Air New Zealand / bad service delivery

Paid for THE WORKS at $1100 but did not receive the works!
-Paid for movies but once on board the screen advised us we could access all movies for an extra $10
-Food was disgusting Sydney to Auckland...gluten free dish of old tasteless fish pie was awful...stale potatoes and peas...super sweet dessert bar...tried non-gluten on the way back and that was not much better
-Rotorua leg of the journey cancelled (heard if there aren't enough people they cancel quite regularly)...put up in hotel where guests arrive throughout the night so no sleep...others offered a bus...wonder if ANZ would have paid for a physio the next day?
-Rotorua to Auckland trip home...the baggage from numerous planes came out of only 1 belt with prams & delicate luggage coming out of another belt to the far left and with no signage so many customers were left confused... after a long wait my bag NEVER CAME and after another wait discovered it had not left Rotorua!
Lost bag...AGAIN (happened on last trip)... arrived a day later.
Left a nasty taste in my mouth about ever flying with ANZ again!!

Nov 27, 2017

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