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6 March 2017 (Wednesday)
3 clients
We have printed out the ticket from email received and checked in via online. However, when we are passing the custom they don't let us pass through as they requested to get the air ticket printed at the counter. We rushed to the counter but there was no staff able to help print the tickets. Hence we asked the customer service to help but the staff replied rudely and said he can't help. The point we have traveled to a number of countries and every time we can pass the custom with the ticket printed online but this time it was out of expectation. And we are forced to delay our flight time and buy another air ticket.

This scenario has been happened many times on other customers as well, hence I really hope that your company can tackle this problem as soon as possible if not there will be more passengers waste their money and time.
If possible, I hope that airline can refund the air ticket to respective passengers who went through this scenario. Thanks.

Mar 09, 2017

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