AirAsia / luggage are not tagged accordingly to passport holders identity

Selangor, Malaysia
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to file an official complain that my luggage was not on board during my April 2017 trip to South Korea, I & my wife was without our luggage throughout our entire 7 days vacation due to negligence and lack of professional in performing his tasks of this counter staff. We later found out that our luggage were not tagged accordingly to our passport holder.
On 15th-April-2017, we are taking flight no D7504 (Booking no: QJW1WQ) from KUL to Incheon International Airport with departure time at 08:00 am. We have 8 adults & one kid travelling. We handed over all our passports to the staff at the counter to assists us on the boarding pass & to check in our luggage at around 6:00 am. After finished tagging our luggage, he told us that one of our passport holder needs a Visa to enter Korea due to she is a Vietnamese which meant that we had only obtained 8 boarding pass out of 9 person. Her husband & her kid decided not to board the plane as she will be alone in Malaysia. So we requested the counter staff to locate & retrieve their luggage since they are not boarding but our request was been declined. We had to accepted it & proceeded with our trip. We though this a bad day for all of us due to the visa issue but to our next horror, our luggage was not on board the plane when we arrived at Incheon Airport.
During this trip, we had to spend money to purchase clothing, undergarments, toiletries & luggage but worst of all were the hassle and anxiousness that we had to go through instead of enjoying our vacation.
I had actually filed an E-form about our issue under case no: CAS-[protected]-7R714F on 21-Apr-2017 but I had yet to receive your feedback on this matter.
I hope your customer service staff would review this matter and provide me a letter of explanation at the soonest, I will needs this to make a claim through my Travel Insurance.

Last but not least, please do not take each complain or feedback lightly as these will reflect what kind and type of services Airasia is providing to their customer. I shall reserve the right to seek alternative ways till I have a satisfactory answer and feedback, thanks.

Mike Wong

May 3, 2017

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