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To whom it concerns,

No itinerary was provided for my AK 706 flight, 10:30am, 22/09/17, causing us a great deal of grief today.

We attempted to check in at 9:45am, thinking our flight was 11:40am (remember, no itinterary received). As protocol dictates, we were not alowed to board our 10:30am flight; instead we had to pay a lot for two new flights (my wife and I).

Upon trying to voice our grievances, the staff at the Changi Singapore airport were very hesitant to listen or assist us with our concerns, and in fact were blaming us for not knowing flight details, regardless of us not receiving an itinerary.

Three staff members (managers/supervisors) at the purchasing counter did not assist us in any friendly way. They were unwilling to listen, interruptive, and even blamed my wife and I for not knowing the time of flight from memory.

Rai Pratap (SAA1022) is quoted saying, "We are smarter than you, " as he accused us of, 'trying to take advantage' of Air Asia, and further threatened to refuse myself and my wife to board.

The other managers/supervisors on staff were unwilling to give their names after being asked. Rai Pratap also refused to give his name, and even tried to cover up his ID tag with his hands when I tried to read it. Though I was able to record it.

Overall, we are extremely dissapointed with the lack of professionalism shown by the Singapore Changi staff. We feel that we were unassisted, unheard, belittled, blamed, and blatantly disrespected in front of many other paying customers (as well as a camera crew who were shooting promo material).

Is this normal for customer service in Singapore?

Sep 21, 2017
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  • Pe
      Oct 04, 2017

    Same thing happened to me on Monday at check-in AirAsia KLIA. Arrogant and rude supervisors and when I wanted to take ID details covering up their ID badges and even running away (!)so I couldn't identify this supervisors. Totally unacceptable behaviour and this was AFTER i had paid the disputed baggage fee!

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  • Of
      Oct 04, 2017

    @PeterAnzac That is very disheartening to know, Peter. I'm sorry that this also happened to you.

    Please follow up with a review/complaint to a MAVCOM contact. One that has been in contact with me about this issue is:

    Ms P.Sugumari
    Associate, Consumer Affairs
    Level 19, Menara 1 Sentrum, 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    T: +603 2772 0647 | F: +603 2772 0601 | E: sugumari.[protected]

    Good luck sir.

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