Air Arabiautilization of credit refund

Dear Team,

Please note that I had done a booking for a 2 way flight last year September'17. I had to cancel one way ticket and I got the confirmation email with condition that I have utilize the credit by September'18.

I visited the sales office in Deira for booking my ticket for my travel in October'18 and to my surprise I was told that I have I cannot utilize my credit for the travel as I also have to travel before September'18.

If this is the conditions then it should be mentioned in the email sent that is utilize the credit as well as travel date should be before XXXXXX... No where it is mentioned about the travel date.

I request that I be allowed to utilize my credit for my travel booking in October'18. I have been travelling with Air Arabia since 2008 and I feel really very disappointed as they are they have not given the proper information and above that there is no solution provided.

  • Updated by Samantha Ferrão, Jun 04, 2018

    I can provide the email confirmation if requirrd

Jun 04, 2018

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