Airtel Call India Home / closed my account with balance in it

England, Gloucestershire, United States
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I had balance left in my Airtell Call India Home account and that account was deactivated without any prior notification. SO today when I tried using that account, I cant login to my account, I cant use my account to make any calls etc.

On speaking to Customer care, they are confortably saying - that account is gone!! and so is the money in it!! The reason Supervisor gave me is that it was becoming difficult for Airtel to maintain such a huge database, so they had to deactivate the accounts not used in last 6 months.

What crap is this? I do agree I didnt use my account in last six months, but I had money in that account. I paid for the account with my hard earned money, they just can't strip me off my balance on the pretext of **No Activity** who does that??

I am just so disappointed there anything we can do about it?

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