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In August of 2010 I went to the Tempe Affordable Dentures location to obtain consultation and to get an upper denture. We live in Northern Arizona and that was the closest and was 5 hours south. He did an extraction on 8 teeth and gave me a temporary denture.

After days of severe pain and swelling, I developed a fever of 102 and called the emergency number he had given me on my sheet of instructions. It took hours to hear back from him and then he just called in an antibiotic and suggested it may be dry socket.

After 10 days on the antibiotic I was no better at all. I developed sores inside my entire mouth and the gums were so painful I could still only consume liquids weeks after the extractions. I drove back down and told him I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. At that point, he examined me and informed me the sutures had not dissolved but had grown up into my gums. He removed them and advised me it should heal fine.

I went back down after the gum swelling had subsided and he did a soft reline (even though the package I purchased called for a regular reline). I went back home with the denture fitting better. However, by the beginning of 2011 it was again quite large due to more swelling subsiding and I called and found out that the Tempe branch location was closed. No word from Affordable Dentures as to why, but I was told my files were transferred to the Sun City, AZ location. I went there and was given a reline and told that I was ready for my permanents. In the beginning of March I went in for a permanent denture.

Now, almost a year after my initial visit with Dr. Acosta, I have some protrusions on my gums which lead me to believe there may be other foreign things in my gums. I’m not sure if it’s additional sutures or pieces of teeth or what is causing it, but want to get it taken care of and do not believe I should be financially responsible for an exam/x-ray. I feel it is Dr. Acosta’s responsibility and now that I am less than 6 months into having my permanent dentures, a tooth fell out and the "exact duplicate" I purchased as an added cost is NOT a duplicate and looks like wax teeth.

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  • Mg
      Sep 02, 2016

    Sun City, AZ Affordable Dentures is only after the money and NOT helping people. You pay upfront first of all so of course once they have your money the care less. Much less! I went in, had 28 teeth extracted, one impression that obviously was not right, temporary dentures put in (back teeth of temps are flush with gums! What?) How the hell can I ever chew with the teeth flush with the gum part of the denture? Even the tops don't stay in. Relines are NOT free beyond the first soft reline which is CRAZY! Your gums shrink rapidly in those first months and the only thing to help them fit properly (assuming the bite and alignment are correct) is a reline. soft reline is $75 dollars a pop and I can tell you... they say it will last a couple months. NO! Not even a week, unless of course you dont ever run them under water or clean them. I have been back like 4 times and since extraction day have not seen the actual dentist again??? Are you serious? Maybe he took my 6k and went on a vacation??? This place should not be allowed to do business, they take advantage of elderly people and people who have struggled for years with bad teeth for whatever reason who are desperate for help and often have no other option.

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