Air Arabia / flight delay

Sharjah, OM
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We travelled by Air Arabia to Georgia.An extremely depressive experience - We were suppose to fly back to Muscat via Sharjah at 2:50 AM on 20th November from Tbilisi, Georgia.After boarding the flight we were told that their is a technical issue with the aircraft and we have to go back to the airport. On waiting at the airport with all the other passengers we were told that the flight will take off at 05:20 PM as the part is not available. Air Arabia staff made arrangements for immigration clearance and vanished from the place.Their was utter chaos at the immigration desks.We managed to get the task done and reported at the Air Arabia counter where they noted our names. We were at the departure terminal and were asked to collect our luggage from the arrivals without any assistance from the ground staff which was a hectic task. After waiting at the airport, it was only by 7:30 AM that we checked in at a hotel arranged by the ground staff of Air Arabia.Breakfast was inclusive.At the hotel we were asked to vacate the rooms by 12:00 PM and the busses were supposed to transport all to the airport at 1:00 PM. On reaching the airport their was no one to attend to and were told that it will be only by 3:00PM we will be getting our. Boarding passes. We along with others including small children were made to wait all this time at the airport .At 3 the counters opened and the ones with connecting flights were asked to collect fresh print outs of tickets from another counter. The connecting flight was for the afternoon next day and when asked for a flight earlier all of us were refused bluntly. The counter staff were least interested in addressing to our difficulties. After collecting the boarding passes we were sent to the immigration desks. It was only at around 9:00 PM the flight took off from the airport.We were stranded at the airport all the time .Since we had crossed the immigration desks we could not go back as well. Representative of AirArabia showed up at just two short instances before the Pilot turned up in the evening. The ground staff of Air Arabia were least cooperative and not even available to address the stranded passengers . From the time of leaving the hotel till the time of boarding the flight again, at least for humanity sake they did not even take the pain to serve water or any refreshments to the passengers or in fact even be compassionate towards them, leave behind lunch or dinner or a comfortable accommodation.We talked to the pilot when he turned up and it was probably through his intervention that cold drinks and bread cheese was served on board. We were attended nicely at Sharjah airport and even arranged for an early connection but unfortunately the treatment meeted out at Tbilisi was extremely sad and unfortunate.It was a nightmare for us and most of the co passengers.

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