Affordable Dentures / new dentures

Hello I was so excited when I finally came up with the money to get my top denture replaced & get a bottom one for the first time. My daughter is getting married in September & I just want to be able to smile in the photos. I just thought it would be as easy as the first time I got my upper done. I wish someone would have told me what could possibly go wrong, I didn't know about the bottom dentures floating & the top ones have had to be fixed 3 times so far because of the pain they are causing. When I went to affordable dentures in 2001 I wore the top denture home & never had any pain or sore spots. I still cant keep the bottom one in & I'm heartbroken!!! I don't know if its my reflux or what but I cant wear them. They have been nice so far about everything but I wish I would have known this might happen before so I could have worked on getting the implants to screw in the dentures now I have paid 1700 dollars and still cant wear them without dying . Please can you tell me what I can do before my daughters wedding? Are implants gonna cost me 1000 a piece? And do they use the new bottom denture? Please help me... Melanie Pressley

Apr 19, 2016

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