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Aireloom Mattress / Warranty

1 Palmdale, CA, United States Review updated:

We just bought a new mattress, and carted the 6 month old Aireloom to the back yard. The sagging was unbelievable after just 3 months and no warranty was found that applied after 30 days. Back aches were awful on this mattress.
Purchased this horrible bed from Sit and Sleep in February 2009 for $1, 800. We wish we had done some research into customer reviews (complaints) of these mattresses, but alas did not conduct any research and had never heard of Aireloom until that unfortunate day in February. Don't know if Sit and Sleep would have helped out with our complaints, seeing as we didn't give them a chance.

I weigh in at 170 lbs at 5'-11" tall, and when laying on my back sunk so low at the waistline that my stomach was almost level with the edge of the bed (which seems to have a different material than the rest of the bed). The first 4 inches or so from the mattress edge did provide an excellent ledge for side sleeping and an escape from the pit of pain and discomfort.

Our salesman told us this type of mattress is used in the White House. Hey it must be the best right? Suckers...

We're counting on our new Stearns and Foster, firm mattress, to be our savior from the last 6 months of torture. I'm going to cut the top off the Aireloom and use it as a bed for my dog.

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  • Jl
      24th of Apr, 2009
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    I would like to retract my complaint. This matter has been handle and Sit'n Sleep took care of it. Mattress warranty may not be that good, but Sit'n Sleep did the right thing.

  • Sp
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    I paid $1800 for my Aireloom. Same thing, a sink hole developed within the first 6 months. Inspection showed it was within specs. I am just now beginning my rebuttal with Aireloom. I will now also go to Orange County Mattress and see if they can help. Thanks for your comments.

  • Ta
      5th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    We, too, are having the same problem with our new Aireloom mattress. We also had the inspection and they said it was 'within specifications' for a new mattress. This is ridiculous in my opinion because NO NEW MATTRESS SHOULD SAG AND HAVE A HILL IN THE MIDDLE! I'm pregnant and my husband and I bought this mattress thinking the materials and construction were worth the price so that we could sleep comfortably and someday have our kids join us in it on Sunday mornings. When we get in bed at night, my husband and I are forced to roll to each of our sides and we've both had back aches ever since purchasing this product. We also wish we had researched this brand before buying. We are dealing with Sit & Sleep now, but are prepared to take it to small claims if necessary. This is not what I wanted to be doing in the final months of my pregnancy. Buyer Beware!

  • Mu
      31st of Jan, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I have the same complaint that others are having. I paid 3, 000 dollars for a king size from Haynes Furniture in Norfolk, VA. It started sagging in about 6 months. They came and did the routine measuring but it wasn't deep enough yet. From day one we always felt we were going to fall out of the bed. I advise everyone to not buy one of these inferior mattresses. What a waste of money. I have had a couple of less expensive mattresses, one lasted nearly 20 yrs. and the other one 15 yrs.

  • Th
      2nd of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Everyone seems to be saying the same thing . Ours is everything your saying except Mancini"s sleep world will not honor any type of comments except that of the independent contractor whos paid by the manufacture. So what they say goes what an easy way of coping out! Do yourself a favor and stay away from Mancini"s and Aireloom beds the original crooks and the lying contractors of E.S Kluft & Co. who for a buck will write whatever it takes to protect their paycheck

  • Da
      17th of Feb, 2010
    Best Best Advice +6 Votes

    I have to disagree on all accounts. I bought my Rip Van Winkle over 4 years ago and I'm still just as impressed as the day it was delivered. The components used are top notch and it is evident through its sustained quality. I would 100% recommend Aireloom to any family member or friend without a doubt.

  • Ro
      6th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    wow, firstly you ought to turn your mattress.but i have 5 aireloom sets in my house, for going on 6 years, and one englander set all awesome beds.Aireloom, and i know alot of people in the bedding industry make the very best bed, Stearns and foster, not ven a close second, ive slept on them.Take a look at any mfg and you see the complainers coming out of the woodwork

  • Jo
      7th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I'm curious... what model of these Airlooms did you guys purchase? Is it the full latex model?

  • Gl
      7th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    No, not latex, i got the cal king in the pocket coil foam encased, with visco memory foam, the two queens are the same, the two twins are the entry level(since they have no low end)I also a very good bed, I bought them at mattress brothers in the redlands, calif store and in the moreno valley store

  • Ai
      23rd of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I purchased an Aireloom mattress 4 years ago and I have hated it since purchasing it. I bought it from Haynes Furniture in Virginia Beach, and have had them to my home three times. They are absolutely no help and do not stand behind these mattresses. I have turned this mattress monthly, and still have sags. Also, there is absolutely no support from the box springs, and when my husband gets into bed, I am rolled to the middle of the bed. Stay away from Haynes Furniture and these mattresses.

  • Br
      7th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Can anyone Name one mattress manufacture that u cant find a complaint on? Let me know cause i will buy it ASAP.

  • Wa
      26th of Apr, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I have had the same problem. My aireloom was a latex pillow top that could not be flipped over and it started to sag within three months of purchase. My brother would refuse to housesit as our brand new mattress which costs us thousands hurt his back too much. I got no where with E.S. Kluft and Company. They 'lost' my warranty info sent from the store where i bought it. It took me about four months of calls to get the inspector out to my house. The staff were rude to me and seemed to have never heard of customer service.

    The inspector seemed to agree it was clearly sunken in on both sides with the middle raised up. They then refused the claim as it was only 1/2 inch by his measurements, but I measured and it's much deeper. So after thousands of dollars, i have a badly constructed mattress that kills my back. These are not high end mattresses like they used to be. Kluft took over the company of Aireloom about ten years ago, and they have clearly gone down hill since then. I wish I had done more research on this brand. DO not let your friends buy this brand unless they have the money to throw it out after a few months and start over.

  • Br
      6th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Can anyone on this message board name ONE mattress manufacture that u CAN'T find a complaint on?

  • Ma
      15th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    NO such thing as a perfect mattress company. Nobody is perfect... and I mean nobody.

    Although I love a comfortable pillowtop, pillowtops have a tendency to sag a little faster than the firmer beds.

  • Ma
      15th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Listen to the salespeople who help you, but dont buy a mattress until you've done enough research to ensure you are making a smart decision.

    Ask about specifics of the bed. Dont be shy to ask, that's why the sales people are in the stores in the first place. They know about these mattresses.

    Some beds use firm coils vs plush coils... some are tempered for strength... some are also twice tempered, some are individually wrapped, some are link tied...

  • Lu
      23rd of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have the same complaint. $1, 300 paid for a CA KING pillowtop mattress and I specifically asked the salesman if the mattress would leave body impressions. "No", he lied. Two years into the 5 year warranty and now we can't sleep on the mattress anymore. The inspection resulted in the same results as those already posted. The "dent" will never get beyond 1 1/2 inches because...who can sleep on that? I am shocked and dismayed that this sub-standard product is sold at high end stores. I moved to Texas and wonder if I will have any recourse from here. I am not only disappointed, but angry.

  • Ne
      5th of Jul, 2010
    +2 Votes

    We just bought the $1700 Aireloom Beechwood natural latex (lesser priced as it's got some memory foam under the latex) full sized bed today. So, as we wait for the bed to be delivered next week, thought we should do a little more research...alas, not a lot out there for this specific bed (perhaps no news is good news?) and seems like the complaints logged here may be for another type of Aireloom bed...hard to say since mattress names within the same brand appear to vary store to store or even brick n mortar to online. Friends of ours have slept on this mattress for over a year and love it, but this chat thread is now making me a little nervous.

    The only thing that seems consistent is the return policy for any mattress - apparently no one is happy with their experience regardless of the brand or company from which they've purchased - so just wanna make sure we made the right purchase before the thing gets here.

    Anyone familiar with the Aireloom Beechwood? Looking forward to your wisdom! :)

  • Ve
      24th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Same story here, too! We have an Aireloom mattress that has developed a severe "sag" or "depression" in the mattress after only 12 months of use. We feel we have wasted $1, 800 as well on our Aireloom Cal King Mattress. The inspection showed the mattress is within the 1.5" of acceptable depression (our measured at 1.25") and this was measured with the string and weights across the bed. Why this method is flawed is because we all know that once you lay down on the bed, the depression/sinking gets WORSE!! Besides, this way of measuring is HIGHLY subjective (when I do it, I get 2" pocket/sag) but when the inspector does it...low and behold, it comes out just under 1.5" wow, didn't see that coming...yeah, right. Anyways, we are in the process of fighting Aireloom to honor the replacement warranty and help us out.

  • Gl
      18th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Same problem here too. I bought mine from Macy's. Same test and results were not enough for a warranty replacement. I have a Cal King and I have to move to the middle to sleep right. But then I am smothering my wife. I paid 5 grand for this. I will take them to small claims. don't buy this unless you want the hassle

  • Pi
      28th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Wasted $2500 on a Royal Airloom King. After 4 years the only thing king about it is the sagging - depressions. I did all the rotations properly. The memory foam has completely broken down so that we sink down nearly 6 inches. I went back to the dealer & was told Airloom is now out of business.

    Another American greed company screwing us.

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