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I am the father of the passenger. I am also the booking and paying parent. The passenger named Chloe Jane Braybrook has provided me with written permission to deal with this issue on her behalf.

Passenger name: Chloe Jane Braybrook
Departure: Don Muang - Bangkok
Departure date: 24.10.18
Flight # FD637
Destination: MEL - Australia
Ticket # ZPGD3Z


On the 24.10.18 Chloe & I checked her in at Don Muang airport.

Chloe's check in luggage was 1x Carribee backpack (Grey & Black in colour).

The backpack consisted of 2 parts. Part 1 is a 60 litre main backpack. Part 2 is a 10 litre smaller backpack which zips securely onto the main backpack.

Upon arrival to MEL, Chloe noticed that her backpack was missing the 10 litre zip on pack.

Chloe attended the Airasia baggage desk to ask about lost luggage.

Chloe informs me that the Airasia staff member (Known as Airasia by her shirt) used her walkie talkie to radio the baggage handlers, to ask if there were any other bags.

Chloe was told by the Airasia staff member, " sorry, your bag is not here, I cant help you".

Chloe was not offered any further assistance, and was not provided with any paper work stating she had placed a lost luggage claim.

This is unacceptable on many levels. It is unacceptable that an Airasia staff member has not acted professionally and provided Chloe with the assistance she is professionally bound to provide.

This is also unacceptable as the 10 litre bag contains items of value, including addidas runners, addidas top, perfume, and other items.

I have contacted Airasia to ask how to deal with this matter, and I am told that without the paperwork supporting a lost baggage claim, nothing can be done.

This again is unacceptable.

I have even suggested Airasia check CCTV footage at Don Muang to view the complete backpack being checked in, and to compare this with CCTV at Melbourne showing an incomplete backpack being received. But again, without the correct paperwork, this cannot progress.

Chloe is my 19 year old daughter. She is naive and has spoken about travel with her friend for the past year. The simple reason I took time off work to take Chloe to Vietnam & Bangkok was to give her some travel experience (Changing money, moving through airports etc) before she travels with her also unexperienced friend.

It is for this very reason (Chloe's inexperience) that she accepted the words "Sorry its not here, were cant help you".

I feel ripped off. The back pack was new (Purchased for Chloe specifically for this & future trips) and is now incomplete, the runners were in perfect condition (Adddas Uplift), the perfume was 70% full (& not cheap- Hypnotic by Dior).

And due to a staff member not doing her job in full, we cannot make a claim with Airasia or the Commbank insurance team.

Any feedback you can provide would be appreciated.


  • Updated by Rob67, Oct 29, 2018

    Please remove this complaint from your system. DO NOT PUBLISH THIS COMPLAINT PUBLICLY.

    When I made this complaint, I was of the understanding you were a regulatory board and you are not.

    I have provided personal information and photographs which I would have not if I knew you were not a regulatory board.


Oct 29, 2018

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