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[Resolved] Airtel / customer id

1 India Review updated:

Airtel company is not a trusted company verfication of customer id is by airtel company by just one phone if custmer is not available then cutoff the phone

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Bharti Airtel Customer Care's Response, Jul 01, 2013

    Namaste Prakash,

    This is to inform you that your concern listed 29 June 2013 has been noted and our team is eager to resolve it. In order to get to the resolution, we need to get in touch with you and gather more details about the concern. However as your contact number is non contactable, hence, we have sent a sms for the same. Please share the required details with us at

    We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

    Saurav Ahlawat
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

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  • Bharti Airtel Customer Care's Response, Jul 04, 2013

    Namaste Prakash,

    Thank you for sharing your contact details with us. Our team will contact you soon to resolve your query.

    Sandeep Kumar
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

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  • Va
      18th of Jul, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Delay on Regional Roaming Request

    This is Vijay Kumar Ch. from Bangalore. And my mobile number is 9880933757. I made a request for Regional Roaming in 2 months back. Still it is not getting activated. I have called to customer care many times but every time they told my address verification has to be done.

    I don't know how much time they will take to activate. I made the deposit 1000/- Rs. for this activation. And 2 weeks back one person from Airtel came to my home for address verification. Still this customer care people said my address verification has to be done. 2 times in last 2 months I have faced this problem and I lost my important calls also. Could you please cosider this as serious issue and take proper action on this. If possible make them to activate that Regional Roaming with 8 hours atleast now.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • An
      18th of Jul, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Broadband connection neither cancelled nor installed

    One Agent contacted me about the connection and offer of broadband services. I replied positively that I would only take the connection only if it would be installed immediately. He promised that it will be installed by one week.

    I enrolled and paid Rs999/- through a cheque. After that the whole painful story begin.
    All the time I followed up and the Airtel never bothered to call me back or update me about the progress of the new broadband connection.
    I managed to speak to their technical person and technical person informed me that it would take months because the cable is not laid here.
    After hearing this, I requested to cancel my order and immediately refund my money.

    But, I yet to receive my Money back. I could not believe that AirTel services could be this bad.
    My Application number is: BLR-0155533
    Booked on 29th April 2005.

  • Su
      18th of Jul, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - 2 people with same numbers

    To Whomsoever who has the guts do do anything, I bought a Nokia mobile in September 2004 followed by a prepaid connection with AIRTEL. The phone number is 9866415940. The number on the SIM card is 89914 90004 00228 6522 7. On the 17th Feb 2005, I recharged my phone with the Easy Recharge system of Rs 335/. In 4 days my balance was down to 4 Rs. On the 22nd I recharged my phone again with 335 Rs and overnite my balance dropped to 4Rs. I then got a call from a stranger who complained to me that his mobile number had changed to mine (9866415940) overnite and all my calls were going to him. When I approached the super dumb Customer Care centre in Habshiguda, Uppal Ropad, Hyderabad, India, my complaint was met with total disbelief. Then I asked them to block all outgoing calls for I night. Neither did they bother to block the calls nor did they refund the cash I had lost. They didn't even offer a solution. Additionally the AIRTEL chaps tell me that I had activated some F&F topping for 2 phone numbers that haven't been used by me. Thus 90 Rs just got deducted from my balance. This, I know was done by the stranger (he told me that). So although I cannot stop this guy from making his calls and thereby using my phone money, I think the computer that has all the information got hacked, because even when he recharges his phone (which has the same number as mine), the money does not get deposited.

    What I have lost is 335 Rs and a complete faith in AIRTEL. I will shortly be registering my complaint In Deccan Chronicle a local newspaper, as well as getting a new connection with HUTCH.

  • Vi
      18th of Jul, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Customer is totally uncared

    For address verfication 2 weeks back itself one of your executive has come and spoke to our house owner, as am bachelor am wont be available at the office hours at home. Last wednesday(12-01-05) suddenly without any intimation my connection has been blocked and I called up your customer care center and I've been told its blocked due to non availability of person at home at the time of verfication, how come I will be there at come at the office hours, if your comming for verfication means before hand you must inform me so that I can make arrangements, and also he told the re verfication will be done only on
    17 Jan 05 by 9am, but no one has come for verfication and again i called up the customer care and they told by tuesday(18-01-05) afternoon verfication will be done and number will be activated but esterday also no one has come for reverfication.

    Now almost a week over no action has been taken from your side. If I am not resifding at the given address means, how come i received your bill, bill dated 06-jan-05 and also i paid the bill amount.

    If the number is not activated by today morining, there is no way I AM GOING TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION AGANIST AIRTEL.

    Because every fault is on your side, for the past one week without connection i had been disconnected from the world.

    I never expected this kind of service from a reputed concern.

    Lastly I would like to say one thing to AIR TEL. Let how great your AIRTEL Technology may be if the CUSTOMER was not cared , you will be OUT.

  • Sa
      5th of Aug, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - AirTel not disconnecting my phone

    I am an old client of airtel but aprox 2 months back- i observed that I am unable to send mails from my laptop. Error message shows that AIRTEL IP:' is blocked due to heavy spamming. I contacted airtel and customer care make me dance for good one month.Customer care people did not knew about this issue and they keep on asking that issue will be solved within 24 hrs. and then again within...24hrs.

    Issue never get solved and I decided to quit.


    1. Even after giving written and lot of requests on 121...they are not disconnecting my phone. I will be forced to pay rental with taxes.

    I would strongly suggest to everyone-NEVER NEVER be an airtel client.

    I am sure someone will hear this!

  • Ba
      5th of Aug, 2006
    0 Votes

    yes airtel has played marketing stunts by a intial good service turning to become the worst service now. if you call the customer care at 121, hard to find get them further. for prepaid mobile complaints they will ask you to message 121. promising they will call back in 24 hours which they never do.

  • Ra
      17th of Oct, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Cheating customer on talk time worth vis-a-vis currency recharge

    I recently put currency recharge of Rs 100 from an agent of Airtel called

    Planet Communication,
    chapel lane, nera akbarayllys, stall no 3, SV road, Santa Cruz (W) Mumbai-54

    I asked him beforehand, if I recharge for rs 100 how much talk time I would get, and he replied for Mumbai customer there is a service tax deduction of Rs 12, for outside numbers it might be same or little more. When I actually recharged for Rs 100, I received a talk time worth Rs 9.99 - TransID713572045 (can you imagine?). This is how the premiere telecom company of the country is looting its customers.

    Not only that, when I protested to the agent, he feigned complete ignorance, and in fact even mis-behaved using threatening language. So much for customer care.

    I wish the company to further pursue such high levels of customer care, so that all customers in India and abroad know the real worth of the company... and how it has made its millions.

  • Aj
      25th of Oct, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Shifting not done

    I have been trying to get my Airtel telephone and broadband line shifted within the same city since the last 1 month now. While, my telephone line was shifted 3 weeks back, my broadband line is yet to be shifted. Initially, I was informed that the request for shift of telephone only has been received by them, and was asked to send another request to shift the broadband. But, even after 3 weeks of sending the request again, I am yet to get the connection, and made to suffer for no fault of mine - or perhaps it is my fault to have trusted them to do the job quickly in the first place.

    Each time I call their helpdesk, I am attended to by a different person, and I have to first do an explanation, and then the reply received is that 'someone will get back to me, soon' and thats it. No one ever contacts or bothers to get back as promised, and as far as redressal is concerned, all I get is mere assurances. I fail to understand the delay in attending to a simple thing as mere shifting.

  • Sh
      29th of Oct, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Problem of mobile office activation in PC

    I have a LG B2050 Set and wanna activate Mo in this Mobile for internet use but when ever I get WAP setting in My mobile it's shows a error message which is "Error in receive Profile Docs."

    I had gone to Coustomer Care Office of Airtel there they Have done some changes in setting and on Google page in My Mobile and even they they have not able to start Interenet in my Laptop.

    I have taken Postpaid & Prepaid Both of SIM the No. of That is 09935336555 & PrePaid 09935531428 In Both SIM MO is activatied but I am unble to receive the settings of MO.

    Please, somebody give me Full Details to Getting Settings of MO and Full Procedure to Install MO in My Laptop with LG B2050 Handset.

  • Pa
      31st of Oct, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Repeated billing despite requests to cancel connection

    I would like to inform Airtel that I would be taking serious action against this continued billing when i have repeatedly asked the company to stop my connection, more than an year back. Due to possession of my HDFC credit card number, Airtel continues to bill me EVERY MONTH DESPITE REPEATED REQUESTS ON PHONE AND ON MAIL TO STOP THE SAME.

    I am extremly frustrated by this and WILL NOT continue to take this lying down

    Not being a defaulter on credit card paymens, I have EVERY MONTH BEEN paying a sum of 600 rupees towards airtel for the past one YEAR as the credit card company tells me it is helpless if airtel keeps charging

    Such daylight robbery is not done and I would be taking the issue to CONUMER COURT if someone does not contact me regarding this ASAP.

    Pallavi Chari

  • Am
      6th of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Not able to send messages for the past 1.5 months!

    I am using airtel connection from past 3 years, till now i was satisfied with its services. But from 27.10.2006, i am not able to send messages to any number. I am registering a complaint at customer care every 72 hours. Because every time i call they simply say we have registered your complaint sir, within next 48 to 72 working hours your problem will be solved. Now i feel i am getting harassed for this, they did not bother about any complaint, neither their executives could satisfy the customer nor their complaints.

    Now i am not finding any way out but to change my mobile connection. I never wanted to change my number but airtel is forcing me to do so.

  • Sr
      10th of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Withdrawn money without intimating

    I have closed my AIRTEL connection (AndraPradesh circle) 9866343851 on Nov 2 2006 after paying back all the dues in cash. The original connection was a postpaid and was payed through ECS past two years + . These idiots after closing the connection for paying the cash they have withdrawn the amount again from my ECS bank account on Dec 2nd. In spite of repeated mails and communication, there is no answer from airtel till date. no one is really bothered to reply to my mail 121@air**** . The customer service is so pathetic trust me. Never ever take an airtel connection in the life.

  • Pa
      20th of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Not activating my PIN number!
    United States

    Interested in the new opening of AIRTEL in America,I bought a 10$ card to call to India.Immediately after entering all my credit card details they didn't hesitate even a second to take my 10$ from my account but they didn't even care to respond to my 'n' number of e-mails for not sending my PIN number..I think my 10$ is lost in bay.....Even though it might appear a very small amount, people should be careful in buying their airtelcall home cards.I would appreciate if anybody could clear this problem.Interestingly,their customer free service number and their e-mail address is only for their staffs I suppose...I am tired of hearing the engaged sound whenever i call the toll free number..Will my problem be solved??????

  • Sa
      29th of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Worst service provider
    United States

    I was so excited that a company which has a good name is started the service of calling cards to India with a decent rate. Except to tell that this rate is good:

    1. When i try to dial the 1 877 247 4047 number, this never gets connected the first time for me in my experience. I shall need to dial this for 3-5 times and sometimes i don't even get this.

    2. Customer service no that they have given 1 877 247 5150, i don't think this exists.

    3. I am not able to access the site with the user id and password given by them

    Request everyone not even think about getting this service. I feel that my money that i have used to purchase this card is gone.

  • Ha
      31st of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Scam - India call
    United States

    Airtel recently launched a 'Airtel call home' feature in the US. This is a scam. If you sign up for the service, you end up paying US$ and then never get any service. I have tried to use the service for the past 4 weeks and till date have not been able to connect to India. Their customer service is the worst in the world, no live being answers the phone, there is no proper customer complaint tracking system. If you send emails to customer service, they send back standard messages asking to call customer service....which never answers phone calls.

    Please don't fall for this scam. Do not use this service. These folks are big time con artists.

  • Rs
      4th of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Deduction of amount Rs.700 for anonymous message from 64611015

    My Mobile Number : 9994326369. I have GPRS activated in my mobile and I have been using this for past 6 months. By 1st of this month I have recharged for Rs.1200 for talk time of 970 approx and 6 months validity. On 19th December 2006 night by 10 PM when I dialed *123# I got my account balance of around 800 rupees. Then after some hours my mobile started receiving messages from “64611015” and the message are as follows.

    Message from “64611015”:

    “Thanks for using Airtel Live!Featuring Christmas Celebrations,New Year Zone,Bollywood Elections, Cricket Zone and salaam-E-Ishq all on Airtel Live“

    I didn’t notice that my amount is getting deducted when I received this message. This message is like a normal message as of how I receive message from my friends. So I just read and deleted that message. Then I started getting this message more frequently and I got around 10 messages approx.

    Next day afternoon when I dialed *123#, I happened to see around 130 Rupees got deducted from my balance and that was about 678 Rs. Approx.]
    I have Called Customer Care on 20th December 2006 afternoon.

    When I enquired about my amount deduction I got response like I have downloaded some thing that’s why I got that amount deducted from my account.

    But actually I got only messages in bulk but I dint receive or I dint find any option to download also. So how can I download that. I explained the same to customer care people. Then she said like she will be informing me after she checks within 34 hours.

    Then Patiently I called Customer care again on 21st December 2006 night.

    When I explained him the same and got a cool response he just simply told me “because you downloaded many things that happened I again started explaining what has happened” I again told him it was like a plain message and I just opened it. But still he keeps irritating me with those same words. I got bugged and just cut the phone.

    22nd December 2006 Afternoon again my mobile started receiving that message from the same number by 2 pm. When I received 1 message I was worried and I checked for the balance it was around Rs.668 approx. Quite after some time I started more messaged I dint use my mobile and I was busy with my work. I checked for the message may be after a min that was from the same number and again I checked for the balance I saw it was Rs.580 approx. Then I got fed up.

    I dialed 121 and called customer care I explained what ever had happened but again she repeated those familiar words and one more word added that is message is from yahoo and also the following word.

    “because you downloaded many things that happened”

    Then after explaining to her she said she will connect me to PL mean while connection got cut.

    I dialed *123# and really got angry and frustrated and I lost my temper. To my very disappointment my balance had come down to Rs. 200 approx.

    I called customer care again when I spoke to customer care chief executive he just repeated the same as other did. I felt no point in talking to them and I asked for the Airtel show room to him at Coimbatore. He at least got a courtesy to give me the address. Then on hearing my friend’s advice I just switched of my mobile.

    I went to Airtel office when I switched on my mobile and I showed them the message what I got. And how many messages I got. At that time when I was speaking to the customer care people I got the around 36 messages and my account came down to 128 exactly.

    I gave them the return complaint. But I still thought of mailing you.

    I thing by tomorrow my account balance will be down to 0 to even goes on in-100 and so on.

    I really appreciate even now if you refund my money back as soon as possible. I am ready to bring my mobile and show you the proof. And even you can cross check the time when I was speaking to the customer care people my amount got deducted. Now I have around 34 unread messages exactly like normal messages.

    And Airtel Live got activated without my knowledge. Now seriously I lost hope on Airtel and their services offered and I guess everything is out of control.

  • Vi
      18th of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    As airtel is growing day by day, their customer service is just getting poorer and worst day by day. also their front desk people at lower parel, mumbai gallery are very rude and not at all fit for front desk.

    Airtel should think seriously on it otherwise they will lose lot of customers immediately and airtel will find it suddenly in sinking sand. Airtel pls improve your customer service, it is the world of customers.

  • As
      26th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hi all,

    I have moved to Karnataka from Maharsthtra 9 months ago. Thinking as Airtel is doing good in Maharshtra I went with a New Connections (FIRST MISTAKE). Later it went on i had to apologize on my mistake i had done... I am begging still for the Bills and its not been given. They never try to understand what exactly customer wants. Customer Care has common answer SYSTEM UNDER MAINTENANCE.

    After visiting to their Main office they say that u can't do anything more than this and u have to believe us that they are working. My Request was to STOP SERVICE as I was very much happy with their DELIGHTFUL TIMELY ACCURATE SERVICE on 27th March 07 for MY POSTPAID CONNECTION. They have not disconnected till now and they have taken my request as on 5th April 2007. They want to deduct money from SECURITY DEPOSIT.

    Finally i concluded

    Airtel features in:

    Worst customer service
    Worst management
    Worst admin
    Fake commitments

    So i believe that airtel will not survive for more than 1 year and its better to move to any other service providers (hutch-essar)

  • Ka
      27th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes
    Airtel - Verification process mistake

    Hi guys,

    Be happy that Airtel is going to close all their shops soon... by their service.

    A person from Airtel came to my office at the end of March for address verification and he gave a call from my office. I informed him that this entire month (March), I would be in night shifts, so u can come at any time in April for that purpose. I was roaming in Tamilnadu from 01/04/07 to 06/04/07. But my number has been disconnected from 02/04/07 to 09/04/07 stating the reason that “Address verification was not completed”. I was unable to receive or make calls during this period). I registered a complaint from Tamilnadu to the customer care on 02/04/07. To resolve this complaint I had to struggle a lot even after coming to Bangalore.

    After that my mobile services has been again disconnected on 24/04/07 stating the same reason that “Address verification was not completed”. The funniest part here is that I had received my current month’s bill to the billing address that is not verified and I had even paid that on 24/04/07. I contacted Mr. Pradeep from Customer care around 9PM on 24/04/07. He informed me that my services would be activated within 4 (four) hrs. He also fixed an appointment with me for address verification on 27/04/07 at 10 AM. As the problem continued I again contacted Priya from Customer care at 11:45 AM on 25/04/07. She also sang the same song that “Ur services would be activated within 15 minutes”. At that time I was wondering about their commitment. But they have proved that they would never follow ur words. Again I contacted Mr. Abdul from Customer care around 8 PM on 25/04/07 and he put me on hold for nearly 20 mins to re-connect to Manager. But that call was disconnected from their side.

    Finally I came to conclusion that it is purely waste to speak by phone and I decided to meet the Manager, Customer relations at Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. When I was entering I was given a token number 365. I was waiting for my turn. But my bad luck continues there also. The counter number was also bypassing from 358 to 369. When I enquired about this, he was responding that ur are not available while calling.

    Finally I met Mr. Rinesh, Manager. He was listening to my complaints and informed that “ur service would be re-activated within 30 minutes”. As the problem was not resolved, I met him after 1 hour. He was casually telling that ur account has been deleted completely and it would be re-activated within a day. The worst part is that he asked me to adjust with the problem. Till now my service has not been restarted.

    #2) I activated Hello tunes on 27/03/07. Within a month I had made 3 complaints for disruption of this service.

    There was 0% commitment in their service from Manager to Executive and there was no mistake from my side at any instance. Im having all the necessary documents with me. If I did not get apology letter or compensation or refund from you, there is no other way instead of going to the Consumer Court.

    If they are continuing with this type of service, very soon they will see ur end.

  • Su
      2nd of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am using airtel service since 3 years. i recharged with 100rs through Ebanking 4 days back. But my number never get recharged, but money reduced from my account. Whom should i complain about this. That stupid cc executives never connected thru phone.

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