Airasiawrong gate information

We were supposed to have our flight back to my country on 31st January 2017. I was with my elderly parents for the same Airasia Flight AK272. Prior to waiting in line for a long time to check in all the luggage, i saw the gate no for this flight is L5. When we finally check in our luggage at the counter, I asked the Airasia personnel, a lady with a glasses, in regards to our gate no. She kindly informed us it's P13. Then, I looked up again at the screen that the gate no for AK272 is L5. Before the immigration, I asked another female Airasia personnel which gate we should go to. I even asked her why is it different from the stated written manually by the lady from the baggage droppage counter and the one on the screen. Which one should we go to? Again, this other lady informed us that we should go to P13 and so we did. Fifteen minutes to almost our departure time, I heard the announcement that the AK272 call for L5 gate. Certainly, I am not pleased to have been misinformed as such. I understand that it was not appropriate to be furious to the other male personnel of Airasia at gate P5 but still, it was unacceptable that I have asked two of Airasia personnel regarding the gate no and they both stated the same thing. Thankfully, one of the male Airasia personnel, a great and helpful employee accepted us to board on the plane on the very last minute. I was furious at him too but he informed us that he would try his best to do whatever he can. God knows, how thankful I am to have his service.

The possible reason that this incident happen could be due to technology miscommunication. If this is the reason, the please update all the information in the system particularly the baggage counter. Kindly please do something to resolve this issue so that it won't happen again to other customers who are rushing to go back to whichever their destination is. Especially, those with elderly people. Don't make them walk around fast that far from P13 ground area to L5. We could miss our flight at that time due to this one simple mistake. Again, please resolve this issue among your employees. Just because this is a low-cost carrier airline with a motto that "Everyone can fly" that doesnt meant that you should give a poor service to your customers.

Feb 04, 2017

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