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Hi! I am a concern customer that love to eat in different places including my favorite Resto. Shakeys. I dont usually do this, this is my first time complaining on the services of the employees of any restaurant, because i have a long patience and understanding. But this time it reach my limits. Here's the details. Me and my friend choose to eat in the Shakey's Branch Located at 2F Market Market Bonifacio Global City Taguig City, Philippines. When we came in i ask one of the employees infront of the store if there is a vacant seat for two. I saw about 4-6 tables that are not accomodated, and no reservation tag in table..He told us there is no available seats. So we waited for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes we are now seated near the entrance. We picked our order, called one of the staff but he ignored us. And again i raised my hand no one came in to assist, they just looked at us. We waited again, for about 5 minutes if there will be someone cared to assist us. But no one came. So we decided to go somewhere else to eat. As a customer, service is very important. If i am the owner of the company i will fire all the employees that are lazy and dont care about their customers. This will affect the companies good reputation. So i request that you change all the lazy personnels on that will do no good in the companies profit and great reputation.
-Shakeys Avid Fan i didnt include my companies name to make it confidential.

Apr 01, 2017

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  • Ju
      Sep 10, 2017

    Who cares? I do not know why they go to or what they do in this so called HRM! What to they learn there? A person with no educational backgrounds or not even high school knows how to attend to other people. Just today i went with my family to have lunch in SHAKEYS i had a misunderstanding with a worker so i asked him to call for the manager. He went to the manager. The manager was sitting with another worker wearing the red uniform, and they were both eating and chatting on a small table. After 7 minutes i asked the boy to please call the manager. The boy answered that the manager is eating. I told him so if he is eating i have to wait for him to finish? Please go inside and call him i am still waiting. So the boy went back to him but came back without the manager, instead the worker in red who was sitting with the manager came along with him. So i thought maybe he is the manager so i greeted him but due to his high self esteem did not greet me back just turned his face. So i asked the boy is this the manager he replied no he is our captain. My temper started to boil in there i controlled it and asked him to immediately bring the manager to me right then. He ran to him and I followed him to the other side to see how this manager is going to react. I wasn't surprise to see him staying on his chair eating and as if he was not being called for the third time. The other worker seeing me watching their manager eating approached me asking what do i need i replied is it possible to have a word with your manager? Then the manager seeing me heard and got up. I told him my problem and my request. He said ok. Then i told him i asked for him for the third time and more than a quarter of an hour i am waiting him and he responded I am eating, i don't have right to eat with a fighting posture... And that was 2:39 pm. Btw he has a huge belly too.

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