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We booked two air arabia returned tickets flight booking ref: [protected] flight number 30457 sckeduled departure at 13.45 pm on 01-feb-2018 from Casablanca to Bergamo returned flight number 30458 at 11.25 12 Feb 2018
On departure we boarded the plane after settling in we experienced some delay then we started moving after some distance we came to a stand still and we told the captain had to check somethings with the plane for our safety and had to go back to our space and wait for the technician to check it out and we waited on the plane for quite some time unfortunately we were not told how long or what was happening after a while we asked for water and we're told to wait for permission wich we didn't appreciate and a Stewart who he said he was Moroccan and he was one of us that as soon he finds out what was happening he will let us know we still waited passengers were getting restless and like us stressed worried and thirsty eventually we told the problem was sorted and we saw the what seems technical staff unboarding the plane, then we seemed we're going to be on our way but the wait again and the technician came back at this point we were really worried and after more complains from the passengers we were given a small bottle of water each we asked again and again what was happening and few passengers stating their concerns then we told that the technical problem was not sorted and they getting the busses to take us back to the terminal, at the terminal we waited and waited with the staff under pressure to tell us what was happening but instead of in informing everyone collectively of what was happening the didn't only some of them were dealing with a group of 6 /8 persistent passengers the rest of us were in the limbo my wife had to conform a crying lady with very small childrens the stress was too much no more water given and no food for all those who asked and asked then again we were allowed on the plane although relieved we were on our way now we were anxious and my wife was scared we lost our pick up from bergamo our friend can't wait for us and make the journey to our final destination, we again boarded and again waited after we were told all sorted but after a long wait we realized it was not happening people were getting very angry my self felt we were kept hostage to this situation without information or decent service treated unprofessionaly by air Arabia crew and a number of support staff who didn't not handle or manage the situation well after all that and here we are waiting in side a plane coming up to 8pm with no food no drink and no information people were shouting complaining asking what was going on my self asked the captain who was standing at front door of the plane if we could get off the plane instead of being kept like prisoners and my wife and I had enough and want to get out and he then told the passengers due to a technical problem we had to get off and go back to the terminal where the staff will assist us with some food and attention to our concerns we exited the plane but on the tarmac only us and a hand fool of people boarded the busses the rest refused and some we protesting strongly with emotions ruing high to a what seemed a senior staff member that they would not get their money back until another senior staff member come and promised they will get their money back, it was 9pm or after when we had our first bite but the confusion was still not knowing our faith then I approached what seemed to be in charge and told him of our dissatisfaction with what happened he said another plane is replacing that one but they had to wait for it to fly in wich will be 10.30pm I said that I had no trust in air Arabia after the very appalling service and the appalling way we being treated and just want our luggage we don't want to fly as we are exausted and arriving to bergamo tonight will add more stress wich we have to find a hotel at early hours in the morning wait till the after noon for our pick up to make our final destination the senior staff offered no accommodation in bergamo if they managed to fly us out but said we would get our tickets refunded he directed us to air Arabia desk in the airport the will give us a confirmation of cancellation and collect our luggage final we managed to leave the airport just before midnight,
Although we have been refunded the plane tickets we do feel strongly we deserve compensation for the long wait and appalling service and the traumatic experience we both suffered .
We very much appreciate you reply at your earliest convenience.
TIME : 13.45 ARRIVAL : 1745
TIME : 11.25 ARRIVAL : 13.25

Feb 26, 2018

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