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Having had a good look at the options for my forthcoming stay in Busan (Korea) over Christmas and the New Year - including the apparent availability of connecting (linked) rooms for my party of 3 people - I made a booking on 19th November for this stay.

It is worth pointing out that I could not query this to make sure this was 100% the case, or to clarify anything else, because you cannot make contact with the hotel until you make a booking (very strange)!

I tried to clarify exactly what was available with the hotel directly afterwards on several occasions until eventually being informed a couple of days ago that there was no guarantee the 2 rooms I'd booked would in fact be connected. I replied saying it was very important to me that they were and what could they do about it?

No reply from the hotel, so I threatened to cancel my booking.

Still no reply, so I have - just.

Now then Mr Agoda. It is entirely unacceptable that you operate this way. There is no opportunity to speak direct to anyone within your company apparently, so no support from you for customers in a situation like this.

I DO NOT expect to be charged for this cancelled booking. Unless you are able to find me a comparable one for the same or similar money, I demand my money - and all of it - is refunded immediately. Otherwise I will have to report Agoda to the relevant authorities, in addition to ensuring that everyone in my social media circle is aware of how you operate.

Nov 24, 2018

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