Agoda.comunauthorized charfe

Immediately after realizing I did not want the hotel I just booked on, I returned to their website to cancel the booking. It all went smoothly and a cancellation number appeared for reference. On the date of my supposed stay in the Kyoto Towers hotel in Japan, my credit card was billed $707 for no-show. When I called the company, the agent called me a liar and said that if it indeed cancelled, I would have received a cancellation notice by email. Well how was I supposed to know an email was expected? No, I did not receive an email. Unfortunately, I had thrown out the piece of paper where I had written the cancellation number. The Agoda agent said there was absolutely nothing they could do, not even give a discount. Thus aside from their faulty cancellation process, I was called a liar and worst yet, I had to pay the full $707.

Dec 17, 2014

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