AEScomplaining at others for there stupidity

Please help me understand why you humans, that we call people go to college. I mean seriously, you take out loans, you obviously do not read what you are signing for then, years later you # and complain. Like seriously, what the hell are you people complaining for? Like give me a break, do you understand the initials of "aes"? It stands for american education services! Meaning, when you take out a loan through the bank, that contract, that non-negotiable contract that you signed for the bank, is what aes does. Aes must abide by the contract you signed. They do not own the loan. They service!!! They handle the dirty work for the bank. So if you are having a tough time supporting yourself, and your loan doesn't offer anything. Its not aes' fault. When your loan doesn't offer help. It is not aes fault. When you are receiving phone calls about your delinquency status or your cosigner that's 50+, its not us harrassing, its the agreement that you and your cosigner must follow. They have a right to know if the account is past due or not. Why? Because if you do not make the payment it effects both parties.. How about you not ask your grandparents to help, then they won't get calls when you become late. As for a college loan, seriously, there like 10+ yr terms. So with that long as term your princ may increase, depending if you defer your payments. Interest accrues, & it caps... Depending on the type of loan, you either get a fixed rate, normally with govt issued loans, or a private, its going to change either monthly or quarterly, and normally they are based on the economy. Anytime that you make your payments interest accrues daily. So tip of the day, make your payments every 30 days or less to sat the interest. & by the contract of your p-note. Aes or any other servicer do not have to send out bills. Its a courtesy reminder. However once you start paying and you send in a check, you obviously know when your freakin money is due. So no # about I didn't get a bill. Normal payments that are due monthly is normally due on the same date of each month. Hope you learn something, #s from college!


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