Air Asia- missed flight ak 5878 @ 7.55am

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To whom it may concerned,
I & my husband has been frequent flyers on Air Asia flights both domestic & international and have never missed our flights before so this time, we were very upset & disappointed that we could missed our flight.
This morning we were 1.5 hour early with no baggage check in and was waiting at gate J1 according to the airport flight info on the screen but at 7.35am I heard through the pager that our flight boarding gate has changed to gate J18 so we quickly ran there but was told by the attendant that everyone has boarded and the door is closed but the plane was still there. How could the plane take off before the flight time which was 7.55am.
Nevertheless, we were forced to purchase another flight at 10am which was much more expensive.
Therefore, we would request for a refund
Thank you

Jun 01, 2018
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  • El
      Jun 01, 2018

    If they refuse to refund, you may lodge your complaint at which will deal with AirAsia on your behalf.

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  •   Jun 01, 2018

    No fault of the air carrier is seen in such complaint of Christine Lee.
    If you, mam, do not know what you need to produce, you can hire a lawyer.

    I am not the air carrier staff.

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    e-mail: aryan(at)

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