Air Berlindelayed luggage - 2 weeks

September 25, 2017

Dear Customer Relations Department:
My wife and I booked with American Airlines for a flight on September 8, 2017 from Charlotte, NC to Berlin, Germany (Flight 786). American Airlines flew us to Paris, France and then handed us off to Airberlin for the remaining leg of the trip Flight AB8293. Upon arriving, we preceded to baggage claim at the Berlin airport. Our baggage had not arrived. We immediately reported it to baggage claims and received a tracking number TXLAB45045. Each day thereafter, I would get an email from Airberlin/WISAG stating unfortunately we have not yet been able to locate your luggage with tag numbers AA364078; AA364079.
I have attached the daily email communications I had with the tracking service. This went on from September 9, until September 15, 2017. I then get an email stating our baggage had been passed on to the delivery service (Bex Baggage Express) if you have any questions please call [protected]. I tried numerous times but no one answered the phone. This service never once called me. I had each of the Hotels I was booked in trying to call but to no avail. Our tour service Collette tried numerous times to call the number provided; no one would answer the phone. I finally got a call from American Airlines on September 21, 2017 asking me when I was going to pick up my luggage. I asked the American Airline agent where she was calling from and she said Charlotte. I told her I was in Warsaw, Poland and we had been desperately trying to locate as we had been without our luggage for two weeks and had to purchase needed clothing, medication, and toiletries. I informed her to hold the luggage as I would be flying to Charlotte on American Airlines flight 1733 and would be at baggage claim by 5:15 PM to pick up our two bags.
Apparently Airberlin made no effort to locate us, or call the number on the baggage as American Airlines did. They sent our luggage to JFK of all places. An American Airlines employee there took it upon himself to send our luggage to Charlotte and the agent in Charlotte called us.
We hold Airberlin responsible, and we are looking to Airberlin to reimburse us for the expenses we incurred for the 15 days we were without our needed clothing, medicine, and toiletries as per the Montreal agreement. Airberlin has been non responsive and made no true efforts as the emails will attest.
As you can see, we were very frugal and only purchased what was needed. We missed out on several excursions with the tour group because we had to shop for needed clothing and other supplies that we had packed.
I have a list along with receipts of what we had to purchase. The total for both of us for the two weeks without our luggage totals $ 1, 510.25. We had to make three phone calls to the United States for needed medication, as our medication was packed in our luggage. These calls totaled an additional $30.00. We are asking for a total of $1, 540.25 to cover our expenses.


Ronald L. Brown

Oct 02, 2017

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