Air Indiaovercharging for excess luggage

Dec 26, 2016

I am lodging another complaint against Air India due to them double charging me and my husband for our excess luggage. I had prepaid 8480 ruppes for the excess luggage and upon reaching the airport, the attendant at the counter says you have not paid for any excess luggage. They then hold our luggage behind the counter and do not give us our boarding passes. They say we need to wait at the airport counter until the manager comes in and that the Air India customer service line is not reachable so they cannot call to verify if we have paid. We show them the credit card statement showing that we have already paid for the luggage and they refuse to acknowledge that it is the luggage payment. We waited until the last minute and then they said either you pay an additional 20, 000 rupees if we want to board our flight otherwise we will miss it. After repeated emails and arguments with the customer service reps they have now refunded the 8, 480 rupees when they should have refunded the 20, 000 rupees. I need a refund ASAP. I am sick of the horrible behavior and the way you treat your loyal customers. I had been traveling with Air India for years but after this experience of being cheated and deceited I will NEVER AGAIN travel with you. I expect a refund and an apology as soon as possible. This matter has been lingering for too long and I do not have anymore patience to work with you politely. I am going to call my credit card company and explain your deceit and get all my money refunded whether you give it back to me or not. You should not harass your customers and hold them at ransom in such a manner. You are degrading the value of our country along with your own company's reputation.

I am expecting a refund immediately. Please let me know what information you require to do the needful. PNR: YNW0T

Feb 01, 2017

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