Air Indiastranded passengers

After 11 years we decided to go to see my family in India and it was a BIG MISTAKE to choose to fly with AIR INDIA. Attached is the complaint form 65 passengers (Mostly US Citizens). We all were stranded between Ahmadabad and New Delhi fr January 18 2015 to January 20th 2015. The Air India employees at both the Airports are pathetic and need training in customer service.

Air India Employees are liars.There is no accountability or responsibility They get their salary without doing any work. If they don't get their salary on time, then they go on strike and get paid anyways. It is a shame, especially since Air India is government sponsored! How can we trust this government-ran company??

We had so much trouble coming back from India. As passengers, we completely understand that weather does play a role when traveling, however these employees at both airports were unprofessional liars. Someone MUST read the attached petition to this e-mail and give us a refund for our tickets please.

One more thing: aboard flight AI-127 from Delhi to Chicago, I asked for a coffee and the flight attendant told me that the caterers forgot to load the coffee on board, and so they did not have coffee. ***Reminder our flight was a 14 hour journey!

Jan 27, 2015

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