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Air India- Delayed Flight AI 047-passenger sufferings
I Robins Kurian, went to Kochi Airport (Kochi International) on August 4, 2016 (Thursday) to board Delhi bound Air India Limited AI 047 flight. My co-passengers were my wife, Sonia Jose and my 4 year old son Antonio Robins. Our final destination was Edmonton, Canada. Our connection flights to reach the destination were Lufthansa LH 761 from Delhi to Frankfurt on 5 August 2016 at 2.45 am(local time), Air Canada AC 873 from Frankfurt to Toronto on 5 August 2016 at 09:20(local time) and Air Canada AC 127 from Toronto to Edmonton at 14:40(local time). We reached the airport at 6.45 pm.

We stood in the line up for check in. The LCD TV displayed in the Air India counter was shown Delhi. We were in the line up and it wasn’t moving. We overheard a conversation from another passenger in the line up that the flight is delayed for 2 hours. I bye passed the line up and reached the counter of Air India to know about it. The representative in the counter told me that the flight is delayed. I have enquired about any another flights to Delhi at the same time so that we can reach Delhi before the departure of Frankfurt flight. He said that there were no other flights at this time. Soon I have contacted the ticket booking agent, Sheela at Skylight travel in Toronto, Canada and told her about the situation. She told me that it is Air India's responsibility to reschedule the whole flights till Edmonton. I met the Manager on duty and requested him to do something about the situation. He send me to the Air India office in the Airport and another representative accompanied to bye pass the security.

While entering into the office it was a massive crowd in the office requesting the two staffs (the name of one of the staffs was Praveena). Nobody knows what was going on. There were no place to sit and there was no proper line up. Nobody was there to address the worries of passengers except these to staffs who were on the computer trying rescheduling of other passengers. Finally I have reached close to one of the staff (Praveena) about 2.00 am. She started rescheduling the flight. After many attempts she couldn’t succeed to reschedule the flight for Aug 5, 2016 at 9.30 pm (AI 047) and also the remaining connection flights. She was trying the route Kochi-Delhi-London-Toronto-Edmonton. She told me that she couldn’t reshedule it because I have booked it through Air Canada. By 4.00 am she told me that the staff will contact the Air India City office in Ernakulam. It opens at 9.30 am. By this time we were mentally and physically exhausted and were anxious about our departure. My kid and my wife stayed with me during the whole time. My parents and in laws were also there who accompanied us to the airport. The night staff said that they would hand over the booking duty to the morning staff. We decided to leave anticipating that the morning staff in the office will make necessary arrangement for departure on 5 Aug, 2016. As per the information from night staff the morning staff will contact the city office and will request to book the flight.

We left the Airport at 4.15 am. I have made frequent contacts with the Air India office to know the status since 10.00 am on Aug 5, 2016. At 10.00 am, when I phoned the Air India office in the Airport the staff told me that they will contact the city office. I phoned them again by 11.30. They told me to get ready to go today (5 Aug, 9.30 flight). I was on the way to airport to make them speed up the process by noon. When I reached Muvattupuzha, Anju from the Air India( Kochi Airport) phoned me and told me that the everything is done and the ticket is ready till Toronto. She told me that we will be leaving at 9.30 pm on Aug 5, 2016 from Kochi in the same flight AI 047. After one hour, she phoned me again and said that it is not ready and asked me to contact the agent in Canada who booked the ticket and they might help. I contacted Skylight travel, Toronto at 8.30 pm(in India). She said that the Air India has not updated the delayed flight status on Aug 4, 2016 as delayed. I phoned the Air India office once again and spoke to Ancy who was on shift. She said the she will update it. At 2.30 am( In India), I phoned the Toronto agent once again and she said that it is not updated yet and she can’t do anything on it.

I went to the Air India office on Darbar Hall Road, Kochi on 6 Aug 2016 at 12 noon. I spoke to Elizabeth in the office and she couldn’t do anything, but some words of sympathy. Due to the whole incident I lost 4 days of work and the mental and physical burn outs. I have also spent another 3, 90, 000 rupees to book another ticket for me and my family so that I may not lose my Job in Canada.
Total expense for rebooking the flight to Edmonton : 7647 CAD (390000 INR)
TAXI to and from Kochi Airport to Home: 196 CAD (10000 INR)
Three days of not working due to delayed flight-compensation: 480 CAD
Total : 8323 CAD

Robins Kurian

Air India
Air India

Aug 15, 2016

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