Airasiamy credit aud419 not utilised to pay the booking and credit forfeited


Dear Officer for AirAsia Grievances,

The following are the letters I have written to AirAsia Customer Service sites. Please read them and I will be pleased you take action to reimburse my credit which should have been used for my booking on the 25th October 2018 (YNL4KF).

1. First eform letter to airAsia Customer Service ([protected] dated 26/10/2018)

Please refer to the email I sent to Customer Service.
I reported that during online booking on 25/10/2018 my credit was not utilised against my payment for my booking and a day prior credit expiry date.

2. Second eform letter ([protected] dated 20/11/2018)
I wrote:

I booked the above flight on 25th October 2018.
I had a credit of Aud419 that had expiry date of 26th October, 2018.
The above booking did not deduct my credit. Although the button credit 'Apply' was indicated.

The credit has now expired.

Please note that this booking was only made a day prior the credit expiry date, to avoid losing my credit, without any plans to travel at that moment.

Please refund AUD466 immediately Aud 885-AUD419).

I had made this complaint on 25th October by calling AirAsia and spoke to Angie.

I wrote to you on this customer site eForm on 26th October 2018. Ref: [protected].

I still have not received any response.

I also called AirAsia on 26th October 2018 and the person named Primus assured me he will expedite the process.

I again called AirAsia on 9th November 2018. Angie promised will expedite and inform me by email.

Still no response.

It is now almost 4 weeks without response.

I did ask for extension on 21st October 2018 ([protected]) for which I received a reply today, a month later!!! by which time the expiry date is over. Why respond after expiry date?

Please address my issue (ref:[protected]) and refund immediately.

Thank you


3. Third eForm to AirAsia Customer Service ([protected])


Please review my previous communications.

I had a credit of AUD 419 expiring on 26th October, 2018.

I booked a flight on 25th October 2018 desperately in an attempt to save this credit.

In a step on the online booking page it said highlighted "Apply" following the statement regarding the credit. There were no other instructions. It appeared that the credit will be apply. At the end of the booking it did not deduct my credit and I realised I had been charged in full, without deducting the credit. The next day my credit set to zero.

I had written several times to AirAsia explaining my predicament but all the time was rejected.

Even if there was any error on anyone's part, because there was no clear instruction how to include the credit, surely they can examine the case and allow a refund for the credit. No, the airline is determined to penalise me for some reason, and make a profit as a result of insufficient and unclear instructions on their website.

I raised this matter earlier and the I refer to Air Asia respond dated 22nd November 2018 by Chuan Song.

I had requested for a refund as my booking did not take into account the credit I had.

He has rejected my request on two grounds:

1. He said "you will need to click the highlighted"apply"button". I have pointed out earlier that there was no clear request asking me to click any button. It the page clearly indicated the credit is "Apply". If you expect me to click it, thee was NO such indication on the airAsia page. Hence this reason by Air Aisa is not valid.

2. He also said "For more information regarding credit account utilization, kindly refer here". This did not appear on the booking page for me to get instruction how to 'Apply"for the credit. Hence there is no reason to reject my request for refund.

3. Finally Air Asia letter also said"In view of above, we are regret to inform that no extension will be granted once the Credit Account is expired".in spite of all my numerous emails requesting for refund, the letter assumed I was asking for extension.

My request has not been answered and AirAsia Customer Happiness staff has avoided the real issue and rejected my attempts to recover my moneys.

It appears to be a deliberate attempt by AirAsia to mislead its customers, and give unrelated reasons to reject claims solely for profit at the expense of the customer.

I also like to add that initially I applied for extension of my credit on 21/10/2018 well ahead of expiry date on 26/10/2018 ([protected], [protected]). It was replied only a month later denying the extension on the grounds that the deadline was already passed!!! Of course when it took a month for Air Asia to respond. Again AirAsia is playing innocence exploiting its customers for profit, or simply inefficiency. Your inefficiency can spill over into aircraft safety too.

Due to these reasons I request for a review to please refund the credit amount I paid for this booking (YNL4KF) in the amount of AUD 419.

I really feel tricked by AirAsia andI often wonder why fly AirAsia when the prices are not significantly cheaper, and if you make any changes, final costs are higher than full service airlines who provide better service with minimal costs for such changes. There is no merit in flying AirAsia, costly and as in my case all out to take advantage of customers' confusions due to their poor website.

Thank you

Sittampalam Sivarajasingam

Yet to be AsiaAsia Customer Happiness!

Please review my complain and act fairly.

I request thatAir Asia should not take opportunity to exploit customers for profit on the basis of errors or insufficient unclear instructions or misleading webpage information in online booking page. The customer cannot be penalised for any misunderstanding.

Above all AirAsia should have some level of wisdom and ethics to look through the situation and assist its customers and improve its efficiency.

If you area unable refund my credit, please forward how I could escalate this issue within AirAsia before I resort help from external bodies in Australia and social media.

Thank you.

Siva Sivarajasingam

Dec 02, 2018

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