this is a normal occurence and we were moving forward. I was then contacted by AIU's financial aide, telling me that I was approved for 9, 800 in government grants. After completing my first two assignments(which can be tough for a single father of three) I waited to see what my grade was. To my suprise again, I could not log into my classroom. After talking with my advisor, she did not know why this happened. I was transferrred to financial aide and they told me that I had to write another letter(which had an AIU letterhead) to the board of education. Student aide then told me that I wasn't granted any money and they didn't know why anyone would tell me that. In the mean time I had to start over and redo the same exact assignment with a different instructor, the next month. Now they are telling me that this last letter I wrote to the board was not accepted and I'm supposed to write another letter to these people. With all this going on, AIU does not hesitate calling me late at night to remind me to " not give up". I haven't received any bills yet but I think I need to maybe "call my lawyer"

  • No
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    AIU sucks period. And for those of you who are siding with AIU I bet you guys are the ones working for them. Nothing I read from people who actually went to that school says AIU is good and the ones who say something else, well... let just say you guys need psychological help if you actually believe AIU is a good school and NOT a fraud. I would know AIU is a fraud cause I went to that school and they told me the samething how I needed a loan from ''Sallie Mae'' in order to go to that school. Since I couldn't financially afford cause AIU is too damn expensive they made me take out a loan from Sallie Mae and when I was going to that school in weston FL. They weren't even letting me use my loan for my classes they said how I needed to wait for whatever reason so I went to school for 4months there then quit. And now I'm stuck with Sallie Mae who call day in and day out Thankyou AIU for the best college of experience of my life!... NOT.

  • Tr
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This school is absolutely a joke. I received my AABA from AIU (or atleast I think I did as I graduated over 3 months ago and they still haven't sent it) with a 4.0 GPA while on academic overload. I am currently in the BBA program now still with a 4.0 GPA and am graduating in May. The problem is that, once you start at this school, you are almost forced to complete your BBA since there are so few schools that would accept an AABA from there. Penn State, Villanova, Drexel, LaSalle, none of them would. Why do you ask? Well because AIU has repeatedly been involved in charges on setting enrollment quotas that allow for sub-standard applicants to gain easy admission. More than 1/2 of the people I have had in my classes could not formulate a sentence. I have read these discussion board postings from other students that clearly demonstrate how many do not even understand English. It's amazing. I have been in 'team projects' with students that tell me they are straight A students as well and they can't even produce a clear thought about the subject matter. I had one class where the professor provided me with the same feedback 2 weeks in a row that I needed to '...provide more examples for section 2...' So..., on the 3d week assignment I submitted a 15 page paper (it was supposed to only be 3-4 pages) with 7 examples for 'section 2'. I received the same feedback. Each time getting a grade equivelant to a 95. I contacted the school obmundson office to notify them and they did nothing. On a later class, I had already wrapped up at least a B for the class so I submitted a personal document 'by accident' to see what would happen. And guess what? I got a perfect A on that 'paper' with feedback saying 'Great job again! Pleasure to have in class' Don't be like me. Save your money. Go elsewhere. Don't get caught up and feel stuck like I am. The 'school' is so expensive that I've already used up my load and grant money to go there so I couldn't start over from scratch somewhere if I wanted to. I just have to roll the dice and hope that my degrees (when I get them that is) are worth something to some employer. Good luck.

  • Hu
      17th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I actually attend AIU online, I can say that they are a $$$$ University, but I can say that for one you will have a double BBA degree which is great due to having a choice to apply for several job posted positions, as well as completing courses every five weeks, one thing that I can say as a Student that you will not have you class books afterwards but you will be able to find employment!!! These programs that AIU offers are for those who already have the experience in the working field!!! So you can't expect to earn a BS in Criminal justice and jump out into the Homicide lane...this degree are for those who already work in the career area!!! don't get me wrong now I know if a school offer a program anyone should do well with finding a job... but keep in mind when you sign student loan aggreements the promissory note states" dont take a degree program JUST BECAUSE THE SCHOOL OFFER THE PROGRAM!!! do research please do... always get a degree that you can Apply to five places or more at a time instead of one Company... I thought about how much AIU charges for there programs but hey ... u graduate within 13 mths with a BBA... than attending other online schools that offes classes every 10 weeks than AIU every five weeks... you do the math... As a working adult who wants more money ASAP to provide for his or her family does'nt have time to be enrolled in a online university that will take you four yrs to earn a BBA degree comparied to AIU you will have your degree in 2-3yrs!!! I live Missouri with a spouse who is ill and will be getting out of the Army... as a wife who has a Medical/dental Assistant diploma can't take care of a house hold with earning$ 13.00 a hr..(my whole life) I want to still live up to our means as It was before as when he was in the army so AIU will work for me due to needing a degree ASAP to support my family as needed I will have my AAS in Business MAy 2010 and will have 10 classes left to earn a BBA degree... thank about what your needs are than what another person will say about a university that will work for you!!! wake up its 2010 bills needs to be paid:)

    I hope htis points out good information

  • Ri
      19th of Jan, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @Hunee thanks, iam inspierd as iam about to mke payment next week.

  • La
      9th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I called AIU Online to get info about achieving my degree. I have completed two years of education at Columbia College in Chicago. When I called, I just wanted information. I am a shopper by nature, and a single parent and have to consider cost. I have a daughter in school now and am currently paying tuition for her.

    When I talked to the Admissions Advisor, it wasn't a conversation, it was hard selling. I have worked in sales before and never liked using unethical practices to close a sale. I explained to the Salesperson that I just wanted information and he started to berate me and use fear tactics to get me to enroll. Well I did enroll. OH how I regret it!

    I have undergone major surgery and am needing to have another surgery soon. When I requested to withdraw, until after my surgery, I was told that they would delay my enrollment by a month. I told them that I don't want to start and have to stop due to health reasons and then have to go through filing forbearances and extensions, and the like. I want to wait until I get a clean bill of health! The Advisor told me that life will always be difficult and that should not let illness stop me. People its cancer! How dare they make me feel guilty for putting my health first!!!

    It took 15 minutes to get me enrolled. I have requested to be withdrawn five times in a course of 4 weeks. I still have not been withdrawn. It is because they see how much money they will be missing. I have been granted a considerable amount of financial aid and they tell me that it is for my own good to stay enrolled. When I spoke with a DOA she did the same song and dance as the Admissions Advisor. It is obvious to me that they don't care about the people. They will do and say anything to close the sale.

    I have been a Hyundai owner for 12 years. I have bought 3 Hyundais, because they have been good to me. The point I want to make here is...I will never know how great an institution AIU Online is because once I am ready to complete my education, and i will complete it, it won't be there!!! That's a shame!

  • Ad
      31st of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    What is with all of you idiots who complain about how bad AIU was. All I can say is look in the mirror and hold yourself accountable. School is not free it is an investment in yourself! No one will hold your hand and make sure you do your work. They will show you how to use your resources... you can bring a horse to water but can not make it drink... WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Look into what goes into a regional accrediation. AIU is no scam because they are accredited by the Higher Learning Commision... no joke. Look into it geniuses!! I am sure you would intensively look into buying a big shinny new truck but you would never bother to look into the education you are getting... because you see it as a right and not a privilege... YOU ARE WRONG! SURPRISE!!! NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR YOU!



  • Ms
      17th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    As a student of AIU who will be finishing my AABA in 2 months I will say that it is not a scam. First of all AIU is accredited... Second a school can not force these loans on you. You have to sign documentation for all of the funding. Of cource it is typically more expensive because like everything else in this world...u pay for the convenience of utilizing an at home university and for receiving your degree in such a short time frame. Remember as well that it is our responsibility as adults to make informed decisions. Do your research and when considering all of the facts decide if an online degree is right from you. As a country that has gotten away from being accountable for our actions it shames me to see so many people making decisions that are not the right ones for their situation and then blaming others. And for those that dropped out and think that they are not accountable for the loans that they have received and for the portion of the semister that they were enrolled... know that this is the standard with any college. ... No I do not work for AIU...and yes i will gladly pay the cost for an education that will allow me to advance in my chosen career field...

  • Bl
      19th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    WoW is all I can say. But Seriously the economy is [censor] because of the infamous Black President we had to have to make a point of no racism in the US. Well the only point he has made is that he wants uneducated and ignorant people to learn to spell by offering grants for college and all these options to go back to school which in turn hurts the people who should be in college. So for the people who had great jobs that were affected by this ignorant president this is for us. We wouldn't need further education if we weren't so worried about helping the worthless. And for the worthless, try to learn how to spell before you sign up for college just to get your free grant money! And FYI i am Not Racist i am just proud to be white and raised with morals and ambitions.

  • An
      9th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    To Blue_Ra,

    Wow is all I can say about your comment. It was full of grammatical errors and made no sense. Not to mention it had nothing to do with the original post. Your comment should be removed as it does not pertain to the discussion. Additionally, it is completely absurd.

    I really won't waste much time with a rebuttal because it's obvious you can't read and you don't watch the news. But how can you say President Obama caused this recession? Where were you in late 2006 and early 2007 when the recession started? Actually, it started prior to that but it takes the talking heads a long time before they catch up to "officially" call something a recession. Anyway, in case you were still under your rock in 2006 and 2007...that was under Mr Bush's watch. When Bush left office the Dow was at 7, 700, it's lowest point in roughly 10 years. The Dow is now up over 10, 000 in the time Obama has been in office.

    And I'm really not going to go into a million other things I could discuss. I figure the stock market indicators should be easy enough that even someone of your intelligence (assuming you have any) can understand.

    I still have my $95, 000/year job after Obama took office. So I'm not sure how Obama made you lose your "great job". Also, my job used to pay $135, 000 until Bush got his hands on it. Everyone has suffered under Bush's recession. Some more than others. I did not lose my great job. But I took a drastic pay cut.

    Anyway, you can go back and crawl under that rock you came out of now. I'm done wasting my time on you. And, by the way, you are racist. Your words can't convey much since you have very little grasp of language but they do convey your racism.

  • Am
      12th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    "But Seriously the economy is [censor] because of the infamous Black President we had to have to make a point of no racism in the US"

    Wow are you serious?? Have you forgotten that when Bush took office gas was 1.49 a gallon?? How the hell do you expect Obama to fix everything over night?? GET OVER THE FACT THAT HE'S BLACK!!! And second of all I've currently in the process of enrolling in AIU and it seems like a normal online school to me..

  • An
      21st of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    No kidding, All this [redacted] on an accredited school is ridiculous. It sounds like the only ones that have had an issue with this school are the ones that:
    1. previously or currently work there ( a bad work environment does not fulfill the requirements of a full blown scam).
    2. students who started something that did not finish them.
    ---let me elaborate on this! When you are enrolling in a new school, most often, you will sign a Master Promisary Note from the loan company in order to cover the cost of tuition. With this, in this promisary note, it states that within 6 months of not being enrolled in the school, you are required to begin making payments.
    Just because you do not finish..doesnt meant that you dont have to pay! You have a small grace period, then you have to start paying on school loans...its the name of the game! Starting a school 1 week and failing to have the motivation to succeed and dropping out with in 2 months, for most schools means that you have to still pay for the hefty portion of the learning cirriculum in which you signed up for!

    Do your self a favor, everyone! Finish something and it will pay off, if you just drop things as soon as you start them, of course they are not going to pay off. They are called investments! Time, money, sweat, tears!

    If anything, I know that I got a degree, I landed a great job in the great city of Nashville TN, I am gaining the wonderful experience that will take me further than any degree would-alone! Sucess story-brewed!

    Let me tell you, I recently graduated from Austin Peay State University. online with a masters in human resources/ business management. They had no problem accepting ALL of my credits from my bachelors at AIU. I landed the job of my dreams! No one had any questions or qualms with " scams" or "rip-offs" based on random and angry individuals who do not know the process of going to college.

  • Ra
      26th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I graduate Dec. 12 of this year. I have no complaints about the education I am receiving. I have no complaints about instructors or my accounts. My complaints stem from the school saying they are releasing money on this day and do it when they feel like it.

    For all former students and current students I do have this worry. How are you graduates and most of you can't put a simple sentence together. Grammar and spelling and complete thoughts are supposed to be expressed in words and full sentences that others can read. If I am attending a school for idiots, that is what it is. I know I put 100% into my course work and hope I deserve the grade I receive. For the rest of you, there is no excuse. Use resources at the library to get on top of you game.

    Another thing, I am a widow with 5 kids to care for. I know the economy is crap right now but you can buy a netbook for $130 and still do course work. McDonalds has a wifi spot as do a few other places (jack it from your wireless neighbor) there is no excuse to not turning in assignments.

    As for Obama screwing the American population, that was Bush and you [censored]es that gave him 4 more years.

    I give AIU a thumbs up like the buddy Christ. I intended to finish my education with them.

  • Gy
      4th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I will be graduating soon from AIU and have no *real* complaints about my experience there. I, like the poster before me, have had some financial aid issues regarding the release of funds, but they do always eventually come through.
    As for the coursework, just like in any college environment, you have good profs and bad ones. Generally my professors have read every assignment and given constructive comments after grading. I take great pride in my work, so I spend time and effort on my assignments. This has allowed me to graduate magna cum laude (darnit trig! lol). I have heard stories about people being ushered through Associate’s program without putting in the effort, and when I first began my education there, I did see a few people who were obviously not pulling their weight. However, as I got into the 300+ courses, those folks dropped off. Now I'm with a good group of people who are competent and submit work that reflects serious research and effort. I should probably mention that I did the first half of my undergrad at a big 10 school, so this hasn’t been my first foray into college.
    So all and all, I feel my education there has been valuable and I have become gainfully employed because of it. I will begin my Master's degree next year, but not with AIU for reasons that have nothing to do with my experience there. If I had to give cons about AIU, I would say it’s terribly expensive if you start out with no transfer credits. It also requires a GREAT deal of discipline, so if you can’t complete projects in a timely manner without having to come to class three times a week to be reminded, don’t go here. I think this is where most of the people commenting have trouble, and they are blaming AIU for it. This is an educational institution geared toward working adults who understand time management and the value of a college degree. If you aren’t that person, consider going somewhere else. (I don’t now, nor have I ever, worked for AIU.)

  • Ad
      29th of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes

    There are so many posts here I wasn't sure whether to agree or disagree, being uncertain as to what I would be agreeing or disagreeing to, just so I just left it neutral.
    I will begin with quoting some issues posted here and supplying a rebuttal.
    “AIU has repeatedly been involved in charges on setting enrollment quotas that allow for sub-standard applicants to gain easy admission. More than 1/2 of the people I have had in my classes could not formulate a sentence” (Truth714).
    First of all, most of these so-called, ‘sub-standard’ students that you are referring to received their high school diploma’s in American public schools, so who’s fault is it that they aren’t able to read and write, and if they didn’t graduate in the States, perhaps English is a second language to them and therefore their English speaking skills wouldn’t be as honed as others, would they? Secondly, throughout the courses of AIU’s degree programs, students that are not up to par are weeded out.
    “I had already wrapped up at least a B for the class so I submitted a personal document 'by accident' to see what would happen. And guess what? I got a perfect A on that 'paper' with feedback saying 'Great job again! Pleasure to have in class’” (Truth714).
    This is hard to believe! Through my experience, most of the comments I have received from AIU professors have been individual (personal comments) discussing my work in detail, although I have noticed that sometimes the comments are the same from one week into the next. My first assumption was that perhaps the same comment slipped through, because it wasn’t erased or changed from the previous comment (perhaps this is a glitch in how the system works) but none have been computer generated comments. It sounds as if this particular professor you mentioned wasn’t paying attention to the comments going out, and if you had a concern you should have emailed the professor and gotten to the bottom of it then instead of risking an assignment as you did by sending in a personal document; how you ended up with an A on the paper makes no sense at all though and is beyond me, unless you are full of it. Additionally, if papers are graded according to how you are suggesting, than how do you explain the fact that not ALL students are on the Principal or Dean lists with straight A’s? I turned in a Db assignment for a Biology class that I knew wasn’t my best work, but, at that time, I was also going through two deaths within 2 weeks of each other (one was my Aunt and the other a very close friend of mine who dies of Lupus) and helping to prepare funeral arrangements. The point is, the 40 points I lost on the paper because I didn’t include enough information and received and “F” on the paper. I work hard for my ‘A’ grades and the ‘A’s don’t come as easily as you are trying to make everyone believe. What I would like to know from you is what the personal document was, what was the course and who was the professor? I have a hard time believing your story, but if it is true all I can say is that this type of behavior from AIU professor’s is highly unusual and I haven’t came across one in the year I’ve attended AIU.
    In ending, let me explain about AIU’s credits. The reason they aren’t transferable to ALL other colleges is because AIU has a different (unique) study program than most other colleges and not because the credits aren’t worthy, or accredited. The same way that a degree in Psychology doesn’t transfer to a degree in Education or Finance, they are different degrees! You can’t peel an apple and expect to eat an orange. Any program of study works in this way no matter what school you attend, when you transfer out you have to find a school that offers the SAME program; otherwise, you have to take the courses according to the school you want to attend and according to the programs they offer.
    Sorry this is so long, but I hope it helps those looking for an online college. I have had nothing but great experiences with AIU and their professor’s and I have no complaints concerning this educational experience with AIU. But I will suggest to those looking into joining any college, as said in previous posts, do your homework and don’t be pressured into joining a program or signing the papers for a loan that isn’t right for you!

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