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To the person who is obviously an employee of AES. Try blaming this one on me, instead of the scam going on with the student loan system. As a single mother of three young children whose father ran off with another woman, I went back to school so I could earn enough to support my children and I. As a person with high values, I refused to place the burden of raising my children and supporting myself onto society. So, instead of accepting foodstamps, subsidized housing, free school books or lunches, or babysitting subsidies, I did it all on my own. I was proud of myself. I worked part-time, obtained scholarships, grants and subsidized student loans. I refused to take out any unsubsidized loans because I knew I could not pay them back while supporting a family by myself! So off to school I went and never missed a ballgame or any other childhood related activity. I worked hard, studied hard, and took care of my children like a good mom and a good citizen. I graduated with honors and got a good job. Being warned not to deal with anyone outside of The U.S. Department of Education, I refused all calls to consolidate my loans from any private agency. Boy was I so inundated with calls night and day and bonbarded through the mail, that I finally had to leave my phone off the hook half the time to get any peace. I got a letter one day from the "Offical U.S. Department of Education. I checked and double checked to make sure they were who they said they were. The letter head was dead on! I repeatedly asked them, "Do You actually recieve your paycheck from the U.S. Government and not a private company. After being 100% reasured that they were with the U.S. DOE I listened. They informed me that they were helping students who had Perkins and Stafford loans consolodate them at a lower interest rate to assist them so they only had to make one monthly payment instead of so many! The other plus side, I would be paying less interest plus if something happens under this consolodation and I needed a deferment or forbearance due to illness or unemployment, I would not accumulate interests during such times. Well, they sent the paperwork, with the U.S. DOE letterhead at the top. I read and signed and sent those babies registered mail. Six weeks later I received a call stating that they never received my signed papers. I faxed in a copy of my receipt from the U.S. Postal Service showing that someone in their office had signed for them. (And Yes, the address started with " U.S. Department of Education.") I received a call from a sheepish sounding woman a week later stating that they were just so sorry that they have lost my signed consolodation papers! Would I please sign once again the papers because if they didn't get them back and it started within two weeks, I might suffer penalties for not paying even though I still had not recieved any payment books or notified when and where to start paying for my student loans since I had just graduated seven weeks ago. So I believed in our U.S. agencies and I signed those "same" papers a second time and got them in real quick like they said to. We had figured that with the entire amount I borrowed, with the interested and fees, my balance at time of starting repayyment would be 23 grand. Well, payment book came and to my horror, my starting balance was not 23 grand, but rather 56 grand! I went ahead and started making payments, calling daily to get them to fix the mess. obviously the processed both sets of consolidation papers and thus, I was being billed twice what I should have been billed. I wrote, sent them their estimates of 23 grand but to no avail. No one I called would do anything what-so-ever except say, we have your signature on all these papers! I called them thieves and then things got even worse! I would make one to two payments and then find out the loan had been sold and was no longer being processed at that address. It would take me a month or two just to figure out who had my loans! Each time it was sold, they seemed to lose my payments as well. I sent in copies of my bank receipts proving they had taken payment but not accredited my account because they themselves could not keep up with who owned my loan and of course that's when I discovered that i had not dealt with the U.S. Department of Education. Calling the U.S.DOE or AES who was servincing my loan did no good. They could not figure it out either and they did not care that I had been scammed and they further did not care that the persons had used their letter heads and their name to sicker me into not only consolidating with them but to also scam me into signing the papers twice. I even proved to them that it was and still is totally impossible to take out double Perkins loans and Double Stafford subsidized loans simultaneously! By the time I got them to stop selling my loan and stop changing the address of the place I was suppose to pay, I was so far behind, confused, and disgusted, that I didn't know what to do! In addition, the second set I signed must not have been identical in wording as the first set because my interest rate was not what i had signed under the first set. I brought this up as proof. Their answer was, "Yes, You consolidated your loans two times not once!" I said please look at the date they were signed, Five weeks apart now does that make any sense to you?" I did not get any private loans because I knew what I would be able to afford and what I could not afford. Thus, I could not afford three times the payment I had planned on! So I was forced to go through this program to keep from having my loans go into default which also rendered my credit rating as garbage! When ever I had extra time from working full time and raising my children by myself, I tried to fix the problem of this scam. Tried to get them to investigate or at least see that there was this huge mistake and to find my missing payments. During this time I called them so many times that they got upset the minute they figured out who they got on the phone. I graduated in 1992. this same problem has never been resolved. Then on September 6 of 2002 things went from ridiculous to totally horrifying. I was seriously injured in a strong-armed robbery by an escaped convict who had just been released on bail after being caught! No kidding! I called the U.S. Department of Education. Told them I needed what-ever it was they give for someone who is not able to work due to severe injuries. They said sure, give me your address. AES called and I tol.d them the same thing. Now you have to understand. I suffered severe brain injury along with severe spinal injury. I was knocked unconscious and didn't even know until I read the police report. here I am trying to explain this stuff to these people and instead of helping me, they used it as an opportunity to further scam me! I kid you not! There are just topo many "mistakes" over the years to be simply errors or incompetence. It was obvious talking to me that I was half out of my mind. My children were still too young to understand or know how to deal with this stuff. My youngest was a sophomore in high school, one had just started college, the eldest lived 1200 miles away and is my special needs child, so he couldn't help. I thought I could still take care of things. But what I did not know was that in a matter of eight weeks, upon which I was waiting for them to send me those forms, they called me daily. They always identified themselves as being from the U.S. Department of Education, they always informed me that they qwere from the same place that called the "other day". Then I would tell them that I still have not received the needed forms and that I could not pay because I could not work, they said sweetly ok have a great day! They were very happy to help me. To make a long story short, when I said I could not pay, they immediately sent my file to collections with utter glee! Then immediately that collection agency called me, knowing full well what I would say and what they would do because it was recorded in the file and they all saw the opportunuty to bounce my file back and forth between the AES and the varies collection agencies that they contract with! Know what happens? Well, before they could even inform me that they had defaulted my loan because I said "I could not pay" nor that each time they bounced it they added 25% to the principal balance, I had received a notice of default for a grand total of well over 100 grand! No! I never got not one of those defferment or forbearence forms no not one. All I got after seven or eight weeks of asking for help was a bill for over a grand. By this time the seconday brain injury set in. That's where your brain swells, cutting off the oxygen to your brain, causing further brain damage. While they had a hey day racking up tens of thousands of dollars on my account, I was in the hospital fight5ing for my life and receiving very poor care because my insurance had run out. It would be almost 2 years before I had enough brain recovery to even know my own name. I was bedridden, in a wheelchair, could not bath myself, nor deal with anything for that period because I had no insurance, thus the only medical care I got was the constant hospitalization and the emergency room. When someone finally stepped in and helped my children get medicaid for me, I actually got a doctor. He told me later that he did not think I would make it. he thought they had gotten help for me too late. By this time, my speech was slurred and I was in lala land 90% of the time. people ask how I stood being 100% bedridden for almost three years. Easy, when you are in lala land, you have absolutely no concept of time! I had no idea it had been longer than several months. Well, the main problem with me was very surprising. The center that controls pain in your brain were severely damaged. Thus, my brain thinks my entire body in several injured. Thus it sends all the signals to treat it such. My body had swelled with 80 pounds of fluid, endorphines trying to control the pain sent me in lalal land, ect.. This was when i discovered that pain could truly kill you and it almost did. Back to the issue where The AES and USDOE did me even worse than you can imagine. Once I got proper medical treatment, On good days I am able to think properly, but not near as good as I use to, after all, I use to be a Lobbyist. among other exiting things. I have many health issues and I am still bedridden 50 to 70% of the time. Stress, the weather, and other things play a huge role in how sick I will be at any given time because areas of my brain centers are so damaged. Now the USDOE and AES are fully aware of this. I am only able to deal with these kinds of things on really good days. I am way to sick and weak on other days. This has been used against me. It took six years for my kids to finally get my Social Security Disability not because I wasn't qualified but because I lived in the wrong area where they deny everyone not on the short list so my son moved me to where my daughter was attending college and when they looked at my file, the local judge got angry with the systyem and I didn't have to do anything. Not only did they just offer to give it to me, but they offered me 18 months more in back pay than they ever offer anyone because basically, they could not believe I was denied. Now before this happened. I contacted the Ombudsman at the USDOE. They walked me through several months of HE-- ju8mping through the hoops to get my loan discharged under premanent disability. I tried to get them to just let me pay what I borrowed when I get my disability because i felt bad discharging money I had borrowed. But no way would I pay for the "double papers they tricked me. My disability payments wouldn't even cover the daily interest. Well, this is getting really long so the short version is this. Before I got my medicade and I almost died because I could pay for medicine or doctor's visit, My children realized that I had not filed taxes for several pervious years and that the IRS owed me almost 8 grand so they filed them for me so they could get me some proper medical care, fill the prescriptions from the emergency room so they could alvieate my suffering, which I remember all too well. They took ever cent of my taxes so my children filed for hardship. My only income was $107.00 a week in child support. My son and daughter was trying to work but someone had to stay and take care of me while the other worked and he only could find a waiter job which was less than 100 a week bring home. We barely paid the rent and utilities and sometimes not that. Well, they jerked us around on the hardship, losing every paper faxed in at l;east 10 times. Then finally denied hardship based on my son's ability to earn more tips if he wanted to! Well that was one version. When you call or ask, they give different answer everytime! If there ever was a hardship, it was us. I almost died from lack of being able to fill my meds because they refused to return the tax money. I had no income. Child support was for supporting the kids. I have not worked a day since I was injured in 2002. Then I went through the nightmare of the disability discharge. After having the ombudsmen walk with me through it, they too found that if they talked to tehm, they would throw it to another collection agency and raise the principal amount by 25%! Ombudsman only believed me after they did it and made them take the additional 25 grand they attached off, which is now back on. Bottom line is, they lied rep[eatedly stating they didn't rewceive paperwork, we proved that they did then they would tell another lie. I did finally receive the Temporary Disability Discharge according to USDOE records 09/19/2005! They were suppose to review my case again in three years by sending out a financial statement to see of you worked. I was told by the ombudsman agent and the USDOE that I had my 3 year temporary. However, instead of receiving the award letter, I received a notification of how much I owed, and when I called and said hey, I am on temporary discharge they said it didnot go through, was denied and that I had to start all over again. this was just 6 weeks after I just went through that nightmare! I went through that nightmare in 2005 and 2006. I lost my doctor over their harrassment of him. I almost died as a result and the pain and suffering is unbeleivable and was unbearable. I had a nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized. I suffered significant deteriation of my eyesight and my health over losing my doctor and not getting proper treatment. They did this to me and my family. It was just the other day i learned how much they lied to me. I did have my temporary discharge! their lame ### excuse: "We have a right to review your disability during the 3 year temporary status!" Did they havbe the right to lie to me and tell me that I never received that status? Did they have the right to, make me repeatedly over and over and over fill out the same forms? Go through the stupid "I never recived it gamre they play?" It was a crime what they have done to my family and I! Their treatment of me is beyond criminal, it was inhumane! It almost killed me! It denied me and my family the right to survive, the right to pursue happiness and their lame ### excuse for their cruel and inhumane torture of me, the medical community, and my family is well what do you expect whewn you owe the government well over one hundred grand and then try to have it discvharge!!! All I can say is, "How many fricken t5imes do I have to say it! You have scammed me, I want an investigation into the actions all; the way back to the creeps who tricked me not once but twice into signing papers!" My legal, ethical, human rights have been oh so violated!!! This is what happened to the citizens of the US when the IRS gained the power to be above the law. It took years of screaming and thousands of innocent lives ruined before finally our congress took action and we got oversight with a stronger arm to standup to them. Now It is the student loan issue and trust me when I say, yes, we are being scammed! It is on purpose and this is what happens when you give anyone power to be above the law and no oversight that has a stronger arm. They have now garnished my disability. I was already receiving so little that I qualify for every single ounce of charity out there and now i will lose my home, die as a result because they have the power to cheat, lie3, scam, and no one has a stronger arm. There is no protecxtion from these crooks and every single one of them are interrelated and benefit financially freom screwwing us! I have a brain injury, I am too sick to correct so please forgive sloppy writting. I have to stop now!


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