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AFNI / Fake Verizon bill!

1 United States

August 14, 2007

I receive a negative inquiry on my credit report from AFNI, INC for an original creditor Verizon. I have never had an account with Verizon. This company AFNI has made my life and credit score pure hell. This negative collection reporting has taken my credit score from 701 (good) to 573 (very poor) score rating. I am in the process of buying a house and I just keep receiving denials about my credit having a collection debt, which I knew this was not true. So I order my credit report to find out this company AFNI had put a collection of a bill for 1,846 from original creditor Verizon. I alert all 3 Credit Bureau of this company AFNI, reporting a delinquent account to my credit. Again I do not have an account with this company and further more I do not even own a cell phone or home phone number in my living area they do not even offer Verizon service. I spoke with a representative name Charlene with AFNI, per representative this was a bill in Lynchburg, VA for a phone number in 1994 I have not live at the address they provided nor had a phone number of 804 for Lynchburg VA. Lynchburg VA area code has been 434 for the past 10 years. When speaking to the representative she stated that Verizon brought out some company with this bill of 1,846.00 and they had the account open in January 2006 and recently reported the collection to the credit bureaus July 2007. Never once I had any type of collection nor any reporting to the bureaus about having any thing from Verizon or AFNI it all of sudden pop up on credit report; no statements, no itemized bill or nothing was sent to me. Speaking to about 10 representative of Verizon Wireless and Verizon as well as the fraud department they could not provide anything for the account number or my social security number. This company AFNI has made my life miserable as well as ruin my credit. The problem with Verizon they are allowing this company to use their name and to continue to practice fraudulent tactics using there company name. I have spent money and time just to clear my name and seem like I am not getting anywhere. Per Charlene she said the company take this information from a public record but would not provide me with the company that have such public record she stated it's only for collections agency. This is a complete fraud to consumers and ruining people credit reports and scores. Never once have I had a debt reported to the credit bureau in reference to any type of bill for Verizon or AFNI. Please let the publics know what this company is doing to people lives.

Thank You,

John Banks, Virginia.

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